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Dick Costolo’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Dick Costolo

Eye Color


Place Of Birth

Royal Oak, USA


58 years old

Birth Date

September 09, 1963

Star Sign


Dick Costolo Facts

Child Star?




Education & Qualifications

University of Michigan

Net Worth

$300 million

Current Partner

Lorin Klein Costolo


1.7m (5'7"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rabbit

About Dick Costolo 

Richard William Costolo is an American technologist and businessman who served as the CEO of social media platform Twitter from 2010-2015.

Dick Costolo, as he is more popularly known, joined Twitter as COO in 2009 before taking over as the CEO in 2010 following the stepping-down of Evan Williams. Under Dick Costolo's leadership, Twitter saw massive growth, and its stock prices increased greatly as well.

Dick Costolo's life has been embroiled in some amount of controversy, because of which he had to step down from the position of CEO in 2015. However, being a businessman at heart, he has been focusing on other projects and serves as a partner of a venture capital firm today, as well as director and advisor for many other tech companies. To learn more about how this theater enthusiast carved out a name for himself in the world of technology, read on. We have all the facts and more for you right up ahead.

Dick Costolo Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Dick Costolo's net worth?

Dick Costolo's net worth as of today is close to $300 million.

How much does Dick Costolo earn per year?

Unfortunately, it is not clear how much money Dick Costolo earns per year, however, he does seem to be doing well from his various endeavors.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Dick Costolo?

According to sources, Dick Costolo has a height of 5 ft 8 in (173 cm). He is only slightly shorter than the average American male, who stands at 5 ft 9 in (175 cm).

How old is Dick Costolo?

Dick Costolo was born on September 10, 1963, in Royal Oak, Michigan, which means that he will be turning 59 years old in 2022.

Childhood And Education

Richard William Costolo was born on September 10, 1963, in Royal Oak, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan, from where he graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer and communication sciences. He received many offers from technological companies upon graduating, who were quite impressed with his academic excellence, however, he decided to pursue his love for improv and moved to Chicago.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Dick Costolo's partner?

Dick Costolo is married to Lorin Klein Costolo, who is currently an artist. The two met as students at the University of Michigan, and have been together since. The couple lives together in San Francisco, close to Silicon Valley.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Dick Costolo moved to Chicago right after graduating to pursue a career in improvisational comedy. He worked at Anderson Consulting, where he ascended to the position of a senior manager. He spent eight years at the company before co-founding technology company Burning Door Networked Media, a development consulting and development company, and SpyOnIt, a service to monitor web pages. Digital knowledge Assets bought Burning Door Networked Media in 1996, while SpyOnIt was acquired by 724 Solutions in 2000.

Costolo, alongside fellow tech geniuses Steve Olechowski, Eric Lunt, and Matt Shobe, founded FeedBurner, a feed management service, in 2004. The service was bought out by Google in 2007, after which Costolo began to work for the search engine company. He left Google in 2009 and joined Twitter as its COO in September 2009. He became its temporary CEO in 2010, however, the position soon became permanent. He served as the social media platform's CEO until he stepped down in 2015.

President Obama even appointed Dick Costolo to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee in 2011, alongside McAfee's President of Security David DeWalt and Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group Vice President Scott Charney.

After leaving Twitter in 2015, he joined the television series 'Silicon Valley' as a consultant and was also featured in a couple of episodes as a guest star. He also joined the board of directors for the startup crowdfunding company Patreon in December 2015, which helps artists source money for their creative projects.

In 2016, Dick Costolo announced that he was working on launching a fitness startup alongside the CEO of fitness app Fitify, Bryan Oki.

He joined the venture capital firm Index Ventures in 2016 as a partner.

What awards has Dick Costolo won?

Dick Costolo received many impressive titles and accolades over his career. The American financial news site Business insider named him 'one of Silicon Valley's most impressive CEOs' in 2013. He was also named one of the 10 Most Influential US Tech CEOs in 2014 by Time Magazine.

As one of the University of Michigan's most influential alumni, he was invited to give the 2013 spring commencement address to the graduating class.

Dick Costolo's Hobbies And Interests

Dick Costolo has a great love for theater and stand-up comedy and even tried building a career in improv after graduating from college. He fell in love with the aspects of theater in his senior year of college when he was required to take theater classes to complete his credit requirements.

Other Interesting Dick Costolo Facts And Trivia

  • Dick Costolo has had a hand in founding three startups to date, all of which have been acquired by prominent technology groups. He co-founded SpyOnIt - the site monitoring service, Burning Door Networking Media, and FeedBurner over the years before working for search giant company Google.
  • Today, he is an advisor and board member at three different companies- Patreon, Mobilize and Stream.

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