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Emma Goldman Birthday & Fun Facts

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Emma Goldman Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Emma Goldman
Place Of Birth
Kaunas, Lithuania
154 years old
Birth Date
June 27 1869

Emma Goldman Facts

Child Star?
Journalist, Philosopher, Social Activist
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
James Colton
Abraham Goldman ,Taube Bienowitch
Helena, Lena,Louis, Herman, Moishe

About Emma Goldman 

Emma was a very famous and very well-known political activist.
She was also a very talented writer for the anarchist movement. Emma Goldman was born in the Russian empire's Kovno region, the present-day Kaunas in Lithuania, on June 27, 1869.
At the beginning of the first part of the 20th century, she was very important. She was a most beloved figure, particularly in the event where the formation of anarchist political beliefs in the most famous and the underprivileged part of America, which is the northernmost part of the American countries, as well as a bit of it went towards Europe too.
Emma took birth in a very infamous Jewish family in one of the Baltic countries, after which she was seen migrating to the and came to the United States somewhere in the late '80s.
She established her career as a writer and a well-known person who lectures on the famous anarchist theory and also on various topics related to women's rights.

Emma Goldman Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What was Emma Goldman's net worth?

Emma Goldman's net worth is estimated to have been $9 million.

How much did Emma Goldman earn per year?

Emma Goldman is dead and hence can not earn more money.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall was Emma Goldman?

Emma Goldman was about 5 ft 2 in (157 cm) tall.

How old was Emma Goldman?

Emma Goldman is no longer in this world, and she died at the age of 70 on May 14, 1940, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Emma Goldman was born in the Russian empire's Kovno region, the present-day Kaunas in Lithuania, on June 27, 1869.

Childhood And Education

Emma Goldman's family relocated to the village of Papil when she was a little child, where her father owned an inn. She later saw a peasant getting beaten with a knout on the street in Papil. She was traumatized by the episode, which significantly contributed to her growing dislike of forceful authority. Goldman successfully shifted to a city that was a part of an empire in Germany with her family when she was a very small kid of around seven years old and eventually joined a very famous and well-known school where most kids went, a Realschule.
One Instructor whacked the hands of unruly children with a ruler, specifically Goldman, who was always somehow that teacher's target. Goldman went to school on her own and completed her studies.
She studied the political upheaval surrounding her, notably the Nihilists who assassinated the very famous and wanted man, Russia's Alexander II. The subsequent chaos piqued Goldman's interest, though she didn't completely comprehend it at the time. Emma had found her only very famous role Model, which she would always admire. It was in the Protagonist Vera in a very famous book by the writer named Nikolai Chernyshevsky, the name of the work was  'What Is to Be Done? ' She always embraced a Nihilist view of the world and is often seen flying again and again to her bad and disappointing family, where she has established a very famous and well-known sewing cooperative.
Emma Goldman was once jailed alongside Alexander Berkman for speaking against conscription.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Emma Goldman’s partner?

Emma Goldman was married to James Colton

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

She is best known for talking frequently and widely on anarchism and social issues and a few other famous persons like the one and only Henrik Ibsen and then our beloved August Strindberg, and many more, and also about contemporary theatrical works. Her lectures on the work of numerous European playwrights at the beginning of the '40s were of great significance to society. Also, they played a great role in describing the modern dramatical concepts, and she was essential in presenting them to a huge audience belonging to America. She also taught various concepts, like 'free love,' which she defined as a most precious and strong or a pure bond, which is tied or seen with two unconcerned people about the law or by the ropes of the church. She was temporarily imprisoned for raising awareness against birth control

Charity Work

She was a very famous and well-known political activist. Apart from this, she was loved by everyone around her. Also, she had excellent writing capabilities for the anarchist movement. In the first part of the 20th century, she was a key figure in the formation of anarchist political thought in northern parts of the United States, and it also somehow started to spread to Europe. Admirers hailed Goldman by giving her the title of  'Rebel Lady,' while enemies accused her of advocating some famous murders. Those were just allegations. She was also blamed for starting various fights. The concept of freedom of expression and a lot more were among the topics she addressed in her writings and talks. She created new means of infusing gender politics into an anarchist, notwithstanding her distance from the most famous and the well-known first storm of all feminists and its work toward women's suffrage. When the Panic of 1929 hit the United States the next year, it was one of the country's biggest economic disasters, and Emma was in charge of the crowd

What awards did Emma Goldman win?

Goldman was arguably the most accomplished and charismatic and a very well-known and appreciated Speaker in the United States. She has lectured about anarchism, economics, theatre, and feminism around the county as a Labor Organizer and Anarchist Leader. The most famous and well-known 'Emma Goldman Awards' will be given out to around ten deserving applicants every year. The awardees may use the funds for their own research projects as long as they are consistent with the foundation's planned goals and are approved by Directors, who belong to the board of the very initial foundation.

Emma Goldman’s Hobbies And Interests

Emma had many hobbies, including reading books or hanging out with her friends for picnics. She loved reading and writing books or exploring new places. She even follows various famous writers, and she always thrived on helping those in need. She was always seen reading all sorts of books on feminism. She hated the concept of patriarchy. Therefore, she wanted to educate women and the people around her on their beliefs and the opportunities ahead of them.

Other Interesting Emma Goldman Facts And Trivia

Emma is always known for being an excellent and well-educated, outspoken Anarchist, not only that but also a very famous and a pretty talented writer who championed taboo subjects like free love, atheism, and of course, jail abolition much ahead of her time.
In one of the Baltic countries' provinces, Emma took birth.  She was known to be the oldest amongst all her other five siblings. Her mom and dad's marriage was mainly arranged at that time. From her mother's first marriage, she had two elder sisters.
Emma once said that her lovely mother and father had been pretty misled from the beginning regarding their mentality.  Her dad was cruel to her, rejecting her academic endeavors and wanting to marry her when she was just 15 years old.
Emma Goldman spent her 50th birthday behind bars with Alexander Berkman for speaking against the Selective Service Act during World War I.
Emma Goldman is regarded as the inspiration for Roger Baldwin, who founded the American Civil Liberties Union.
When the Civil War broke out in Spain, she visited Spain to offer her support to the anarchist revolution during the Civil War.
Emma Goldman supported the Anarchist movement in America but died on May 14, 1940, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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