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Estelle Getty Birthday & Fun Facts

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Estelle Getty Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Estelle Scher
Place Of Birth
Manhattan, USA
100 years old
Birth Date
July 25 1923

Estelle Getty Facts

Child Star?
Comedian, Actress
Education & Qualifications
Seward Park High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Arthur Gettleman
Charles Scher, Sarah Scher
Roslyn, David

About Estelle Getty 

Estelle Getty, born July 25, 1923, was a well-known American comedian and Hollywood actress who significantly contributed to the entertainment industry.
The role Estelle is still known for is in the American sitcom 'The Golden Girls', in which she played Sophia Petrillo. Her career started as a waitress in borscht bell resorts in the Catskills and as a theater artist in Yiddish theater.
She also tried her hand at stand-up comedy. Along with her 'The Golden Girls' co-stars, Getty was named a Disney Legend in 2009. At the Team Disney, Michael D. Eisner Building, their plaques are presented together on the same post. After being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and later revealed to have advanced dementia, she died three days before her 85th birthday.

Estelle Getty's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Estelle Getty's net worth?

Estelle Getty's net worth is estimated to have been $8 million.

How much did Estelle Getty earn per year?

Estelle Getty earned up to $1.3 million per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Estelle Getty?

Estelle Getty was 4 ft 10 in (149 cm) tall.

How old was Estelle Getty?

Unfortunately, Estelle Getty passed away on July 22, 2008. She was aged 84 at that time.

Childhood And Education

Estelle Getty came to the world in New York City, Manhattan, New York, on July 25, 1923, as Estelle Scher.

Estelle enrolled at Seward Park High School to further her education. Estelle had always wanted to pursue a career in acting, but her family was skeptical. Finally, when she ran as an independent, her father agreed to let her attend auditions.

Family, Romance, And Relationships


Estelle Getty was born to Charles Scher and Sarah Scher. Her parents were Jewish immigrants from Poland. Her father used to work on automobiles and trucks, installing glass windows. Estelle's mother stayed at home with her children. Estelle had two siblings: sister Roslyn and brother David.

Who was Estelle Getty's partner?

Estelle Getty was married. She got married to her husband Arthur Gettleman in 1947 and had two kids with him: Barry and Carl Gettleman. She and her family frequently visited the Academy of Music to see a live vaudeville performance. Estelle stayed married to her husband until he passed away. Her husband used to work for his father-in-glass law's installation company.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For

Estelle Getty was born on July 25, 1923. She began her career in New York theater, playing various roles. She was already caring for her two sons, but she was making a name for herself in the film industry thanks to her talent. After years of struggle, she was finally cast in her breakthrough role as Mrs. Beckoff in Hervey Fierstein's 'Torch Song Trilogy', a collection of three plays. She has appeared in several films, including 'Toostsie' (1982), 'Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story' (1984), and 'A Match Made in Heaven' (1987), among others.
Estelle Getty performed in Yiddish theatres for a long time and starred in the 1978 film 'Team-mates' as a teacher.
She first appeared on television in the '80s. In 1982, her performance as Mrs. Beckoff in the 'Torch Song Trilogy', a collection of three plays, was applaudable. 'Nurse' (1981), 'Baker's Dozen' (1982), 'Fantasy Island' (1984), 'Cagney & Lacey' (1984), 'Hotel' (1984), and 'Newhart' (1984) were among the television shows in which she made guest appearances.
'Tootsie' in 1982, 'No Man's Land' in 1984, 'Deadly Force' in 1983, and 'Victims for Victims: The Theresa Saldana Story' in 1984 were among the films and television shows she appeared in during this time. In the sitcom 'The Golden Girls', Sophia Petrillo played her most famous role of her career. From 1985 to 1992, the show ran for seven years.
Estelle's appearances in TV series drew a lot of attention in addition to her film roles. After appearing in several episodes of various TV shows, she starred as Sophia Petrillo in the American sitcom 'The Golden Girls' for seven years, appearing in 180 episodes.

What awards did Estelle Getty win?

She has received numerous awards for her roles, including the American Comedy Award for Funniest Supporting Female in a TV Series, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and others. 'Duckman' (1997), 'Ladies Man' (2000), 'Intimate Portrait' (2001), and 'It's Like You Know...' (2001) are among her most recent television credits. In 1982, Estelle Getty received nominations for a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play for her work in 'Torch Stop Trilogy' and the Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Touring Production in 1985 for the same role. Estelle Getty received consecutive nominations for Emmy Awards in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role in 'The Golden Girls'. In 1988, she was given the award.

Other Interesting Estelle Getty Facts And Trivia

Since she was a child, Estelle had wanted to be an actress, and she started her career in Yiddish theater. She worked as a waitress and a comedian at borscht bell resorts in the Catskills. Her most prominent stage role was her performance of Harvey Fierstein's mother in the 'Torch Song Trilogy'.
She also appeared in the 1985 television film 'Copacabana' and the 1987 and 1992 films 'Mannequin' and 'Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot'.
As a child, Estelle was given the nickname 'Etty', which her sister, Rosilyn 'Roz' Scher Howard, liked because it was easy to pronounce.
Her family used to go to the Academy of Music to regularly see a live vaudeville performance.
To further her education, Estelle enrolled at Seward Park High School. Estelle had always wanted to be an actress, but her family had reservations. Her father finally agreed to let her attend an audition after she ran as an independent candidate.
According to many of her fans, Estelle Getty rose to fame around 60. In reality, she had a long career in the entertainment industry, having starred in several films and television shows.
She had osteoporosis and was suspected of having Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Doctors determined that these suspicions were correct, and she was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia.
Estelle Getty was an AIDS activist and a gay rights activist. Steven Scher, her 29-year-old nephew, died of AIDS in 1992.
Estelle's memory was blurred as there was no recollection of her show or the cast of 'The Golden Girls' in her mind in her later years due to her physical condition. She also had trouble remembering lines while filming the series.
'If I Knew Then, What I Know Now... So What?' was her autobiography, which she co-wrote in 1988.
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