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Federico Faggin Birthday & Fun Facts

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Federico Faggin Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Federico Faggin
Place Of Birth
Vicenza, Italy
82 years old
Birth Date
November 30 1941

Federico Faggin Facts

Child Star?
Physicist, Entrepreneur
Education & Qualifications
University of Padua
Net Worth
Current Partner
Elvia Faggin
Marc Faggin, Eric Faggin
Giuseppe Faggin, Emma Faggin

About Federico Faggin

Federico Faggin is the mind behind the development of the first commercial microprocessor, Intel 4004.

The Italian-American physicist is behind several contributions to scientific research and studies. In 1968, Faggin created the MOS silicon gate technology, which led to outstanding possibilities in making MOS semiconductor memory chips, along with CCD image sensors, and MOS microprocessors, for hardware development.

After the first discovery, Federico Faggin concentrated on evolving Intel 4004 in the name of the 4004 (MCS-4) Project as a leader for five consecutive years at Intel. He was a successful leader, which earned him more responsibilities to lead the development of Intel 8008 and 8080 processors. Here, Faggin used the SGT methodology, known as his research technique, that enabled scientists to randomly design chips per hardware requirements.

In simple words, Federico Faggin is the mastermind behind Intel's early range of successful microprocessors.

Federico Faggin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Federico Faggin's net worth?

Faggin's net worth is $2.5 million as of 2022. He earned his lifetime net worth by being an engineer and entrepreneur.

How much does Federico Faggin earn per year?

Although the yearly income is unknown, as an entrepreneur, Faggin earns a hefty sum annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Federico Faggin?

Federico Faggin stands 6 ft (182 cm) tall.

How old is Federico Faggin?

Federico Faggin is 80 years old as of July 2022.

Childhood And Education

Federico Faggin was born in Vicenza, Italy, on December 1, 1941. Guiseppe Faggin, Federico's father, was a well-known scholar, academic writer, and translator of the book 'Enneads Of Plotinus' from original Greek to modern Italian language.

Federico's childhood surrounds books, knowledge, and the excellent use of intellect, which he learned from his father. His mastery in science and technology hints that Federico Faggin will be a recognized name in the science world.

Federico's alma mater started at I.T.I.S Alessandro Rossi High School in Vicenza Italy. However, his career began in Olivetti, Italy, when he was 19.

The first computer Federico Faggin designed was a small-sized transistor in 1961. Later, when he worked for Fairchild Semiconductor in Italy, he used SGT technology to power his creations as a chip designer.

Federico Faggin attended the University of Padua for his Doctorate Degree in Physics.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

The head of the Faggin family is Giuseppe Faggin and Emma Faggin. However, information about Federico's siblings is unknown.

Who is Federico Faggin's partner?

Federico Faggin is married to Elvia Faggin. The couple has two children, Marc and Eric Faggin.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Federico Faggin is best established as a physicist for his outstanding technological contribution. He was known for improving any device performance using smaller microchips he created.

Faggin started his dynamic career at the age of 19. He is currently a renowned physicist, electrical engineer, entrepreneur, and inventor of several hardware devices.

While working in Olivetti R&D Labs in 1960, Federico designed a transistor computer with a magnetic memory of 4 K x 12 bit. Within four years, the organization was able to develop its first range of laptop computers and programmable desktop calculators.

In 1967, he joined SGS Fairchild, now STMicroelectronics, and designed the first-ever MOS silicon gate technology and two circuits associated with the concept of manufacturing competing devices.

In California, 1968, he created the first commercial integrated circuit Fairchild 3708, also known as the Fairchild semiconductor. It was a historic discovery marking the supremacy of Silicon Gate technology over Metal gate technology. He won the National Medal Of Technology award for his work as an engineer.

Federico Faggin is the inventor of Intel's early range of microprocessors, which ensured guaranteed software compatibility for all technical devices. In 1975, Faggin was well-suited as an entrepreneur, establishing Zilog, a company for creating advanced chips and microprocessors. In 1986, Faggin became the CEO and co-founder of Synaptics, the company to develop the world's first touchscreen and touchpad devices.

Charity Work

Federico Faggin started an organization named The Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation for research and experiment on technology and conscious computer engineering.

What awards has Federico Faggin won?

Faggin won the National Medal Of Technology in 2009 from US president Barack Obama. In the early days of his career, his intellect was prized The Marconi International Fellowship Award for his work in microprocessor design. He also won a Gold Medal from the then Italian Prime Minister and was titled Grande Ufficiale by the Italian president.

Federico Faggin's Hobbies And Interests

Federico Faggin always had intellectual and technical interests. His hobbies were inclined to physics, engineering, and hardware designing.

Other Interesting Federico Faggin Facts And Trivia

  • Federico Faggin won the National Medal Of Technology in 2009.
  • Federico Faggin is the brain behind Intel's early microprocessor range and Fairchild semiconductor.
  • Fagin is a phenomenal contributor in artificial neural networks.
  • Faggin went for a short work break in 1965 to finish his doctoral degree.

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