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Dan Bongino’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Dan Bongino

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Queens,New York City, USA


47 years old

Birth Date

December 03, 1974

Star Sign


Dan Bongino Facts

Child Star?



Political Commentator, Radio Show Host, Author

Net Worth

$5 million

Current Partner

Paula Martinez


1.9m (6'1"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Tiger

About Dan Bongino

The host of 'Unfiltered With Dan Bongino' which airs on the Fox News channel, Dan Bongino has had a varied career path.
Dan Bongino has also been a political commentator and radio host on many national radio programs. He has also written few books.
Dan Bongino has also tried his hand at politics by running in the United States Senate election in 2012 and the 2014 and 2016 House Of Representatives Elections but was unsuccessful all three times. Dan Bongino belongs to the Republican Party and is a Trump supporter and because of his opinions and views has found himself in the middle of controversy quite a few times. He has also had his accounts on Twitter and YouTube suspended because of this views.
Born in the Queens locality of New York City, this writer and commentator spent most of his life there and studied at Queens College in New York. Daniel John Bongino has also studied at the Pennsylvania State University and has degrees in Psychology and Business Administration from these institutions.
This right wing politician is married and has two daughters, Isabel and Amelia Bongino. He lives in New York with his daughters and wife.

Dan Bongino Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dan Bongino’s net worth?

Dan Bongino's net worth is about $50 million according to some sources. This net worth is made up of his investments, salary as a host, book royalties and other assets. His assets are said to include a luxury yacht, five cars and six properties.

How much does Dan Bongino earn per year?

The amount that Dan Bongino earns in a year is estimated to be about $3 million by some sources.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dan Bongino?

Dan Bongino's height is about 6 ft 1 in (185 cm).

How old is Dan Bongino?

Born in December, 1974, Dan Bongino is 47 years old as of 2021. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Childhood And Education

Daniel John Bongino was born in the Queens area of New York City. There is no information available about his parents and siblings. However, his family were practicing Roman Catholics and he is of Italian-American descent. He is said to have enjoyed playing baseball as a child.
Dan Bongino studied at the Archbishop Molloy High School before enrolling in Queens College in New York City. He has a Bachelor's and Masters degree in Psychology from Queens College and also has a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Pennsylvania State University.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Dan Bongino’s partner?

