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Dee Dee Rescher Birthday & Fun Facts

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Dee Dee Rescher Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Dee Dee Rescher
Place Of Birth
65 years old
Birth Date
August 28 1958

Dee Dee Rescher Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Keith Auck
Gayne Rescher, Ottilie Kruger
Gaye Kruger, Deborah Jean Rescher Miller

About Dee Dee Rescher

The American actress and voice actor Darlene Ann Dee Dee Rescher is well-known for her work in the cinema and television industries.

Dee Dee Rescher was born on August 28, 1953. She has acted in films such as Ferris Bueller's 'Day Off' (1986), 'Summer School'- Woman at a strip joint (1987), Roseanne Karen Hudson (1990), and 'Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie' (2001). Since December 3, 2016, she has been married to Keith Auck. She had been married twice before to Roy G. Silver and George Ball.

She has voiced several characters for Disney, including Miss Skullnick in 'Star vs. The Forces Of Evil', the Sphinx in 'Sofia The First', Army General Stetic in 'Quack Pack', New Maggie in 'The Buzz On Maggie', The Scout Master And Mechanic in 'The Ghost' and Molly McGee, and Professor Vargas in 'W.I.T.C.H'. She also played the roles of Shirley in 'Good Luck Charlie', Rose in 'I Didn't Do It', and Babs Mendel in 'I Even Stevens'.

Dee Dee Rescher Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dee Dee Rescher's net worth?

The net worth of Dee Dee Rescher is estimated to be around $5 million.

How much does Dee Dee Rescher earn per year?

The annual income of Dee Dee Rescher is not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dee Dee Rescher?

There is no information regarding the height of Dee Dee Rescher.

How old is Dee Dee Rescher?

Dee Dee Rescher is 71 years old as of November 2023.

Childhood And Education

Dee Dee Rescher is the granddaughter of Jean Tolley and Jay Rescher and the daughter of Jay Gayne Rescher. Her great-grandparents were the silent film actress Jean Tolley and the pioneering cinematographer Jay Rescher, who helped form New York Local 644.

Her parents were the Broadway actress Ottilie Kruger and the cinematographer Gayne Rescher. Dee Dee Rescher is also the granddaughter of the famous actor Otto Kruger.

Dee Dee Rescher is the younger sibling of Deborah Jean Rescher Miller and the older sibling of Gaye Kruger.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dee Dee Rescher's partner?

Dee Dee Rescher is married to Keith Auck (December 3, 2016 - present).

She was previously married to George Ball (divorced) and Roy G. Silver (September 25, 1977 - 1982) (divorced)

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

  • 'Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie'
  • 'Famous In Love- Brenda' (2018)
  • 'My Name Is Earl'- Homeless woman (2009)
  • 'JAG' - (2005)
  • 'What's New, Scooby-Doo?' - Sylvie (voice) (2003)
  • 'My Life as a Teenage Robot' (2003-2007)
  • 'Elise: Mere Mortal' - Receptionist (2002)
  • 'Nothing But the Truth' - Angie Fitzsimmons
  • 'Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?' - (2002-2003)
  • 'Codename: Kids Next Door' - (2002-2008)
  • 'Even Stevens' - Babs Mendel (2002)
  • 'Cybill' - Mrs. Hartford voice (1996)
  • 'Almost Perfect' - Micki Schuster (1996)
  • 'California Myth' - Nurse Reilly (1999)
  • 'Hey Arnold!' - (1996)
  • 'Friends' - Record Producer (1996)
  • 'Dexter's Laboratory' - Peltra (voice) (1996-2003)
  • 'University Hospital' - Dorette Nicholson (1995)
  • 'Siegfried & Roy: Masters of the Impossible' - (1996)
  • 'The Grave' - Metal Voice (1996)
  • 'Howie and Rose' - Rita Haber (1991)
  • 'The King of Queens' - Dorothy (1999–2001)
  • 'Hope and Gloria' - Roma (1995)
  • 'Summer School' - (1987)
  • 'A Murderous Affair: The Carolyn Warmus Story'
  • 'Sibs'-Mary (1992)
  • 'Divided We Stand' (1988)
  • 'Roseanne' - Karen (1990)
  • 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' - (1987)
  • 'Night Court' - Mandy (1987)
  • 'The Underachievers' - Female Agent 1 (1987)
  • 'Roses Are for the Rich' - (1987)
  • 'Hunter' - Desk Clerk (1987)
  • 'My Sister Sam' - Marilyn
  • 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' - Bus Driver
  • 'The Scarlett O'Hara War' - Phoebe (1980)
  • 'Heart of a Champion: The Ray Mancini Story' - Female Reporter
  • 'Could This Be Love'- Renee (1973)
  • 'Once Bitten' - Laundromat Lady (1985)
  • 'Games Mother Never Taught You' - Rita
  • 'Three's Company' - the Waitress (1983)
  • 'You Again?' - Passerby (1986)
  • 'Madame's Place' - Fatima (1982)
  • 'Brave New World' as Neighbor Woman (1977)
  • 'Chico and the Man' - Nurse Patricia Villa
  • 'Shannon's Deal Madame Cure' (1991)
  • 'Cousins' (1976)

Other Interesting Dee Dee Rescher Facts And Trivia

  • Her parents were the Broadway actress Ottilie Kruger and the cinematographer Gayne Rescher.
  • Dee Dee Rescher is also the granddaughter of the famous actor Otto Kruger.
  • She is the younger sibling of Deborah Jean Rescher Miller and the older sibling of Gaye Kruger.

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