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Devin Hayes Birthday & Fun Facts

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Devin Hayes Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Devin Michael Hayes
Place Of Birth
Springfield, USA
24 years old
Birth Date
June 10 1999

Devin Hayes Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Songwriter, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Education & Qualifications
Athens High School
Net Worth
Mark Hayes, Robin Hayes
Morgan Hayes

About Devin Hayes

Devin Hayes is a famous singer and social media influencer with a huge fan base on all his social media accounts, including Instagram, Vine, YouNow, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Devin Hayes is also a songwriter and member of the pop-country band, On the Outside. He has a young and bright personality that invests in creation and innovation.

Devin Hayes was born to Mark Hayes and Robin Hayes on June 10, 1999. Devin grew up with his sister Morgan Hayes. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He has modern taste, and his content is relatable to teenagers.

Devin Hayes Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Devin Hayes' net worth?

Devin Hayes's net worth is around $100,000-150,000.

How much does Devin Hayes earn per year?

Devin Hayes' earnings per year are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Devin Hayes?

Devin Hayes is 6 ft 2 in (188 cm).

How old is Devin Hayes?

Devin Hayes is 23 years old as of 2022. He was born on June 10, 1999.

Childhood And Education

Devin Hayes was raised in Springfield, Illinois. Devin grew up in a loving and good family environment. Devin Hayes' father, Mark Hayes, is a musician. His mother, Robin Hayes, is a model. He has an older sister, Morgan Hayes. She collaborated with him on some of his YouTube videos in 2013. He has a pet cat, who is named Wiley. His family is his most significant support and critic.

His parents, initially, were concerned when Devin used to spend time on his device instead of playing outdoor games. They did not know much about social media then. But, on learning about his vast social media influence, they supported him.

Devin's father handles his career as his manager. He makes sure that Devin focuses on his studies too. He takes complete care of his son.

Devin had a good friend support system too. He likes the time spent with his family and friends. He had always been inclined towards music. He participated in his school musicals. He dreamt of being a social media influencer and was clear about his life goals. He made his first video at nine and was in fourth grade. It was a comedy skit video.

Devin attended Athens High School. He put his college plans to a halt to pursue his dreams.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Devin Hayes dating?

Devin's dating life is quite active and popular on social media. He dated Hannah Marie Tharp from 2016-2017. Devin featured her in some of his videos on his social media, including Instagram, YouTube, and Vine. Unfortunately, they had a misunderstanding leading to a breakup. After which, he deleted her videos from his social accounts. He has dated Sydnie Avery since September 2018. She is the elder sister of Jack Avery, who is a member of the famous band Why Don't We. There is no information about their breakup. He also had a relationship with Sidnie Rollins in the past. But Devin is currently single.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Devin Hayes is best known for 'Boy Band' in 2017 and 'Days of Coffee and Roses' in 2018.

Devin created his first Vine video, a video-sharing site, at nine. He made his YouTube channel and posted his first video in 2011. He was then inactive for two years. He started his journey with a comedy skit video on Vine. After which, he posted a variety of videos regarding different topics. His fans and followers slowly started increasing. Some of the topics he covered in his videos include life hacks, popular song covers, and comic skits. His relatable videos led more teenagers to follow and subscribe to him.

His popular song cover videos made his voice heard and loved by his fans. He is also very active on YouNow. It is a live-broadcasting platform. It played a crucial role in his popularity.

Devin has collaborated with many social media stars and influencers, including Trevor Moran, Nash Grier, Jack Johnson, and Jack Gilinsky. In addition, he collaborated with Carter Reynolds, an Instagram star, in July 2014. They posted a video titled 'Super Vine w/ Carter Reynolds!'.

He auditioned for 'Boy Band' in 2017. It is an ABC singing competition. He performed the song 'Closer' by Chainsmokers. However, he got eliminated in the eighth episode. After that, Devin, Andrew Bloom, Jon Klaasen, Dawson Huckabee, and Sam Jenkins formed a band named On the Outside. It is a pop-country boy band. Some of the famous songs of the band include 'Forever', 'How Did You Know', and 'Like Yeah'.

He has opened for many stars like Austin Mahone and Kalin, and Myles.

His debut studio album is 'The Mind's Diary'. It was released on April 13, 2018. He is also signed to Major Model with J Hype and Chance Perez.

Some popular videos are 'Giving Out $500 worth of Pizza to the Homeless', 'What guys think girls talk about | Ft. Sam and Colby, Reed Deming, Devin Hayes - You', and 'Drake - Divine beings Plan Acoustic.'

As a vocalist, Devin transfers his tracks and covers to SoundCloud too. In 2016, he released his collection 'The Result'. Some of its popular songs include 'I Could', 'Your Mistake', 'Real One (Come Vibe)', and 'No Regrets'.

He earns sponsorships by advertising many bands.

Many of Devin's fans are females. It is evident from the show at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in downtown St. Paul. He performed along with Jonah Marais, a fellow social media star. Their show had a sellout crowd of 500 teenagers. Most of them were girls. He has a modern fashion taste and has his line of merchandise.

Charity Work

There is not much information about it. However, Devin sometimes posts on social media regarding fundraisers and has started the Awareness Fund to create awareness in people regarding various aspects.

Devin Hayes’ Hobbies And Interests

Devin likes the company of his family and friends. He loved his cat. He is into music and social media.

Hayes is into modern fashion and likes watching movies. He is into photography. He also likes working out. He likes Italian cuisine, and his favorite destination is Amsterdam. He enjoys playing guitar.

Other Interesting Devin Hayes Facts And Trivia

  • Devin's childhood inspiration was Justin Bieber.
  • In his hometown, Springfield, everyone was more into games and sports. Therefore, Devin used to struggle to fit in with his friends and school groups. 'Boy Band' gave him the chance to move out of his hometown.
  • He is part of the label The Frequency Music.
  • His genres include pop and country.
  • His favorite instrument is the guitar.
  • He is a social media influencer. He has over 56,000 followers on YouTube and over 140,000 on Instagram. He also has over 90,000 followers on his Twitter account. His Vine account has over 90,000 followers.
  • He even started a DH Club. It is a membership program. It gives access to exclusive gifts, parties, and discussions.
  • He is very connected to his fans. His talent and innovative personality make him special among his fans.
  • He has piercings and styles that keep him in vogue.
  • He is of Caucasian ethnicity.
  • His zodiac sign is Gemini. His favorite color is black. He likes Italian food.
  • The names of his parents are Mark Hayes and Robin Hayes. He also has a sister named Morgan Hayes.
  • Devin Hayes has collaborated with leading YouTubers like Trevor Moran and Jack Gilinsky.

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