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Danny Padilla Birthday & Fun Facts

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Danny Padilla Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Manhattan Beach , USA
30 years old
Birth Date
April 21 1993

Danny Padilla Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Isla Vista High School
Net Worth
Matt, Camden, Steven

About Danny Padilla

Danny Padilla is an American YouTuber who rules the hearts of fans with his sensational songs and covers.

Danny Padilla was born on April 21, 1993, in Manhattan Beach, California, United States of America. Danny was associated with athletics during his early life, but later in high school, he developed his liking for singing and music.

This change of attention overshadowed his athletic endeavors. Danny Padilla then became a YouTube star. His age is 28 years old as of 2022, and his net worth is estimated to be around $800,000. Padilla keeps his personal and professional life very far apart, and that is why nothing much is known, except that he has three siblings Matt, Camden, and Steven. It contributes to Padilla’s popularity that he is extremely good-looking with a height of 5 ft 2 in (157 cm). His zodiac sign is Taurus. Some of his popular videos and compositions include ‘Ally’, ‘Too Bad’, and ‘Innocent’. His YouTube channel is Danny Padilla & Mason Sperling.

Since the channel was founded, it has grown rapidly and now boasts hundreds of thousands of subscribers and an equally impressive number of views. Thousands of followers have also followed his accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Danny Padilla Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Danny Padilla’s net worth?

Danny Padilla’s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000.

How much does Danny Padilla earn per year?

As for his annual income, no figures have been estimated.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Danny Padilla?

 Danny Padilla has a height of 5 ft 2 in (157 cm).

How old is Danny Padilla?

As of 2022, Danny Padilla is 29 years old. His birthday was April 21, 1993.

Childhood And Education

When it comes to his personal life, Danny Padilla was born in Manhattan Beach, California, USA, on April 21, 1993, but he grew up in Los Angeles.

As of his schooling, he attended Isla Vista High School in Santa Barbara County. He was greatly attracted to athletics. However, in high school, he developed an interest in music and singing. This interesting change resulted in his shift from athletics to become a famous American singer.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Danny Padilla dating?

Danny Padilla earlier dated ex-girlfriend Jillian Trimble but he is single as of July 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Danny Padilla is best known for his songs and covers. His popular compositions include ‘Ally’, ‘Too Bad’, and ‘Innocent’.

Some of his popular covers on his channel that gained millions of views are his Impersonation covers of, 'Old Town Road' by Lil Nas and Billy Ray Cyrus, 'In my Feelings' by Drake, 'Rockstar' by Post Malone ft. 21 Savage. All these covers are known for being shot in a single take. His cover of 'Old Town Road' has over 34 million views as of July 2022.

He also has a special series on his channel where he invites Youtubers and comedians. These videos are titled 'Script Not Found' and are very popular with the subscribers.

Charity Work

Danny Padilla is the ambassador of the Official Cybersmile Foundation. This non-profit organization works to fight cyberbullying and digital abuse in all forms.

Danny Padilla’s Hobbies And Interests

Padilla is committed to his songs and music creation and YouTubing is what he loves doing. But in his free time, he loves to play video games and is a huge fan of watching movies and series on the OTT platform Netflix. Danny is also a sports fanatic and says he would have been a sports writer or presenter if he was not a musician.

Other Interesting Danny Padilla Facts And Trivia

  • One of the most interesting things about Danny Padilla is that his birthday happens on the same day as two great names of the world, Queen Elizabeth II and Charlotte Brontë, on April 21.
  • His interest in music developed when he learned to play 'Smoke On Water' from his best friend.
  • Danny is very active on social media and has huge following there.
  • According to the Cover Artist Web Star List, Padilla is ranked 31st.
  • He is also ranked eighth among people whose names start with Danny.
  • He was a cast member of the famous reality TV series 'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart' (2020).
  • He has attained the age of 29 years, as of 2022.

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