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Cory LeRoy Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Cory LeRoy Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Cory LeRoy
Place Of Birth
44 years old
Birth Date
May 12 1979

Cory LeRoy Facts

Child Star?
Youtuber, Pilot
Education & Qualifications
Utah Valley University
Net Worth
Current Partner
Shanna LeRoy
Kesley LeRoy, Reese LeRoy, Rhett LeRoy, Perri LeRoy

About Cory LeRoy

Cory LeRoy is a famous American YouTuber and a social media celebrity who was born on May 12, 1979, with the zodiac sign Taurus.

Cory LeRoy created The LeRoys, a YouTube channel where the Leroy family posted videos such as family vlogs, family photoshoots, Kesley Videos, daily family routines, pranks, and make-up instructions, vacations, and so on. His YouTube channel has almost 1.5 million subscribers.

Apart from being a YouTuber, his first job was as a pilot. Yes! Cory LeRoy worked for an airline as a pilot. He is married to Shanna LeRoy, and both are parents to Kesley LeRoy, Reese LeRoy, Rhett LeRoy, and Perri LeRoy.

Cory is a dashing person with a toned physique. His eyes are brown. His hair color is the same as that of his eyes. He is very conscious of his balanced and healthy lifestyle, and he enjoys going to the gym and often takes images of himself there.

Cory LeRoy Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cory LeRoy’s net worth?

According to some estimates, Cory LeRoy's net worth is between $1 million and $5 million. Since his YouTube channel is doing well and he has a professional job as an airline pilot, it may be assumed that he is living a pleasant life, making a reasonable livelihood, and spending time with his family.

How much does Cory LeRoy earn per year?

Details on the annual income of Cory LeRoy are unavailable.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cory LeRoy?

Cory LeRoy stands at 5 ft 11 in (180 cm).

How old is Cory LeRoy?

Born in 1979, Cory LeRoy is 43 years old right now. Every May 12, he celebrates his birthday, and his zodiac sign is Taurus.

Childhood And Education

Cory LeRoy was born in the United States. While he has not revealed much about his personal life or the names of his parents, he does occasionally mention them in his social media posts. Sadly, his mother passed away in the first month of 2019.

When it comes to Cory LeRoy's academic qualifications, there is not much information about his early education. However, he did attend Utah Valley University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in aviation science.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cory LeRoy's partner?

Cory LeRoy is the proud father of four children and is happily married. Shanna and he married in 2002, although their romance began in high school. Cory LeRoy is devoted to his family, as seen by their YouTube channel. In 2003, Cory and Shanna had their first child, Kesley Jade. After their first child, a baby girl, the couple welcomed their second child, Logan Thomas LeRoy, on April 11, 2006. Logan's birth, however, was swiftly converted into a source of great sadness when the couple found he had a congenital heart condition. Logan was just four months old when he was diagnosed with a heart condition. Doctors advised the couple that he had a limited life span. So on December 29, 2006, Logan left this world.

Logan's films and images have been posted on YouTube and other social media platforms. Shanna wishes to console all the mothers who have lost their children via her story. Likewise, the couple welcomed their third kid, Rhett, into the LeRoy family in 2007, Reese in 2009, and Perri LeRoy, their youngest child, in 2011. He is now happily married with four children and has never been the focus of rumors or scandal in his business and individual life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Cory LeRoy started his YouTube career on June 30, 2010, with his family's YouTube channel, The LeRoy's. However, their debut video, 'Meet The LeRoy!' was released on January 15, 2016, and it presently has 214k views as of April 30, 2022. Their initial video received a lot of positive feedback from fans. Since then, the LeRoys family has been submitting videos regularly.

This channel gave us a deeper peek into the life of the family's patriarch, Cory, his mother, Shannon, and their four children.

They have parenting tips, children's braces tales and experiences, pranks, exciting family vacations, family photoshoots, a sneak peek at Kelsey and Lillie, children's back-to-school shopping and preparation videos, and other stuff on their channel that people appreciate.

The following are some of the channel's most significant videos: 'Kelsey's Getting Braces' is the most popular one, with 62k likes, 'Telling my friend I like him. Backfired' with 57k likes, 'Home Alone during Earthquake causes panic | The LeRoys' with 53k likes, 'I Got Suspended For 3 Days From School | The Leroy’ with 52k likes, ‘Sneaking Out Of The House Caught On Camera | The Leroy’ with 51k likes, ‘Faking Sick To Skip School! | The Leroy’ with 30k likes, and so on. Cory channel presently has 1.5 million subscribers.

On August 2, 2007, a household member introduced a new YouTube channel named 'Hangin With The LeRoys,' which now has 118K followers. Cory is well-known on various social media networks. Over 353k people follow his Instagram account, theleroys. He works as a pilot officer in addition to his YouTube career. He formerly served for SkyWest Airlines as an airline pilot.

What awards has Cory LeRoy won?

Cory LeRoy received a Gold Play Button from Youtube for reaching one million subscribers.

Cory LeRoy’s Hobbies And Interests

Cory likes gyming and family vacations.

Other Interesting Cory LeRoy Facts And Trivia

  • Cory Leroy's wife is a fitness trainer, cosmetologist, and photographer.
  • Cory worked as an airline pilot before launching his YouTube channel.
  • Though Cory Leroy is famous, he does not have a personal social media handle on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. He actively takes part in his family's social media handle.
  • He does have his personal account but only on Instagram. It is korihor10, and it has more than 84000 followers as of the middle of 2022.
  • In addition to the family channel, his children have their own YouTube channels, Kesley Jade Extra with 28.2k subscribers, Kesley Jade with 580k subscribers, and Rhett's World with 67.7k subscribers.
  • 'Kill them with kindness,' says the Cory family.
  • This family often shares links to products that they buy on the online market. They also earn through this kind of online marketing.

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