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Cydnee Black Birthday & Fun Facts

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Cydnee Black Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Cydnee Black
Place Of Birth
31 years old
Birth Date
April 3 1992

Cydnee Black Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Colorado State University
Net Worth
Current Partner

About Cydnee Black

Cydnee Black is a famous YouTuber from the US who was born on April 3, 1992.

Cydnee Black posts hair tutorials, vlogs, makeup tutorials, reviews, lifestyle, beauty, and story-narrating videos on her self-titled channel. Cyndee's channel has a massive audience of 1.22 million subscribers as of 2022.

As of July 2022, the YouTube star is 30 years old. Her hair color is dark brown, and her zodiac sign is Aries.

Cydnee Black Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Cydnee Black’s net worth?

Cydnee Black is a well-known YouTube star and a makeup artist with a net worth of $3 million.

How much does Cydnee Black earn per year?

Details on Cydnee Black's annual income from her YouTube channel and as a freelance makeup artist are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Cydnee Black?

According to reports, she is 5 ft 6 in (167 cm) tall.

How old is Cydnee Black?

Cydnee Black was born on April 3, 1992. As of July 2022, the age of this freelance makeup artist is 30.

Childhood And Education

Cydnee Black was born to her parents in Denver, Colorado, on April 3, 1992.

Cydnee Black is the oldest of three daughters. Her two younger sisters are Asia and Shyann Black. She was born in the USA and has American nationality.

Cydnee Black has always had a knack for makeup artistry since she was a teenager.

She received her early education from an unknown local school.

In 2014, Cydnee Black earned a Bachelor's degree in human development and family studies from Colorado State University.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Cydnee Black’s partner?

Reports show that Cyndee Black is married, but details of her personal life and family life are unknown.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

She started her career in 2013 when she started her own YouTube account and released her first video, 'Get Ready With Me: Natural', on November 4, 2013. Following that, she used her makeup skills to upload a slew of fresh makeup tutorials and advice, keeping her audience updated on the latest trends.

Cydnee Black has seen her fan base develop over time, and she has 1.2 million subscribers on her channel as of 2022. Cydnee Black uploads beauty tutorials, makeup tutorials, skincare instructions, vlogs, hair tutorials, and lifestyle and advice videos.

Cydnee Black is also a MAC Cosmetics freelance artist. In addition, she provides a lot of stuff for her admirers on her blog, Signature Cydnee. Her Instagram following is likewise impressive. She has amassed 310,000 followers on Instagram, and 228,600 followers on her Twitter account as of 2022.

Cydnee Black’s Hobbies And Interests

Cydnee Black likes exhibiting her makeup skills through her YouTube channel.

Other Interesting Cydnee Black Facts And Trivia

  • Cydnee Black shared Rihanna and Kylie Jenner's makeup tutorials.
  • She is a Denver native and currently resides in Los Angeles.
  • She has a degree in human development and family studies.

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