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Emiway Bantai Birthday & Fun Facts

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Emiway Bantai Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Bilal Shaikh
Place Of Birth
Karnataka, India
28 years old
Birth Date
November 13 1995

Emiway Bantai Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Music Composer
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth

About Emiway Bantai

Emiway Bantai was born in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, on November 13, 1995.

Emiway Bantai, whose real name is Bilal Shaikh, was born in a middle-class family. His family hails from Karnataka.

Later, Emiway Bantai changed his moniker to 'Emiway', a mix of Lil Wayne and Eminem, his two biggest music idols. He completed his schooling at LHS in Mumbai. Bantai excelled academically up to the 10th grade, but when he started the 11th grade, he began to devote more time to rap. Emiway Bantai had to put in a lot of work to master hip-hop music.

Initially recording rap videos for amusement, Bantai soon began to take rap seriously after he received an amazing reaction from the audience. He has a self-titled YouTube channel with over three million subscribers as of July 2022. He often posts hip-hop songs and music videos, on his channel. Emiway Bantai has an estimated net worth of around $4 million.

Bantai is the only independent musician in the country to have achieved the feat of releasing blockbuster songs, without signing with a record company. Instead, Emiway and his team produce all his music videos at Bantai The Studio, which is also the label under which he publishes them. He was also featured in the Bollywood movie 'Gully Boy'.

Emiway Bantai Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Emiway Bantai’s net worth?

Emiway Bantai's net worth is around $4 million as a successful singer, songwriter, dancer, and composer.

How much does Emiway Bantai earn per year?

Emiway Bantai makes around $380,000 annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Emiway Bantai?

Emiway Bantai is 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) tall.

How old is Emiway Bantai?

Bantai was born on November 13, 1995. He will celebrate his 27th birthday in November 2022.

Childhood And Education

Bilal Shaikh, popularly known as Emiway Bantai, was born in the suburbs of the IT hub of India, Bengaluru. After Bilal Shaikh was born, the entire family relocated from Bengaluru to Mumbai, where Shaikh grew up with his mother, father, and younger brother. At school, Bilal excelled in academics.

After enrolling at Lakshdham High School in Gokuldham, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, he developed an interest in rap music after hearing a friend's rap songs. In his 11th year, he switched his focus from MBBS to rap. He met several rappers and began to imitate their rhyming styles. After becoming dejected since he was unable to choose between rap and more challenging coursework in his final year of high school, Bilal Shaikh dropped out of high school and ultimately decided to pursue the former.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Emiway Bantai dating?

Emiway Bantai was dating Mukta Karandikar, but they are not together anymore. Bantai is single as of August 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In May 2013, Emiway released his first Hindi-English rap song, 'Glint Lock', featuring Minta. This was the beginning of his musical career. He combined the names of his two favorite rap artists, Lil Wayne and Eminem, to create the stage name Emiway Bantai. Dude/Bro is the meaning of the Marathi word Bantai.

After dropping out in 12th grade, Emiway's father requested him to sing a rap song, and he responded by singing an English rap song. He worked as a helper at the Hard Rock Cafe during his early days as a rapper to make ends meet. He didn't ask his family for financial assistance so he could pursue rap music.

Emiway Bantai performed an English song after his father's request to do a rap song. His father praised him and told him that anybody could pursue a career in music, regardless of prior musical training. However, he also advised him to try singing in Hindi, the national language of India, as this would make his song understandable to locals and serve as his golden ticket into the industry.

He then began rapping in Hindi. Although he believed that rapping could only be done in English, he persisted and developed a great interest in creating Hindi rap. After a few single hits, he released the mega-hit 'Sadak'. In 2018, a rap battle took place between Raftaar and Emiway. Emiway released a song called 'Machayenge' in 2019, after receiving a tonne of positive feedback from his fans and other rappers in the industry.

What awards has Emiway Bantai won?

2013 saw the release of the Hindi-English song 'Glint Lock- Emiway Bantai Ft. Minta', and 2014 saw the release of 'Aur Bantai - Emiway'. Emiway Bantai won top in the music video category in 2016 for the song 'Tadak Padak'.

For the song 'Aisa Kuch Shot Nahi Hai', Emiway Bantai won the 2016 Radio City Freedom Award. Emiway Bantai won the People's Choice Award for Finest Hip-Hop Artist in Seville, Spain, in 2017. The MTV Europe Music Award for Best Indian Act in 2019 went to Emiway Bantai. 'Gully Boy', a film by Zoya Akhtar, marked Emiway's Bollywood debut in 2019.

Emiway Bantai’s Hobbies And Interests

Emiway Bantai is a fashion enthusiast and is also interested in fitness. He also likes to go on long drives in his Jeep Wrangler.

Other Interesting Emiway Bantai Facts And Trivia

  • Before becoming a rapper, Bantai aspired to become a physician.
  • In 2018, he engaged in a diss track in a rap battle with Raftaar. When Raftaar questioned his rapping skills, everything started to unravel. Raftaar responded with a song titled 'Sheik Chilli', to which Emiway responded with the song 'Giraftaar'. Emiway then addressed this with a diss track titled 'Samajh Mein Aaya Kya'.
  • He worked as a helper at the Hard Rock Cafe to earn $4 weekly to make ends meet, without talking financial support from his parents.
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