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Eric Liddell Birthday & Fun Facts

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Eric Liddell Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Eric Liddell
Place Of Birth
Tientsin, Qing China
121 years old
Birth Date
January 16 1902

Eric Liddell Facts

Child Star?
Rugby player, Sprinter, Christian Missionary
Education & Qualifications
Ethan College, University of Edinburgh
Net Worth
Current Partner
Florence Mackenzie
Maureen Liddell, Heather Liddell, Patricia Liddell
James Dunlop Liddell, Mary Liddell
Jenny Liddell, Robert Victor Liddell, Ernest Liddell

About Eric Liddell

Eric Henry Liddell was a Scottish athlete, runner, and rugby player.

Eric was known for his speed and his wins for Great Britain at the Paris Summer Olympics. Eric Liddell was a strong believer and a devoted Christian who followed his Reverend father with the missionary tasks.

Eric Liddell, after his athletic career in Edinburgh and across the world, returned to China to do the Christian missionary work and spread the word as a missionary teacher. His work as a sportsperson and a man of values made him one of the most influential figures of his time. Thus, a famous film named 'Chariots Of Fire' was released in 1981 in honor of Eric Liddell as it focused on his life and successes. Read on to learn more details about Eric Liddell and his family, childhood, education, and best stories.

Eric Liddell Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Eric Liddell's net worth?

Eric Liddell worked hard his entire life being a runner, rugby player, and medalist for Great Britain at the Paris Summer Olympics. He was also an influential Christian missionary with a net worth of around $1.5 million before his death.

How much did Eric Liddell earn per year?

Even though Eric Liddell was a national sportsperson, the exact details about his annual income were not recorded and are thus, unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Eric Liddell?

Eric Liddell was an athlete with a good height which helped him with his sports. He was 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall.

How old was Eric Liddell?

Eric Liddell's birthday was on January 12, 1902. Unfortunately, he died on February 21, 1945, in China due to a brain tumor. He was aged 43 years old at the time of his demise.

Childhood And Education

Eric Liddell was born in Tientsin, Qing China, in January 1902. His father was Reverend James Dunlop Liddell, and his mother Mary Liddell, lived in China as Scottish missionaries until Eric was five years old. Eric was their second son after Robert Victor Liddell.

After six, the siblings were sent to London's Eltham College. It was here that Liddell worked hard on his sports skills and was soon appointed as the captain of their cricket and rugby teams. Eric had other siblings later named Jenny Liddell Somerville and Ernest Liddell, who often visited and lived with them in Edinburgh.

Later, he, along with his brother, enrolled at Edinburgh University. It was at Edinburgh University that Liddell was recognized as the fastest runner in Scotland, often appearing in the newspapers, and thus, he started his career as a sportsperson.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Eric Liddell's partner?

Eric Liddell was married to Florence Mackenzie, a Canadian, in 1934. The couple had met in China and were married happily with three children, namely Maureen Liddell, Heather Liddell, and Patricia Liddell.

After the Chinese invasion, the country had grown dangerous, so Liddell sent his wife and daughters to Toronto. Eric Liddell was stuck in the Japanese-China, and he had a nervous breakdown, especially due to his brain tumor. The couple had been married until the death of Eric Liddell in February 1945.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Eric Liddell was a Scottish sprinter who worked on his running skills in his early years in college and at University. He was recognized as the fastest runner in Edinburgh. In 1922, he was inducted into the Scottish Rugby Hall of Fame after winning his first international game against France. Subsequently ,in 1924, Eric Liddell was selected for the Paris Olympics, but he refused to run the 100-meter race as it was scheduled on a Sunday. Later he ran the 200 and 400-meter races on behalf of Great Britain and won a bronze medal and an Olympic gold medal, respectively. Eric Liddell was recognized as the best track and field athlete.

Based on the history of his sport, a film named 'Chariots Of Fire' was produced and released in 1981. In this film, one of his 440-yard races was covered where Eric Liddell had fallen earlier in the race but beat the opponents eventually. The scene was shot at Edinburgh's George Heriot's School and is classified as a historical scene.

Apart from sports, Eric Liddell also worked as a Christian missionary and taught at camps in China. He was known for his loyalty and belief and his will to do good for others.

Charity Work

Eric Liddell always tried to go through his missionary activities. He would teach at the interment camps in China and serve the people there with equality and respect. In 1980, the Eric Liddell Centre was set up in Edinburgh, honoring his beliefs in community service.

What awards did Eric Liddell win?

Eric Liddell won the bronze and gold medals at the Paris Summer Olympics in 1924.

Eric Liddell's Hobbies And Interests

Eric Liddell was a passionate man who strongly believed in acts of kindness and goodness. Along with his interest in being a sportsman and the fastest runner, he was passionately involved in his missionary activities even at the time of his death. Apart from this, there isn't much information about the hobbies of Eric Liddell.

Other Interesting Eric Liddell Facts And Trivia

  • Harold Abraham and Eric Liddell have run different races, and both were winners but never became friends. The two were known for their rival instincts. Their experiences were shown in 'Chariots Of Fire', a film based on Eric Liddell's life.
  • Eric Liddell was a devout Christian and believed in worship to God. He withdrew from one of his 100-meter race competitions because it was going to be held on a Sunday during the Sunday Mass.
  • As Eric Liddell was born and also died in China, a few of the country's Olympic literature has listed Eric Liddell as China's first-ever Olympic champion.

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