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Emma DiGiovine Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Emma DiGiovine
Place Of Birth
Cranford, USA
30 years old
Birth Date
April 14 1992

Emma DiGiovine Facts

Child Star?
Journalist, Media Personality
Education & Qualifications
Academy of Saint Elizabeth
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jesse Watters

About Emma DiGiovine

Emma DiGiovine is one of the people with an exciting life and a challenging career at the same time.

Emma DiGiovine has become a household name, not just within the United States but even beyond. She's become one of the most renowned TV personalities.

Many factors have occasioned her rise to fame, but beyond that, Emma DiGiovine stands tall on many grounds. This Fox News Channel producer positioned herself early in life for the journey to fame. She has significantly labored in the media industry. Emma DiGiovine is a force to reckon with. She has become one of the notable faces on television, particularly on Fox News. Only a few people can rival her expertise on television, both in newscasting and show presentation. As a social media personality, Emma DiGiovine has built a reputable fan base all around the world. Emma DiGiovine loves what she does, putting so much energy, research, and delivery into her work. Emma DiGiovine's home and online audience are always amazed at her job and how she does it.

Combining her work as a journalist and also a social media personality hasn't been easy. But it's safe to say that Emma DiGiovine is equal to the task. This great media celebrity has been on top of her game for many years, perfecting her journalism skill at the Fox News Channel. Emma DiGiovine has inspired young people aspiring to participate in journalism, particularly on television. Being idolized and revered by more youthful folks, Emma DiGiovine keeps navigating new paths in her career, doing all she can to manage her career alongside her family. It's interesting to know that Emma DiGiovine always loves spending time with her family.

Emma DiGiovine Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Emma DiGiovine's net worth?

The net worth of Emma DiGiovine is estimated at $1 million.

How much does Emma DiGiovine earn per year?

The yearly earnings of Emma DiGiovine are estimated at $125,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Emma DiGiovine?

Emma DiGiovine stands at 5 ft 6 in (167 cm).

How old is Emma DiGiovine?

Emma DiGiovine was born on March 14, 1992. She is 30 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Emma DiGiovine was born on March 14, 1992, in Cranford, New Jersey, USA. Emma DiGiovine attended the Academy of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, a local Cranford school. This school is an all-girls high school. Emma DiGiovine started dancing at a very young age; during this time, she perfected ballet dancing and performed for many years while growing up. Emma DiGiovine started dancing at age five and danced for about 10 years before venturing into other things. When she turned 18, Emma DiGiovine was already a known member of the Junior Company. She took her dancing to school. She acknowledged that throughout her years in school, she danced in many roles, including dancing in 'The Nutcracker' and various other ballets. Emma DiGiovine credits her success to her schooling at Saint Elizabeth and Fairfield University, Connecticut.

Emma DiGiovine has publicly acknowledged that her mother introduced her to dance. She was a very successful ballerina from her childhood days. Emma DiGiovine took many classes on ballet dancing from one of the notable studios in Manhattan. These ballerina classes were taken six days weekly. It was a tedious and hectic exercise, but her love for dancing propelled her to get better at it. Emma DiGiovine had a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in the city of New York when she was 15 years old. Still, at the age of 15, Emma DiGiovine joined the American Ballet Theatre.

Growing up with a background in ballet, Emma DiGiovine was attracted to the path of fitness. She went on to become a fitness model. She put this up as a notification on her professional profile. Between 2012 and 2014, this fantastic star worked with MSA models as her likeness and enthusiasm for modeling were compelling. This remarkable star earned her Bachelor's degree in journalism from the reputable Fairfield University. Her life has been both exciting and, at the same time, adventurous.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Emma DiGiovine's partner?

Emma DiGiovine is married to Jesse Watters, who works at Fox News Channel.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 2015, Emma DiGiovine started working at Fox News Channel. This was a dream come true for this star as Fox News is one of the highly rated TV stations around the world. When she started, she worked under John Stossel as the production assistant. She worked under him from 2015-2016, after which she became an associate producer for 'Watters' World'. Her role as an associate producer brought her close to Jesse Watters. When she started working in the 'Watters' World', she was known to be one of the best.

Emma DiGiovine became widely known as a political commentator. This was an air show, viewable by anyone across the world. Jesse Watters had also been a political commentator earlier. It was a great career push for Emma DiGiovine. Being an associate producer was one of the best things that happened to Emma DiGiovine's career. Not only did she have the opportunity to get closer to Jesse Watters, which fostered their relationship, but Emma DiGiovine also had the chance to be part of the Air Force One Interview with the 45th US president, Donald Trump. This was an opportunity of a lifetime and swiftly pushed her career to stardom.

This fantastic star also worked for 'The Five', where Jesse Watters was later promoted as a co-host in 2017. During this period, Emma DiGiovine and Jesse Watters started dating. However, before the rumor became a piece of public knowledge, Jesse Watters disclosed the information to the management team at Fox News. Interestingly, Jesse Watters was married to Noelle Watters at the time. Jesse Watters and Noelle Watters already had two children, Elle Watters and Sophie Watters. This incident had a huge impact on Sophie Watters, who felt both broken and weak. Though Emma DiGiovine and Jesse Watters have been dating since 2017, they both tried their best to keep the relationship private. None of them confirmed to the press their relationship until 2019, when the news broke.

Fox News Channel managed this incident upon their disclosure by stating that the relationship was with each other's consent. In this regard, Fox News Channel took a decision, and Emma DiGiovine was told to work on a separate program within Fox News Channel, 'The Ingraham Angle'. The dating rumors eventually made it to the public, and both parties were heavily criticized. The major criticism was from Jesse Watters fans and the audience. Many questioned his actions and for what reasons he had to do that. In 2019, Emma DiGiovine and Jesse Watters got married.

This singular act increased the reactions from people all over the world. Some reacted with pity for Jesse Watters's now ex-wife, Noelle Watters, while some expressed shock at why Emma DiGiovine had to agree to their union, knowing pretty well that Jesse Watters was already married with two beautiful children. This episode brought the pair to the spotlight, as many in the USA questioned their judgment in their marital decision.

'Watters' World' has been one of the most innovative programs for many American, although the incident involving Emma DiGiovine and Jesse Watters affected the show a bit. This journalist, Emma DiGiovine, still works as an associate producer at Fox News. 'Watters' World' has, over the years, been a household name and recorded success in viewership.

Emma DiGiovine isn't just a journalist; she's a model too. Before her fame in journalism, Emma DiGiovine loved the fashion business and was a model for Tommy Hilfiger.

Emma DiGiovine's Hobbies And Interests

Emma DiGiovine loves to travel and play field hockey whenever she can.

Other Interesting Emma DiGiovine Facts And Trivia

  • Emma DiGiovine's favorite actor is Brad Pitt.
  • Emma DiGiovine loved playing soccer in her early years, though hockey was her favorite back then.
  • Emma DiGiovine keeps showing so much attachment to her schooling in Cranford.

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