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Deana Martin Birthday & Fun Facts

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Deana Martin Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Deana Martin
Place Of Birth
New York City, USA
75 years old
Birth Date
August 19 1948

Deana Martin Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Actress
Education & Qualifications
Dartington College of Arts
Net Worth
Current Partner
John Griffeth
Dean Martin, Elizabeth MacDonald
Ricci Martin, Gina Martin, Dean Paul Martin, Claudia Martin, Craig Martin, Barbara Gail Martin, Sasha Martin.

About Deana Martin

Deana Martin is an American singer and actress.

Deana Martin's birthday is on August 19, 1948. She was born in Manhattan, New York City, United States. Her family consists of her father, Dean Martin, mother, Elizabeth Macdonald, seven siblings, and two half-siblings.

Deana Martin's first-ever television appearance was in 1996 on 'The Dean Martin Show'. She appeared as a guest and performed in musical and comedy numbers with fellow entertainers, including Frank Sinatra. Deana Martin's career as a singer began when she started recording at Reprise Records, produced by Lee Hazlewood.

Deana Martin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Deana Martin's net worth?

Deana Martin has an estimated net worth of $6 million due to her career as a singer.

How much does Deana Martin earn per year?

Deana Martin's estimated annual income is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Deana Martin?

Deana Martin is 5 ft 8 in (178 cm) tall.

How old is Deana Martin?

Born on August 19, 1948, Deana Martin is 73 years old as of 2021.

Childhood And Education

Deana Martin was born on August 19, 1948, in Manhattan, New York City, United States. She was born to her parents Dean Martin, a singer, actor, and comedian of Italian descent, and Elizabeth Anne MacDonald. Her siblings are Ricci Martin, Gina Martin, Dean Paul Martin, Claudia Martin, Craig Martin, Barbara Gail Martin, and Sasha Martin. Dean Paul Martin and Ricci Martin are her half brothers.

Deana Martin's family shifted to Beverly Hills in California when she was one year old. Later, she lived in the custody of her father and Jeanne Biegger, his second wife. As Dean was friends with the Rat Pack, Frank, and Sinatra Sammy Davis Jr., they often paid a visit to his house and influenced Deana Martin to choose a profession in the entertainment industry.

Deana Martin completed her education at Dartington College of Arts, United Kingdom.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Deana Martin's partner?

Deana Martin has been married to John Griffeth, a film and music producer, since February 7, 1990. The couple had met on a blind date in the previous year and renewed their wedding vows in 2015.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Deana Martin has contributed to the films 'Hamlet', 'The Taming of the Shrew', 'Romeo and Juliet', and 'A Taste of Honey.' Along with Jimmy Boyd and George Hamilton, Deanna Martin appeared on the National Broadway tour in Neil Simon's play 'Star-Spangled Girl'. 

Her other appearances were in the films' The Tunnel of Love', 'A Shot in the Dark', 'Wait Until Dark', and '6 Rms Riv Vu'.

Her major feature in a motion picture was in the film 'Young Billy Young', where she appeared alongside David Carradine, Angie Dickinson, and Robert Mitchum. 

Later, she got cast in the movies 'A Voice in the Night' and 'Strangers at Sunrise' acting alongside George Montgomery and Vito Scotti. 

Deana Martin also got featured on television shows such as 'A&E Biography', 'CBS Sunday Morning', 'Access Hollywood', 'The Bonnie Hunt Show', 'Larry King Live', 'E! Entertainment Television', 'Country Music Television', 'Sky Italia', 'Entertainment Tonight', 'The Tony Danza Show', 'The Today Show', 'Live with Regis & Kelly', 'The Dating Game', 'The Big Breakfast', 'The Monkees', and 'Bruce Forsyth On Vegas.'

In 'The Dating Game', Deana chose Steve Martin as her date. Deana also hosted four seasons of 'The Deana Martin Show'. 

Deana Martin and Jerry Lewis sang the song 'Time After Time' during her appearance on 'The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon' in 2003. 

Deana Martin's singing career began when she started recording at Reprise Records, produced by Lee Hazlewood. She recorded 'Girl of the Month Club' as a teenager and it turned out to be her country music hit. Her other recordings, recorded in the '60s, were 'Baby I See You', 'The Bottom of My Mind', and 'When He Remembers Me'. Glen Campbell and other Wrecking Crew musicians contributed to these recordings.

In 2006, 'Memories Are Made of This' was recorded. Deana Martin also made covers of successful songs of her father, Dean Martin, such as 'Everybody Loves Somebody,' 'Title Cut', 'That's Amore', 'Just Bummin' Around' and 'For Your Love'. 'For Your Love' was written by Deana's mother, Elizabeth MacDonald. Her husband, John Griffeth, produced the song 'Time After Time' sung by Deana Martin with Jerry Lewis. The song topped the iTunes Top 10 and continued to be on the top for 40 weeks in 2006 and 2007. 

In 2009, the singer recorded 'Volare' at the Capitol Records Studio. The song was on the Billboard magazine Heat Seek, with the rank No. 22 on the magazine's Jazz Albums, and also got featured in the Top 10 on iTunes. 

The singer released a holiday favorites album in 2011 called 'White Christmas.' Martin made covers of her favorites, such as 'Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow', 'I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm', and 'Winter Wonderland' with the title track co-sung by Andy Williams. She recorded these songs with John Griffeth, Charles Calello, and Al Schmitt.

After a year, Deana Martin started recording for the film 'Destination Moon' which was released in 2013. 'Beyond the Sea', 'I Love Being Here With You', and 'Break It to Me Gently' are from her fourth album, including other four songs, 'Paradise', 'Stuck in a Dream with Me', 'Where Did You Learn to Love Like That', and 'Read Between the Lines'. She co-sung Cole Porter's 'True Love' with her father, Dean Martin. She released her album 'Swing Street' in 2016.

Singer Deana Martin is also best known for her work in the film 'Young Billy Young', where she portrayed the role of Evie.

Other Interesting Deana Martin Facts And Trivia

  • Deana Martin and her husband, John Griffeth, worked towards the recognition of the achievements of her father by encouraging the State of Ohio.
  • Deana Martin is also a licensed pilot.

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