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David Jeremiah Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
David Jeremiah
Place Of Birth
Toledo, USA
81 years old
Birth Date
February 12 1941

David Jeremiah Facts

Child Star?
Pastor, Author
Education & Qualifications
Dallas Theological Seminary
Net Worth
Current Partner
Donna Jeremiah
Donna Jeremiah Jennifer Jeremiah, Daniel Jeremiah, Janice (Jan) Jeremiah, David Michael Jeremiah
Ruby Jeremiah, James T. Jeremiah

About David Jeremiah 

David Jeremiah is a well-known American author who was born on February 13, 1941.

David Jeremiah is well known as the senior pastor at the Shadow Mountain Community Church. David Jeremiah is also a senior pastor at the Southern Baptist megachurch, which is in El Cajon, a Suburban area of San Diego, California.

David Jeremiah believes in evangelism and that Jesus Christ is his God. David Jeremiah has his broadcast ministry named the Turning Point of God. It can be checked out on his website. The Turning Point has many ministries in it, like the Broadcast Ministries, Generational Ministries, Print Ministries, and the Digital and New Media Ministries. Through the ministry, David Jeremiah often engages in live events like a study tour through Israel, conference cruises to the Caribbean Islands and Alaska, and various rally tours hosted in big arenas around the world. The live tapings of his newest teaching series are often televised and broadcasted in New York on Christmas via his television ministries of the Turning Point Organisation.

David Jeremiah's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is David Jeremiah’s net worth?

David Jeremiah is estimated to have a net worth of around $55 million earned throughout his career as an author and a pastor.

How much does David Jeremiah earn per year?

The information regarding the annual earnings of David Jeremiah is not known to the public. But as his net worth is high, it is assured that his annual income would be high, too. Most of David Jeremiah's money comes from his organization named the Turning Point.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is David Jeremiah?

Details about David Jeremiah's height are unknown in the public database.

How old is David Jeremiah?

David Jeremiah was born on February 13, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio. He is 81 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

David Jeremiah was born in the quiet town of Toledo, which is located in Ohio, United States of America. David Jeremiah's parents' names are Ruby Jeremiah and James T. Jeremiah. David Jeremiah has three siblings whose names are not revealed in the media.

When David Jeremiah was 11 years old, David Jeremiah moved to Dayton, Ohio, along with his family. They moved because David Jeremiah's father became the pastor of Baptist Church. In 1953, David Jeremiah and his family moved once again, now to Cedarville in Ohio. David Jeremiah's father had gotten a position heading the Cedarville College and was selected as the new president of this particular college. Cedarville College is today's Cedarville University located in Ohio.

David Jeremiah graduated from and earned his bachelor's degree from Cedarville University itself. He got his bachelor of arts degree in 1963. David Jeremiah met his life partner, Donna Jeremiah, there. David Jeremiah then went on to study for a master's degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1967. David Jeremiah also completed extra work from Grace Seminary in 1972.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Jeremiah’s partner?

David Jeremiah married his college sweetheart Donna Jeremiah or Donna Thompson in the year he graduated from Cedarville University with his bachelor's degree. Donna Jeremiah and David Jeremiah have four kids together, namely Jennifer Jeremiah, Daniel Jeremiah, Janice (Jan) Jeremiah, and David Michael Jeremiah.

Janice or Jan Jeremiah is married, and her name is Janice Dodge. Jennifer Jeremiah is also married, and her name is Jennifer Sanchez. David Jeremiah and Donna Jeremiah are grandparents of 12. David Michael Jeremiah, David Jeremiah's oldest son, is the president of the Turning point. David Michael Jeremiah is also the anchor voice of their Radio Program. David and Donna Jeremiah's second son, Daniel Jeremiah, is a former National Football League (NFL) scout. He works as an analyst at the NFL.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 1969, David Jeremiah founded the Blackhawk Baptist Church, which is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Followed by that in 1973, David Jeremiah went on to establish the Blackhawk Christian School. In the same year, David Jeremiah went on to launch and develop the Bible Hour. He created the Bible Hour with a view of sharing the Gospel via televised mass media. During his tenure as the senior pastor at the Blackhawk Baptist Church for 12 whole years, the Blackhawk Baptist Church grew from only seven families to 1,300 members.

In 1981, David Jeremiah, along with his family (which includes his four children), moved to Southern California. This is where David Jeremiah became senior pastor at the Scott Memorial Baptist Church. The Scott Memorial Baptist Church is known as Shadow Mountain Community Church today. While this Church was under the leadership of David Jeremiah, the Church became affiliated with a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Shadow Mountain Community Church, which is a denomination of Southern Baptist Church, also expanded across nine satellite locations under David Jeremiah's leadership. The nine satellite locations include the Arabic and Hispanic congregations too. The main campus of Shadow Mountain Community Church has become the home to the Christian Unified Schools and the Southern California Seminary. It has become a part of a K-12 Christian school district.

In the following year, David Jeremiah led the foundation of the Turning Point for God, which is a broadcast ministry focusing on Bible Strong Teaching. Its mission is to establish and deliver an unchanging word of God in the changing and chaotic world. Initially, the Turning Point for God's radio broadcast was limited to the local people only, but it gained momentum and national influence around the 2000s through television ministries. The Turning Point for God has since, in the world of broadcast ministry, become an international leader. David Jeremiah, along with being a pastor at the Church and founder of the Turning Point for God, is a prominent author who is well-liked by people across the world.

As of today, the Broadcast Ministry of The Turning Point for God can be heard all across the world from over more than 2000 stations and is available all seven days a week. David Jeremiah started writing in 1993.

What awards has David Jeremiah won?

David Jeremiah has won quite a lot of awards. David Jeremiah won the Sciences Emmy in 1985 for Outstanding Programming in the religious category. Then David Jeremiah won the San Diego Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts in the same year. In 1998, David Jeremiah won The Gold Medallion Award for 'Prayer The Great Adventure'. In 2009, David Jeremiah won the Retailers Choice Award for his book named 'What In The World Is Going On?' under the category of Church & Culture. In 2010, David Jeremiah won the Retailers Choice Award for his book named 'Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World' under the category of Christian Living. 

David Jeremiah has won the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Award. David Jeremiah also won the Hall of Fame. In 2020, he won the NRB President's Award.

Other Interesting David Jeremiah Facts And Trivia

  • Cedarville University offered David Jeremiah an honorary doctor of divinity degree in 1981.
  • David Jeremiah was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1994 and again in 1998.
  • In 1999, David Jeremiah went under a stem cell transplant wherein a nodule was removed surgically from his neck.
  • David Jeremiah wrote an inspirational book on his experiences regarding his fight with lymphoma named 'When Your World Falls Apart'.

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