Paula Andrea nee Martinez is the wife of Daniel John Bongino. His wife is from Colombia and met on a blind date. They got married in 2003 and have two daughters Isabel born in 2004 and Amelia Bongino who was born in 2012.
He used to run a few businesses with his wife from their home these included a consultancy for risk management and security. They started these business ventures in 2012, however, in 2016 he stated that all businesses from his home had been stopped. The family has lived in Maryland and Palm City, Florida. Dan Bongino and his family now live in a luxury home in New York City.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dan Bongino has had a very interesting career from his time with the NYPD, New York Police Department to a political commentator and radio show host. Here are a few highlights from his career and some of the jobs he has had.
Dan Bongino began his working career in 1995 as an officer with the New York police force. He held this role till 1999.
In 1999 Dan Bongino became a secret service agent with the United States Secret Service. In 2006, as a secret service agent, Bongino was made a part of the Presidential Protection Division and was on the security detail of two presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He was also in charge of coordinating President Obama's visits to the Czech Republic and Indonesia.
In 2002, Dan Bongino became an instructor at the Maryland facility of the agency and gave up being a field agent. He worked with the United Service Secret Service till 2011 when he left to pursue a career in politics. Dan Bongino has stated in interviews that he decided to take up a career in politics because of the scandals and corruption he witnessed while carrying out out his duties as an agent in the White House.
Between 2013 and 2020, Dan Bongino wrote and published six books which have all become bestsellers. In 2013 he published his first book, 'Life Inside The Bubble' about his time as an agent. In 2016 he published his second book which was about security lapses and in 2017 his third book revealed details of what was involved in protecting the president. He has been criticized for using the information he gained in the secret service to further his political career.
As he is a strong Trump supporter the other books he has written are 'Exonerated: The Failed Takedown Of President Donald Trump By The Swamp' which was published in 2019 and ' Follow The Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections Of The Anti-Trump Cabal' which came out in 2020.
Dan Bongino also hosts quite a few programs on television among them is 'Unfiltered With Dan Bongino' airs on the Fox News channel. Dan Bongino was also featured on another program on the streaming service of Fox News. This was titled 'Canceled' in the USA. This five-part series aired from July to August 2021 and had interviews with people whose appearances on other media platforms and in the press were cancelled because of their opinions.
Dan Bongino has also been a guest host on a few radio programs in Washington and Baltimore.
In 2012, Dan Bongino decided to give politics a try by running for a seat in the Senate as a representative of Maryland. Although he won the primary votes he lost in the general election. His opponents were Senator Ben Cardin, a Democrat and Rob Sobhani an Independent.
In 2014, he tried for the US House of Representatives seat. His opponent was John Delaney, a Democrat. Delaney won by two percentage points.
In 2016 after Dan Bongino had moved to Florida, he once again tried for the US Senate seat. His opponents this time was Sanibel City Councilman, Chauncey Goss and Francis Rooney a former US Ambassador and businessman. He came third in the primary.
Until 2018, Dan Bongino used to contribute content to NRATV, which is the online channel of the National Rifle Association.
In 2019, Dan Bongino started his own news website called Bongino Report.
Among his business investments and ventures, in 2020, Dan Bongino announced that he had invested in the social media platform Parler, which is very popular among the supporters of former president Donald Trump.
At present, he hosts The Dan Bongino Show which can be viewed on Fox Nation and the radio affiliates of Westwood One. He is also hosts the Fox News show Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.

Charity Work

In 2021, Dan Bongino and his family donated $25,000 to Folds Of Honor. This organization offers scholarships to the families and children of service personnel who have lost their lives or become disabled due to their work in the armed forces.

What awards has Dan Bongino won?

Dan Bongino has won an award from the United States Department of Justice for the many investigations that he carried out successfully while he was assigned to the task-force setup to look into financial fraud.

Dan Bongino’s Hobbies And Interests

Dan Bongino lists Brazilian Jiu Jitsu among his hobbies and interests. He is a practitioner of this skill.

Other Interesting Dan Bongino Facts And Trivia

  • Dan Bongino supports the Spygate theory of former President Donald Trump and has written a book on it too. President Donald Trump alleged that there was a spy in his 2016 political campaign. The book titled Spygate: The Attempted Sabotage of Donald J. Trump was released in 2018.
  • This political commentator has been banned from YouTube as he was using another account to get around a temporary suspension imposed for the questions he raised against wearing masks and the COVID-19 vaccine. Although, he is banned from YouTube, he is very active on all other major social media platforms including Twitter and Instagram. He also has quite a few followers and subscribers on these accounts. His Twitter account too was suspended for a brief period in January 2020, after the riots on Capitol Hill. Although, his Facebook page seems to get more hits and even performs better than some news organizations.
  • Here are a few interesting facts and trivia about Dan Bongino, he likes banana bread, his favorite holiday destination is Italy and he enjoys watching basketball.
  • In 2020, he was diagnosed with a tumor which turned out to be Hodgkin's lymphoma. Dan Bongino had surgery to get it removed and continued with treatment and in 2021 made the announcement that he was cancer free.
  • According to some sources, as a student, Dan Bongino had taken out a loan to complete his education which he was able to pay back in full due to his rise in popularity and the sale of his books. However, he does have a loan of about $12 million which he had taken out for business expansion needs.
  • Although, he is against the COVID-19 vaccine, he has stated that he has received the vaccine as advised by his doctor as he was recovering from cancer.
  • Dan Bongino also hosts quite a few programs on television among them is 'Unfiltered With Dan Bongino' airs on the Fox News channel. Dan Bongino was also featured on another program on the streaming service of Fox News.
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