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Denika Kisty Birthday & Fun Facts

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Denika Kisty Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Denika Kisty
Place Of Birth
41 years old
Birth Date
January 1 1982

Denika Kisty Facts

Child Star?
Former Track and Field Athlete
Education & Qualifications
University of Florida
Current Partner
Jason Williams
Jaxon Williams, Mia Williams, Nina Williams

About Denika Kisty

Denika Kisty is famous because of her marriage to celebrity husband Jason Wiliams, a college basketball star with an impressive NBA career with Miami Heat.

Denika Kisty is a University of Florida alumna and a Florida Gators team member. She was also a Javelin thrower representing America as a track and field athlete.

Denika was born to a middle-class family. The celebrity wife is an American who has a varied ancestry, according to her nationality. Denika Kisty finished her high school education with excellent grades. She is a mother of three kids Jaxon Williams, Mia Williams, and Nina Williams.

Denika Kisty's Net Worth, Earnings And Spending Habits

What is Denika Kisty’s net worth?

No information is available about Denika Kisty's net worth. However, she is a very successful athlete and has earned a lot of money from her various ventures.

How much does Denika Kisty earn per year?

No information is available about Denika Kisty's annual earnings.

Height, Age And Physical Attributes

How tall is Denika Kisty?

Denika Kisty's is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Denika Kisty?

No information is available regarding her birth date. It is estimated that she is in her late ’30s.

Childhood And Education

Denika has always been a fan of sports. Denika attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, after graduating from high school. She went to the same university as her husband, Jason. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

Kisty was born into a wonderful and committed family, as she has stated. She came from a modest middle-class background. However, there is very little information about her parents. Denika decides not to disclose any personal information to avoid unwanted media and public attention.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Denika Kisty’s partner?

Denika Kisty, the famous celebrity, is married to Jason Williams, an American former professional basketball player who has played for Miami Heat in the NBA. The pair have been together for a couple of years, and they are very much in love. They have three kids named Jaxon Williams, Mia Williams, and Nina Williams. He referred to his family as the most valued treasure in his NBA profile.

When Kisty first encountered Jason, she was instantly smitten. They both enrolled at the University of Florida at the same time. Before their wedding, they dated for a specific length of time. Finally, in September 2003, Denika Kisty married her husband, Jason Williams, in front of their close friends and family members.

After Denika and Jason tied the knot, they spent almost 18 years of their life living together. It undoubtedly helps them develop strong relationships by sharing their highs and lows. She's been discussing problems while living happily alongside her husband.


(Denika Kisty is one of the most well-known celebrity wives in the NBA.)

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Denika revealed her previous life and used to be a Florida Gators' track and field squad member. She likewise played the part of an All-American javelin thrower. However, she terminated her professional sports career after marrying Jason and became a housewife.

She is also fantastic support for her husband, Jason. She's the ideal example of a loyal celebrity wife who supports her husband in his job, problems, and success. She also rose to prominence as the wife of former player Jason.

Charity Work

Denika Kisty has not spoken about her charity work. However, it is known that she does some volunteer work or donates to charities as she is a very kind and compassionate person.

Her husband has a record of charitable efforts. For example, Marc Gasol started the We Will Foundation when he played for the Memphis Grizzlies. This foundation helps kids who have craniofacial anomalies. In addition, when he was a Memphis player, Jason Williams visited St. Jude Children's Hospital frequently. He loves to be around kids.

What awards has Denika Kisty won?

Denika Kisty has not won any awards as of 2022.

Denika Kisty’s Hobbies And Interests

No information is available on Denika Kisty's hobbies and interests. However, she is known for being a great mother to her three kids and supporting her husband in his career.

Other Interesting Denika Kisty Facts And Trivia

  • Kisty has never mentioned anything about her siblings or her family.
  • Her husband Jason Williams preferred to stay out of the limelight and leads a low-key life, spending time with his loved ones.
  • She is quite talented in sports and used to be an all-American javelin thrower.
  • Denika was in a relationship with her husband, Williams, and got married in 2003. They exchanged vows in front of their family and friends. No one knew that Jason and Denika were dating until they married in 2003. They managed to avoid the spotlight and keep it secretive.
  • His son Jaxon is interested in playing basketball just like his father and has participated in many tournaments.
  • Denika's husband uses a famous nickname called 'White Chocolate' for his playing style, which is quite flashy. He was considered one of the best 25 players in 2007.
  • There is no information on Denika's net worth. However, her husband has amassed a large amount of money. His estimated net worth is $20 million as a retired basketball player.
  • Her daughter Mia Williams is a ranked softball player nationally. She has displayed her talents in various tournaments.
  • The younger daughter Nina Williams is also a great sportsperson and actively plays tennis and softball.
  • At this moment, Denika's relationship with Jason is still solid, and there are no indications of problems or issues. There is also a shared love and respect for one another.
  • Jason coaches his son Jaxon on basketball as a former professional NBA player.
  • They have an expensive house located in Hilton, South Carolina. They also have property worth $2 million.

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