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David Solomon Birthday & Fun Facts

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David Solomon Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
David Michael Solomon
Place Of Birth
Hartsdale, New York , USA
61 years old
Birth Date
January 21 1962

David Solomon Facts

Child Star?
Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs
Education & Qualifications
Hamilton College
Net Worth
Current Partner
Alan Solomon, Sandra

About David Solomon

Born in Hartsdale, New York, U.S. David M. Solomon has been the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Goldman Sachs since October 1, 2018.

From 2006-2016, Solomon held the position of an investment banker as the joint head of the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs. Later, from 2017-2018, David M. Solomon assumed the position of the President and Chief Operating Officer of Goldman Sachs before taking over as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Lloyd Blankfein was the predecessor of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman position, which was later formally acquired by Solomon. Solomon is also a disc jockey and record producer who goes by the name David Solomon and sometimes develops electronic dance music (EDM) records. Solomon usually performs at music festivals and clubs.

David Solomon's Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is David Solomon’s net worth?

The net worth of David M. Solomon is about $40-$100 million.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is David Solomon?

David M. Solomon stands at a height of 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) tall.

How old is David Solomon?

Born in 1960, David M. Solomon is about 60 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Born in 1962, David Michael Solomon was raised in Hartsdale, New York. His parents were Alan Solomon and Sandra Solomon. His father was an Executive Vice President for a small firm. Solomon's mother, Sandra Solomon, was an audiology manager. Michael went to Edgemont Junior-Senior High School and was eventually raised in Scarsdale. Solomon operated as a camp consultant in New Hampshire after working a while at a regional Baskin Robbins. He completed his degree in political science and government at Hamilton College. At first, he was rejected by Goldman Sachs for an analyst position. Solomon applied to Irving Trust and was soon selected.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is David Solomon dating?

In 1989, Soloman married Mary Elizabeth Solomon at the age of 27 in Bernardsville, New Jersey. The couple divorced in 2018 after more than two decades of marriage. It is known that the couple shares two daughters. Since 2022, Solomon has been living alone at The San Remo in Manhattan, New York City. He also owns real estate in Aspen, Colorado, which was listed in 2016 for $36 million.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Soon after moving to Drexel Burnham and leaving his job at Irving Trust, Solomon performed as a commercial paper salesman and subsequently to high-yield debt. Solomon applied to Bear Stearns and led the junk bonds division at the firm. At the age of 37, Solomon moved to Goldman Sachs in 1999 after working with the same firm's managers in the '90s. His being the lead at Bear was alarming to a few too many people. Solomon joined Sachs as a partner and eventually as an investment banker, leading the investment banking division from 2006. While being the head of the investment management team, he would call for year-end compensation roundtables to question the executive business practices and sort out the underperforming workers.

He was often credited for his outstanding leadership in the investment management division and for bringing a 70% rise in sales. He was offered the management of Las Vegas Sands casinos by Sheldon Adelson in 2014. He declined by claiming that the management would not be under his total command. In 2015, Soloman received recognition for the restricted stock worth approximately $10 million. A few revenue filings reveal that he was paid $1.85 million as a base salary. Due to Solomon's dedicated work, Goldman Sachs relieved dress codes, initiated video interviews, and updated computer systems in the firm. In 2017 and 2018, he attained an $11.85 million compensation package. He also holds 224,030 shares of the Goldman Sachs Group. He also received $27.5 million packages in 2020. He acquired $2 million, $7.65 million, and $17.85 million worth of salary, a cash bonus, and long-term incentives, respectively.

A few hours after the resignation, most of the domestic and international media platforms unofficially announced Solomon as the sole heir of Lloyd Blankfein. On February 21, 2018, Lloyd himself claimed Solomon as the potential heir of Goldman Sachs after him at a board meeting. He was left second-in-command after Schwartz retired from the position of Chief Operating Officer and President at Goldman Sachs. From October 1, 2018 onwards, David M. Solomon succeeded Lloyd Blankfein as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Goldman Sachs.

Along with being the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Goldman Sachs, Soloman is also a regular disc jockey. He goes by the name David Solomon at music festivals and is quite famous on Instagram.

Charity Work

In 2021, Soloman was voted the chairman of Hamilton College's board. Since 2005, David has been a part of the board of trustees and worked for the charitable organization known as the Robin Hood Foundation. At the Safe & Sound charity concert, David gave the opening performance. The concert was held as an example of crowd protection against the pandemic. The New York health authorities blamed the charity for heavily violating distancing guidelines. It is said that Solomon left the concert before it finished. In 2018, Michael established Payback Records in collaboration with Atlantic Records. All the profits from the label are handed to charities that work to provide aid for the COVID-19 pandemic and hunger relief. Solomon's original music is usually released through the same record label.

Other Interesting David Solomon Facts And Trivia

  • David M. Solomon also performed as the Global Head of the Financing Group at Goldman Sachs.
  • The present CEO of Sachs, Soloman, constantly backed alterations in the Goldman Sachs Group culture. He urged for the take down of maximum hours by about 20-25 hours.
  • In 2016, Solomon and Harvey Schwartz were promoted as President and Chief Operating Officer, respectively, at Goldman Sachs after the resignation of Gary Cohn who later became Chief Economic Advisor to Donald Trump.

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