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Dermot Mulroney Birthday & Fun Facts

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Dermot Mulroney Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Dermot Mulroney
Place Of Birth
Alexandria, USA
60 years old
Birth Date
October 31 1963

Dermot Mulroney Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Alexandria City High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Tharita Cesaroni
Clyde Mulroney, Mabel Ray Mulroney, Sally Mulroney
Michael Mulroney, Ellen B. Mulroney
Kieran Mulroney, Sean Mulroney, Moira Mulroney, Conor Mulroney

About Dermot Mulroney 

Dermot Mulroney is a 58-year-old American actor.
He is best known for his roles in dramas, comedies, and romantic films. Mulroney dropped out of college, where he was studying English and American literature, to study acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre in New York City.
Mulroney's television debut was as a guest star on an episode of 'Lou Grant' (1977) on CBS, which aired on February 28, 1977. He made his big-screen debut one month later playing a small role in Clint Eastwood's film version of 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' (1976). He is best known for his work in films like 'Staying Together' 1989, 'Point of No Return' 1993, and 'Long Gone' 1987.

Dermot Mulroney Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dermot Mulroney’s net worth?

Dermot Mulroney's net worth is estimated at $9 million.

How much does Dermot Mulroney earn per year?

There is no information available on his current yearly income.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dermot Mulroney?

Dermot Mulroney is 5 ft 8 in (177 cm) tall.

How old is Dermot Mulroney?

Born on October 31, 1963, Dermot Mulroney is 58 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Dermot Mulroney was born in 1963 in Alexandria, Virginia. He went to Matthew Maury Elementary School and used to play cello in school as well as city youth or restaurants. It was during these years that he acted in children's community theaters. During his time in the Maury Elementary School, Dermot played Cello too. He finished his ninth and tenth grade through George Washington High school and then attended TC Williams High school located in Alexandria Virginia. In his sophomore year of high school, Dermot Mulroney, as a cellist, attended Interlochen Arts Camp. For graduation, Mulroney studied communications at North Western University located in Evanston, Illinois.
Dermot Mulroney is the middle child of five siblings. His father's name was Michael Mulroney. Michael Mulroney was a professor at Villanova University School of Law in the early '90s. Before becoming a law professor he practiced private tax law in Washington DC for 30 years. Dermot Mulroney's mother was Ellen who was originally from Manchester, Iowa.
Dermot Mulroney has two older brothers named Conor and Sean, a younger brother named Kieran, and a younger sister Moira.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dermot Mulroney’s partner?

