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Dave Barry’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Dave Barry

Place Of Birth

Armonk, USA


74 years old

Birth Date

July 02, 1947

Star Sign


Dave Barry Facts

Child Star?



Author, Columnist, Reporter

Net Worth

$10 million

Current Partner

Michelle Kaufman


Sophie Barry, Robert Barry


David Barry





Chinese Year

Year of the Boar

About Dave Barry

David McAlister Barry is an American columnist, reporter, and author who wrote a humor column for the American daily newspaper, the Miami Herald, between 1983-2005.

On July 3, 1947, Dave Barry was born in a village in Armonk, New York. David, his father, was a Presbyterian minister in Armonk.

He studied at Wampus Elementary School, Harold C. Crittenden Junior High School, Armonk, and Pleasantville High School. In 1965, Dave Barry was elected as 'Class Clown' while he attended Pleasantville High School. In 1969, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Haverford College. He successfully evaded the government-imposed military service during the war in Vietnam by declaring as one who has the right to deny performing in the military service on the grounds of conscience, religion, or freedom of thought.

In 1971, Dave Barry began working as a general assignment reporter for the Daily Local News in West Chester. In a span of two years, he was promoted to city editor. Barry won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for his effective use of humor to present fresh thoughts.

As of 2022, he is 75 years old, and his zodiac sign is a Cancer. His partner was Michelle Kaufman, a writer for Miami Herald Sports. They had a daughter named Sophie. Barry wed Beth Lenox before marrying Michelle Kaufman. Barry and Beth Barry had a son named Robert. The journalist has written several books, including 'Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Songs', 'Dave Barry In Cyberspace', 'Dave Barry Turns 50', and 'Dave Barry's History Of The Millennium'.

Dave Barry Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Dave Barry's net worth?

Dev Barry's net worth is $20,000,000 million.

How much does Dave Barry earn per year?

Dave Barry's yearly earnings are unknown.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dave Barry?

Dave Barry's is 5 ft 1 in (155 cm) tall.

How old is Dave Barry?

Dave Barry, the famous journalist, is 75 years old.

Childhood And Education

Dev Barry was born on July 3, 1947 in the village of Armonk, NY. His father, David, was a Presbyterian minister in Armonk. He studied at Wampus Elementary School, Harold C. Crittenden Junior High School, Armonk, and Pleasantville High School. Barry faced many tragedies in his family; his youngest brother and his father, David, suffered from alcoholism. His father passed away in 1984, his sister Mary Katherine was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his mother committed suicide in 1987.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Dave Barry's partner?

Dev Barry first married Ann Shelnutt. He wed Beth Lenox Barry in 1976. Later, he divorced Ann and Beth Barry and married Michelle Kaufman, a Miami Herald sportswriter, in 1996. They had a daughter named Sophie Barry. He also had a son named Robert with Beth Lenox. Presently, Dev Barry lives in Miami and is single.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dave Barry is popularly known as the writer of books of parody and humor, comic novels, and children's novels. Dave Barry received the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1988 and the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2005 when he worked in Pennsylvania.

What awards has Dave Barry won?

Dev Barry received the Walter Cronkite award for Excellence in Journalism in 2005 and the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1988. Also, two of his articles have been included in the 'Best American Sportswriting' series.

Dave Barry's Hobbies And Interests

Dave Barry likes to spend time with dogs. His latest book is 'Lessons From Lucy: The Simple Joys Of An Old, Happy Dog.' While in college, he was in the band The Federal Duck.

Other Interesting Dave Barry Facts And Trivia

  • Dave Barry is a popular American film producer, journalist, and columnist.
  • Dave Barry is widely known as a satirist, film producer, columnist, actor, writer, journalist, novelist, and children's writer.
  • Dave Barry leads a single life and is not dating anyone as of 2022.
  • He functioned as a journalist for the Daily Local News in Pennsylvania.
  • In 1983, he published his first true-to-life work, 'The Taming Of The Screw'.

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