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Davey Havok’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Davey Havok

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Rochester, USA


46 years old

Birth Date

November 19, 1975

Star Sign


Davey Havok Facts

Child Star?



Singer, Musician, Actor

Education & Qualifications

Ukiah High School

Net Worth

$20 million

Current Partner

Ernie Passaro, Penny Passaro


1.8m (5'8"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rabbit

Annual Earnings

$2 million+ per year

About Davey Havok

Davey Havok is an extremely popular singer and musician from America, and he has also shown his skills being an actor and a fashion designer.

Davey Havok has been very interested in music and singing since high school. So, he and his friends created a band named 'AFI.'

The 'AFI' band became very popular with him as the lead vocalist. Besides the 'AFI' band, Davey Havok also started various other bands like the 'Blaqk Audio,' 'XTRMST,' and 'Dreamcar.' Davey Havok has also been the lead singer in the band 'Son Of Sam' and has made guest appearances in many other bands.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Davey Havok's net worth?

Davey Havok has been in the music industry for over three decades, and Davey Havok's net worth has been calculated to be around $20 million.

How much does Davey Havok earn per year?

Very high net worth is always the result of substantial yearly earnings, and Davey Havok is estimated to have an annual income of approximately $20 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Davey Havok?

Davey Havok has a height of an average male, and he stands at the height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).

How old is Davey Havok?

When calculated according to his birth month and year, which is November 1975, Davey Havok's age is 46 as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

His biological father, Ernie Passaro, and his mother, Penny Passaro, named him David Paden Passaro when he was born in Rochester in November 1975. Unfortunately, Davey Havok lost his father when he was just 5 or 6 years old. So Davey Havok and his mother had to move to the city of Sacramento, located in California. His mother remarried, and therefore their surname changed to Marchand, so now they are officially known as Penny Merchand and David Paden Marchand.

Davey Havok initially studied in a Catholic school named St Mary's Of The Angels and later completed his education at Ukiah High School. After he graduated from high school, he enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley, and he is known to have studied a double major in English and Psychology. But, Davey Havok never completed his university education because his music career took off.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Davey Havok dating?

Davey Havok and Monica Parker met each other in 1999, and they got engaged in the year 2001, but the engagement did not last long, and they parted ways. After their breakup, Davey Havok started dating Brittany Bowen, a model by profession, but according to various reports, this relationship also did not last long, and they went separate ways.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Davey Havok is most famous for being the lead vocalist in various bands, namely bands like 'AFI,' 'Son Of Sa,' 'XTRMST,' 'Blaqk Audio,' and 'Dreamcar,' and also his guest appearances in various other bands.

As the lead singer, Davey Havok and his friends started a band during high school called 'AFI,' and they added Adam Carson as the drummer because he was the only one with a drum set. They broke up after high school, but since the band was a hit, 'AFI' conducted a reunion show at the Phoenix Theater. After the reunion show, 'AFI' went on to release their first album named "Answer That And Stay Fashionable" on Wingnut records.

They further released a second album and then a full-length album. There was a change in some of the 'AFI' band members, which added Jade Puget and Hunter Burgan. Their albums achieved huge sales around the world, thereby receiving numerous platinum and gold statuses. 'AFI' went on multiple live concerts, and they also released a live concert CD in the year 2006.

He started a duo band named 'Blaqk Audio' with Jade Puget, which released around five albums, and had a two-month tour in America and Canada. The same duo again appeared under the name 'XTRMST,' and cassette tapes were circulated in California record stores. They also released the 'XTRMST' album in late 2014. In 2016, Davey created another band named 'Dreamcar' and released an album and a single. They performed in various on-stage and live music TV programs like Coachella. Davey was also the lead singer in an album by the band named 'Son Of Sam'.

Davey Havok has also appeared in movies and series like 'Knife Fight,' 'Godkiller,' 'American Idiot,' 'Harvey Street Kids,' 'Clandestine,' 'Dacryphilia,' and a few more.

Charity Work

Davey Havok is a pure animal lover, and he remains a complete vegan person. For the same reason, Davey Havok is actively connected to the non-profit organization PETA because they work hard toward abolishing abusive behavior towards animals and animal rights.

What awards has Davey Havok won?

Davey Havok is a very talented American singer, but he has not yet won any awards. He does have a 2006 Fangoria Chainsaw Awards nomination for Prince of Darkness.

Davey Havok's Hobbies And Interests

Davey Havok has the simplest of hobbies that most people have in this world: traveling, photography, and reading books. Other than these, Davey Havok is very fond of tattoos, so he has covered his body with numerous tattoos, and he is known to spend hundreds of dollars on each tattoo.

Other Interesting Davey Havok Facts And Trivia

  • Although Davey Havok has a love for tattoos, he decided to cover a few of his tattoos completely, and he said that he wanted to cover bad decisions with even worse decisions. He also included that is how he lives life.
  • Davey Havok is also pretty involved in modeling, and he has been a model for Tokyo Hardcore, a Tarina Tarantino jewelry line. In 2011, he joined the Mélange Fashion Show as a presenter.
  • Davey Havok has also been featured in various magazines like 'Vegan Health And Fitness', 'Herring & Herring: Framed', and 'VAR Magazine.'
  • Davey Havok wrote and released his first book in 2013 named 'Pop Kids' through Black Candy Publishing, and he released his second book in 2018 called 'Love Fast Los Angeles.'
  • Davey Havok has also shown his fashion designer abilities through his own fashion brand 'Glitterboy' and a vegan line named 'Zu Boutique' in respect of pop culture. He has also released a limited edition jewelry collection in alliance with PNUT Jewelry and limited edition shoes in partnership with Macbeth Footwear.

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