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Deetranada’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name


Eye Color

Dark Brown

Place Of Birth

Baltimore, USA


21 years old

Birth Date

June 24, 2001

Star Sign


Deetranada Facts

Child Star?



Rapper, YouTuber

Net Worth

$300 thousand


Pastor Henry Parks,Regina Bells


Platinum J, Nuzzle


1.7m (5'4"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Snake

Annual Earnings

$2 thousand+ per year

About Deetranada 

Deetranada is a YouTuber who rose to fame by appearing on the Lifetime network's show, ‘Rap Game.’
Deetranada is a Youtuber with 193,000 followers on YouTube. She also has more than 957,000 followers on her Instagram account.
Deetranada is the younger sister of Platinum J, the famous hip-hop dancing icon. Deetranada's singing skills were recognized at a young age and from then on she has worked tirelessly to showcase her talent to the rest of the world. Her journey towards stardom started with YouTube and then landed on a reality rap show. Deetranada's rapping is an ode to all the neglected teenagers and a call for them to step up.

Deetranada Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Deetranada’s net worth?

Deetranada started her musical career with her YouTube channel which showcased her special talent as a rapper. After appearing in the Lifetime reality series, her following has increased on both YouTube and her other social media platforms. As of 2022, the net worth of Deetranada is $300,000.

How much does Deetranada earn per year?

Deetranada's career took a sharp turn when she performed as a rapper in Jermaine Dupri's 'Rap Game.' An American rapper, Deetranada had been making music since her YouTube channel had 193,000 followers and her TikTok account had 206,100 followers with over 2.1
million views. This young talent's annual earnings are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Deetranada?

Deetrananada's height is 5 ft 5 in (165 cm).

How old is Deetranada?

Deetranada, whose real name is Diamond Barmer, was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States in 2001. Deetranada is 21 years old.

Childhood And Education

Mostly known as Deetranada, hip hop dancer Platinum J's sister was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Deetranada's real name is Diamond Barmer. Her mother's name is Regina Bells and the name of her father is Henry Parks. Deetranada has a sister, an elder brother, and a younger brother. Deetranada has an elder brother, a hip-hop dancer, who supported her to showcase her talent.
We do not have much knowledge about her education as this American rapper chooses to remain private about her educational activities. The daughter of Regina bells, Deetranada has now moved out of her hometown Baltimore to follow her dream of composing song after song and is currently residing in Los Angeles, California. Deetranada is an artist signed to the M.D.M entertainment label.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Deetranada dating?

The dating history of the 21-year-old star, Deetranada, from the third season of a reality rap show is mostly unavailable. It is the assumption that Detranada chooses to stay silent about her personal life and relationships as she keeps them private.

Career And Professional Highlights

Deetranada, also known as Diamond Barmer, displayed her talents and her ability to voice her opinions through music since she was in seventh grade. Deetranada got her big break when she was noticed by big labels, like Jermaine Dupri. They noticed her exceptional skills as a rapper and invited her to be a part of season 3 of ‘Rap Game.’
Although Deetranada didn't win the show, the exposure to a large audience provided her with a loyal fan following and her professional career got a boost after this. Diamond Barmer produces and publishes music through various social media platforms. Deetranada was also guest-starred in several shows, such as 'One Contract', 'Don't Underestimate Nobody', 'Full-Court Press', and well-known ones such as ‘One Chain.’
These leading roles in these famous reality shows gave her a good net worth as well as pushed her closer to her album. Her first album was released in 2017, named 'Adolescent Swim'. Deetranada's recent album release was 'Nada World' in 2022. Deetranada also composed music videos named 'BEEP BEEP!', 'ALL OF ME', 'HIGHS AND Lows', 'HELP!', and 'ATTITUDE!'.

Best Known For…

Deetranada is best known for her appearance in season three of 'Rap Game', as a rapper.

What awards has Deetranada won?

Deetranada, known also as Diamond Barmer, is a budding singer who has a lot of potential to win several awards and create records. She has not won anything yet.

Deetranada’s Hobbies And Interests

Apart from her music career, Deetranada's hobby is playing video games.

Other Interesting Deetranada Facts And Trivia

  • Deetranada is the sister of Platinum J.
  • She is a Youtuber with 193,000 followers on YouTube. She also has more than 957,000 followers on her Instagram account.

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