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Dayton Moore Birthday & Fun Facts

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Dayton Moore Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Dayton Moore
Place Of Birth
Wichita, USA
56 years old
Birth Date
February 17 1967

Dayton Moore Facts

Child Star?
American Baseball Executive
Education & Qualifications
M.S. Athletic Administration
Net Worth
Current Partner
Marianne Moore
Avery Moore, Ashley Moore, Robert Moore

About Dayton Moore 

Dayton Moore is an American Baseball executive and was the General manager for the Royals.

Before becoming famous as the president of the Royals baseball operations, Dayton Moore's career began in the ’90s. Moore is a noteworthy sports executive in major league baseball.

February 17, 1967, saw the birth of Dayton Moore in Wichita, Kansas. The public is not informed a lot about his family life. At a very young age, he began playing American League baseball and attended high schools in Moline, Illinois, and Lakewood, New York.

As of 2022, Moore lives in Leawood, Kansas with his three children and wife, Marianne.

Dayton Moore Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dayton Moore’s net worth?

Dayton Moore's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of 2022.

How much does Dayton Moore earn per year?

Dayton Moore earns an average of $700,000 from his position as a sports executive and the president of the Kansas city royals.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dayton Moore?

Dayton Moore's height is 5 ft 1 in (155 cm).

How old is Dayton Moore?

As of August 2022, Dayton Moore is 53 years old.

Childhood And Education

Dayton Moore was born in Wichita, Kansas on February 17, 1967. Much of his family life is not disclosed to the public. He attended high schools in Lakewood, New York, and Moline, Illinois where he grew up in American League baseball. He was also a part of the Moline Team which became the runner-up in the Illinois American Baseball League. Dayton Moore played baseball for Garden City Community College after which he attended George Mason University, graduating with a degree in Physical Education and Health in 1989. In 1992, he obtained a Master's degree in Athletic Administration from George Mason.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dayton Moore’s partner?

Dayton Moore is married to Marianne Moore, with whom he shares three children.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dayton Moore is a famous sports executive who is also the president of Kansas City royals and a major league baseball scout. He is best known for being the General manager of the Royals and leading them to championships.

Dayton Moore began his career as an assistant baseball coach for George Mason University from 1990-1994. In the summer of 1992, he managed the Winchester Royals of the Valley Baseball league until 1993.

In 1994, he decided to make the transition to professional baseball becoming a baseball scout for Atlanta Braves. Moore has held a variety of positions with the Atlanta Braves over the years, including those of assistant director of player development, director of scouting, and director of foreign scouting. In 2002 he took over as director of player development and assistant general manager in the August of 2005. The Royals hired Moore in 2006 for the managerial position as their new general manager on June 8, replacing Allan Baird.

During his tenure with as Royals general manager, Moore worked on every aspect of improvement within the organization and team, leading the Royals to win the 2014 American Baseball League and 2015 World Series titles. The organization has decided to extend the contract for Moore from August 2009, until 2014. Since Royal's record improved in 2013 since their last best record in 1994, Moore's contract was extended until 2016.

Since Moore was hired as the team's general manager, he strategically placed players, which contributed to the Royals' success. Players like Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, and James Sheild that he added proved to be valuable additions and played major roles in the Royals' championship success. It also sealed his deal as Sports Executive in the baseball industry. He was also served with another extension in his contract with the team. In 2022, Moore was promoted to the president of Baseball Operations.

Charity Work

Dayton Moore runs a charity called C You In The Major Baseball Leagues Foundation which aims at providing support to youth baseball, education, and faith-based events. They are a donor-based fund support organization providing help to families and children in crisis. Dayton Moore and his wife Marianne also work with City Union Mission of Kansas City.

What awards has Dayton Moore won?

The Boys and Girls Club presented Dayton Moore with the John J. 'Buck' O'Neil Diamond MVP Award and the Negro League Baseball Museum's Ruby Foster Award for American League Executive of the Year in 2016. Dayton Moore has been awarded by the Seven days in 2022 the Ripples of Kindness Award for the charitable work he has done around the Kansas City community. Moore was awarded to Esurance Major League Baseball Best Executive award in 2015.

When Dayton Moore joined the Kansas City Royals as the team's general manager in 2006, the team won 18 Rawlings Golden Glove Awards, 29 All-Star Game selections, five Silver Slugger, Cy Young Award Winner, 2014 American League Championship, and 2015 World Series.

Dayton Moore’s Hobbies And Interests

Dayton Moore is an active member of Kansas City and is interested in helping families and children in crisis. He is active in many other charity works in and around Kansas City.

Other Interesting Dayton Moore Facts And Trivia

  • Moore was a huge Royals fan growing up and traveled down Interstate 70 to Kansas City to watch them play in the 1985 World Series.
  • Moore once sat for the interview of Boston Red Sox for the managerial position but was not hired.
  • Moore when he was in Atlanta Braves worked with the great Bobby Sox.
  • More has three children with his wife Marianne, they are Avery Moore, Robert Moore, and Ashely Moore.
  • Moore's son Robert Moore was drafted by Milwaukee Beavers in 2002 Major league baseball. Before that, he played for NAC Baseball for the University of Arkansas.
  • Moore is one of the Richest Sports Executive in the Baseball industry.

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