Dermot Mulroney married twice. His first wife was actress Catherine Keener. They got married in the year 1990 after meeting during the filming of Survival quest in 1986. From this marriage, Dermot Mulroney has a son named Clyde Keener Mulroney was born in the year 1999 and is a singer. Dermot and Catherine separated in May 2005 and the divorce was finalized in 2007. In 2008 Dermot Mulroney married an Italian film producer and cinematographer Tharita Cesaroni. Tharita was born in 1973 in Milan, Italy, and is currently 49 years old. With Tharita, Dermot Mulroney has two daughters Mable who was born in 2008, and Sally June who was born in 2009. Dermot and his family currently live in Los Angeles.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dermot Mulroney's career started with the High school audition that he had given to WMA agent Barbara Gael. Gael also offered him a contract and invited him to relocate to Hollywood. So Dermot moved to Hollywood and gave auditions for three months and finally got a role as the main lead in his debut movie 'Sin of Innocence' in 1986. In his debut movie, Dermot Mulroney played the role of a stepbrother who started a romantic relationship with his step-sister after the marriage of their parents. In his 1987 movie, 'Daddy', Dermot played the role of a teenage father, and the movie revolved around the struggles of teenage parenthood. In his 1989 movie, 'Unconquered', Dermot got the role of Richmond flower Sr.'s son. Richmond was the open end of Alabama governor's policies. Other films also revolved around serious subject matters. For example, in his 1989 movie 'Longtime Companion', Dermot Mulroney plays the role of the first patient who died because of HIV or AIDS disease. He has also worked in films such as 'Where The Day Takes You' in 1992 and a supporting role in 'Family Pictures' in 1993.
In 1988, his work in 'Long Gone' earned him a nomination for best supporting actor in miniseries or movies at the CableACE Awards. In 1989, he did a movie called 'Survival Quiz' and it was during this time that he met his first wife, Catherine Keller.
Dermot did four more films with Catherine and the list includes 'Living In Oblivion' in 1995, 'Heroine Of Hell' in 1996, 'Box Of Moonlight' in 1996, and 'Lovely & Amazing' in 2001.
Dermot Mulroney won the best actor at the Seattle international film festival for two consecutive years in 1991 for the movie 'Samantha' and in 1992 for the movie 'Where The Day Takes You'.
In the late 1980 and early 1990, Dermot Mulroney did several Western films. These films include 'Young Guns' in 1988, 'Silent Tongue' in 1993, 'The Last Outlaw' in 1993, and 'Bad Girls' in 1994. He also starred in several comedy-drama films like 'The Thing Called Love' in 1993, 'Staying Together' in 1989, and 'There Goes My Baby' in 1994. Some of the thriller films done by Dermot Mulroney include 'Point of No Return' in 1993, 'Copycats' in 1995, and 'The Trigger Effect' in 1996.
From late 1990 to the present Dermot Mulroney has worked mostly in romantic comedy movies. He was the main lead in the movie 'My Best Friend's Wedding' which also stars Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz.
Dermot Mulroney was also a part of the popular TV series 'Friends' where he played the role of Gavin Michell. This character appeared in the ninth season for three episodes and was briefly dating Rachel. His work with 'Friends' was the last time he worked for TV because after 2003 he started prioritizing films.
Along with acting Dermot Mulroney also was into songwriting. In 1993 Dermot Mulroney wrote the song called 'Someone Else's Used Guitar' for the album 'The Thing Called Love' by Peter Bogdanovich.
Dermot Mulroney is best known as an American actor who has worked in several movies and TV series for the last three decades. Some of his best-known works include 'Samantha' in 1992, 'How To Make An American Quilt' in 1996, and 'Long Gone' in 1988.

What awards has Dermot Mulroney won?

Dermot Mulroney was nominated for the best supporting actor in mini-series or movies at the CableACE awards 1988 for his work in 'Long Gone'.
He won the jury special prize at the Toronto international festival of young cinema in 1990 for his work in 'Bright Angel'.
He went the best actor award at the international film festival in the years 1991 and 1992 for his work in the movie' Samantha' and 'Where The Day Takes You'.
He was nominated for the MTV movie awards best case for 'How To Make An American Quilt'.
He won the artistic achievement award for the Philadelphia Film Festival in 2007 for his work.
He was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture at the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2013.

Dermot Mulroney’s Hobbies And Interests

Dermot Mulroney is not just a popular actor but also an accomplished musician. He was a part of a band named Low and Sweet Orchestra that released an album called 'Goodbye To All That' in 1996. He has also played cello in movies like 'The Thing Called Love', 'Daddy', and 'Samantha'. He also played cello in a song in the 1992 album 'Never Enough'.
Dermot Mulroney has also written songs like the song ‘Someone Else’s Used Guitar’ from the album 'The Thing Called Love' 1993.

Other Interesting Dermot Mulroney Facts And Trivia

  • During the filming of 'Survival Quest' in 1986, Catherine was caught in the river current and her life was in danger when Dermot Mulroney jumped into the water to save her.
  • Popular for his romantic comedies in the industry, Dermot Mulroney was included in the list of People's Sexiest Men of the Year in 2005.
  • In 1986, the actor debuted with the CBS television movie 'Sin of Innocence'.
  • He is also part of a band called Cranky George which released its debut album in 2016 called 'Fat Lot Of Good'.
  • He has had numerous other recurring roles over the years, including on 'American Horror Story: Cult', 'The Purge', 'Arrested Development', and 'Station 19'. Dermot worked in the Fox series 'New Girl'.
  • It is to be noted that the Hollywood actor is also a voice actor and one of his popular works includes his voice for the Green Lantern on the animated series 'The Batman'. He voiced Green Lantern for three episodes.
  • The actor received several other awards like Philadelphia Film Festival, Seattle Actors Guild Awards, and Seattle Film Critics Society.
  • He collaborated with Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts in 'My Best Friend's Wedding'.
  • Mulroney has a scar on his upper lip from the time he tripped and fell as a child.
  • Dermot paid $2.5 million for a Craftsman-style home in Santa Monica, California.
    Main image credits: Russell Einhorn/Shutterstock

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