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Curtis Stone Birthday & Fun Facts

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Curtis Stone Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Curtis Stone
Place Of Birth
Melbourne, Australia
48 years old
Birth Date
November 4 1975

Curtis Stone Facts

Child Star?
Chef, Author, Celibrity
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Lindsay Price
Emerson Spencer, Hudson Stone
Luke Stone

About Curtis Stone

Curtis Travis Stone is a famous Australian celebrity chef and television personality of Australian descent.

His talents exceed the boundaries of television and visual media, and he has proved to be an even more worthy and talented writer. Curtis Stone has also been the Fresh Food and Recipe ambassador for Coles Supermarket in Australia since 2010.

He has also featured and made appearances in several primetime cooking television shows like 'Crime Scene Kitchen', 'America's Next Great Restaurant', 'Master Chef Season 11', 'Iron Chef America', 'Top Chef Masters', 'Around the World in 80 Plates', 'Take-Home Chef', 'Top Chef Junior', and 'Field Trip with Curtis Stone'.

All these made Curtis Stone turn himself into a television celebrity. However, his popularity is not confined to TV shows, as he is also the owner of two famous and well-known restaurants, Maude and Gwen. As mentioned previously, Curtis Stone is also a writer and has published several books. Some of them are 'Surfing the Menu', 'Surfing the Menu, again', 'Cooking with Curtis', 'Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone', 'What’s For Dinner?', 'Good Food, Good Life'.

Curtis Stone Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Curtis Stone’s net worth?

Curtis Stone owns two restaurants, one of which got a Micheline Star. He is also a renowned author who has published several books. He has also appeared in many TV shows. His current net worth amounts to $25 million.

How much does Curtis Stone earn per year?

The annual income of Curtis Stone is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Curtis Stone?

Curtis Stone, a television celebrity, is 6 ft 3 in tall (190 cm).

How old is Curtis Stone?

This celebrity chef celebrated his birthday on November 4, 1975. So as of July 2022, the age of Curtis Stone is 46.

Childhood And Education

Curtis Travis Stone was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. His father, Bryan Stone, and mother, Lorraine Coles, separated when Curtis Stone was only two years of age. He was taken in by his paternal grandmother, with whom he shares very fond memories of cooking and making dishes in the kitchen together during his early life. He became very close to his paternal grandmother, Maude. He learned and developed an interest in cooking because of his grandmother. When he opened his first restaurant, he named it Maude, after his paternal grandmother.

As for his educational background, Curtis Stone went to an all-boys high school. He took home economics class there and then attended a commercial cookery apprenticeship held at a vocational school. Before pursuing a career as a chef, he studied for a Bachelor of Business.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Curtis Stone’s partner?

Curtis Travis Stone started dating the famous American actress Lindsay Price in the late 2000s. This resulted from meeting Lindsay Price on a blind date that turned out to be successful for them, and they started their relationship. Soon enough, Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price got engaged in a warm July of 2012. The following year on June 8, 2013, Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price got married in a beautiful destination wedding in Spain. The couple, right now, has two sons, named Hudson Stone and Emerson Spencer. The family stays in Los Angeles as of 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Curtis Travis Stone is best known to be a celebrity chef and a television personality.

He opened his first restaurant, 'Maude', in Beverly Hills.

Before getting into the whole cooking and being a chef, Curtis Travis Stone did his Bachelor's degree in Business from Victoria University. Before making his official debut in his cooking career as a chef in Savoy Hotel in London at the tender age of 18, Curtis Stone worked in Australian restaurants. He gathered knowledge and experience in the line of work which helped him make a significant impact in his career. After his successful debut, Curtis Stone received all the qualifications needed to be acknowledged as a chef. Following that, he was made to cook under Marco Pierre White at the Café Royal and Mirabellewent, and soon enough, he became the head chef at White's Quo Vadis.

After receiving the position of the head chef at White's Quo Vadis, Curtis Stone returned to Australia intending to make the traveling cooking program Surfing the Menu on ABC along with another chef Ben O'Donoghue. After that, he made sure to appear on many variety shows surrounding cooking, eventually morphing himself into a TV personality. Some of the shows that Curtis Stone starred in were 'Crime Scene Kitchen', 'America's Next Great Restaurant', 'Master Chef Season 11', 'Iron Chef America', 'Top Chef Masters', 'Around the World in 80 Plates', 'Take-Home Chef', 'Top Chef Junior', and 'Field Trip with Curtis Stone'.

Curtis Stone was also a candidate for 'The Celebrity Apprentice 3'. The reality show premiered on the 14th of March in 2010. By the 16th of May, Curtis Stone lost and was fired but still got a fourth place out of a total of 14 contestants. It should also be known that Curtis Stone made appearances on both 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', which used to be some of the most primetime reality shows. In 2011, Curtis Stone became one of the hosts of cooking programs like 'Bravo's Top Chef's Master 3', ultimately replacing another famous chef named Kelly Choi.

Charity Work

He was the ambassador of an Australian charity named 'Cottage By The Sea', which helped in raising funds for a short holiday for underprivileged children.

What awards has Curtis Stone won?

It is not known whether Curtis Stone has won any awards until now.

Curtis Stone’s Hobbies And Interests

Curtis Travis Stone has admitted to being a big fan of Geelong Football Club.

Other Interesting Curtis Stone Facts And Trivia

  • The zodiac sign of Curtis Travis Stone is Scorpio.
  • Curtis Stone has appeared on many cooking programs in the UK.
  • The age of Curtis Stone is 46 years as of 2021.
  • Curtis Stone was also a candidate for The Celebrity Apprentice 3.
  • Curtis Stone opened his first restaurant in Beverly Hills, California, on February 1, 2014. He named it after his paternal grandmother, Maude. It was awarded a Michelin Star in 2019.
  • After nearly two years of his first restaurant opening, Curtis Stone opened his second restaurant in 2016 and named it after his maternal grandmother, Gwen.

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