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Fit Finlay Birthday & Fun Facts

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Fit Finlay Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
David John Finlay
Place Of Birth
Belfast , UK
65 years old
Birth Date
January 31 1958

Fit Finlay Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Melanie Duffin
David Finlay Jr., Brogan Finlay
David Finlay Sr.
Albert Finlay

About Fit Finlay 

Fit Finlay is one of the few wrestlers with accolades from his colleagues and other professional wrestlers.

From being a part of the wrestlers' family, David John Finlay rose to the fame of WWE superstars. This Northern Irish wrestler made his mark in the world wrestling championship.

Fit Finlay's maiden match was for his father's organization in Glynn in 1974. This Northern Ireland wrestler won his first championship, the Joint Promotions British Heavy Middleweight Championship, defeating Alan Kilby on June 9, 1982. His journey made him win many championships, fans and admirers across the wrestling fraternity. He made his beautiful and irreplaceable mark on the history of world championship wrestling.

Fit Finlay's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Fit Finlay's net worth?

The retired professional wrestler from Northern Ireland Fit Finlay is reported to be worth $1 million.

How much does Fit Finlay earn per year?

Details about Fit Finlay's yearly income are not known.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Fit Finlay?

Fit Finlay is 6 ft 2 in (188 cm) tall.

How old is Fit Finlay?

Fit Finlay is 64 years old as of May 2020.

Childhood And Education

David John Finlay Jr. is a Northern Irishman born on January 31, 1958. He is also known by the name The Belfast Bruiser/Brawler. Finlay's father was David Finlay Sr., a professional wrestler, as did his grandfathers, William Finlay and John Liddell. His brother, Albert Finlay, used to play for Glentoran FC as a goalkeeper, and his sister was a referee. Also, in the '60s and '70s, his uncle Albert played goalie for Glentoran FC. He was naturally drawn to wrestling and started his training sessions for Olympic freestyle wrestling and professional wrestling very early in life without concentrating much on formal education.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Fit Finlay's partner?

Fit Finlay is married to Melanie Duffin, and they have three children together. He was earlier married to Princess Paula, his manager, but later they got divorced.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Fit Finlay's maiden match was for his father's organization in Glynn in 1974, when he stepped up as a no-show wrestler. For the next four years, he wrestled full-time in Carrickfergus and around Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland until going to England in 1978. He wrestled for numerous firms in England under the Joint Promotions brand.

On June 9, 1982, Fit Finlay defeated Alan Kilby to win his first championship, the British Heavy Middleweight Championship. He then defeated Ringo Rigby in the finals of a tournament to create a new British Light Heavyweight champion and fill the empty spot. Finlay lost the title but later nailed Marty Jones to beat the World Mid-Heavyweight Championship. He traded with Jones for nearly two years before losing it to Jones for the final time via disqualification.

Fit Finlay won the Championship from Joint Promotions after defeating Jones. He won the British Heavy Middleweight Championship from Frank Chic Cullen on television in the second half of the '80s but lost it to Danny Collins later. When he clinched All-Star's British Heavyweight Championship in 1990, he had become a champion at the top of the weight division. Finlay competed as Dave Fit Finlay on ITV's World of Sport and had numerous fights versus The American Dream, Steve Adonis.

Finlay began wrestling in Japan during this time, then in Germany and Austria for the European sponsorship of the Catch Wrestling Association. While retaining the British Heavyweight Championship, he decided to team up with former opponent Jones to defeat Tony St. Clair and Mile Zrno for the CWA tag title. After ceding the British championship to Dave Taylor, Finlay shifted his concentration to the CWA, where he won several titles. Finlay defeated Al Perez, Dusty Wolfe, and Tim Horner in a dark match in London in 1989 alongside Mark Rocco and Skull Murphy (Peter Northey).

Finlay debuted in American wrestling in 1996, under the ring moniker The Belfast Bruiser, for World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Finlay made his WCW debut on the 27th episode of 'Saturday Night Live' by attacking Lord Steven Regal from the stands and then cutting a promo to the camera in which he introduced himself and said that Regal was an English swine who'd been paying for 400 years of English-Irish conflict. This was the first start of a long-running feud between the Bruiser and Regal. The feud cooled down as Regal defeated the Bruiser in a parking lot battle on Monday Nitro on April 29. Finlay would subsequently leave WCW for a stint in Catch Wrestling Association, leaving the Belfast Bruiser persona in the meantime.

Finlay returned to WCW on October 1, 1997, when he defeated Dave Taylor in a live event. Fit Finlay made his television return on 'Saturday Night Live' on October 25, with a fresh style of short bleached blond hair and no mustache. In his broadcast return match, he defeated Barry Houston. On November 23, he competed in the World War three battle royale at the namesake event for an event match at the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, but he lost.

He was given a boost on his return, winning most of his mid-card matches, culminating in him beating Booker T to take the World Television Championship on the May 4, 1998, episode of 'Nitro,' igniting a three-way conflict between Booker and Chris Benoit. They were also gunning for the belt. At Slamboree, Finlay defended his championship against Benoit. On the July 2 episode of 'Thunder,' Finlay vehemently protested Booker for the title in a rematch. On the 17th episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' he was given another championship shot against Chris Jericho, but the match finished in a time-limit draw. Shortly after losing the title, Finlay began fighting with Alex Wright, who was enraged that Finlay had ruined his father's wrestling career, culminating in a fight between the two at Halloween Havoc, wherein Wright defeated Finlay.

Finlay, Knobbs, and The Dog formed the Hardcore Army to defeat three Count in a diehard match on the March first episode of 'Thunder.' They had a feud with Vampiro, culminating in a falls count anywhere match at Uncensored that Finlay lost. Finlay retired from wrestling throughout the summer of 2000 and joined WCW as a backstage road agent. His final bout in WCW was at Millennium Final when he wrestled twice, first in a battle royal and then in a losing effort during an Octoberfest Hardcore match opposite Norman Smiley. Finlay worked as a traveling agent for WCW until it was purchased by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 2001.

Finlay joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF; now WWE) as a new wrestler trainer when the WWF purchased WCW. He worked with future WWE winners John Cena and Randy Orton and the WWE Divas to prepare them for their matches.

Finlay started working on a return in 2004 when he wrestled Jamie Noble at a Glasgow home event. He made his first TV appearance against Matt Hardy on SmackDown! on January 20, 2006, at the age of 47, and was disqualified after refusing to break a five-count while battering Hardy against the rope. Finlay established himself as a villain by stomping Hardy's face further into the ring steps after the match. As a result, he was dubbed Jamie Noble.

Finlay maintained his position on the SmackDown! Roster. Finlay assisted the other competitor, Booker T, in defeating Lashley in the King of the Ring finals. Chris Benoit defeated Finlay in the same Ring tournament.

Hornswoggle joined Finlay in his WWE debut on the May 26 episode of SmackDown!, who stepped out from underneath the ring to confront Finlay's opponents. As faithful subjects of the newly called King Booker and his Court, Finlay joined arms with William Regal. The King later "knighted" both men, and Finlay went by Sir Finlay for a time. Finlay won a non-title match opposite World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio before defeating the court's major rival Bobby Lashley to win the United States Championship during his stint on the court.

Finlay developed a feud with The Boogeyman soon after the Royal Rumble. He and Little Bastard vanquished The Boogeyman & The Little Boogeyman at No Way Out. Finlay qualified for WrestleMania 23's Money in the Bank ladder match, but Mr. Kennedy won the bout. Finlay and Hornswoggle had a brief feud after Hornswoggle's Cruiserweight Title was removed from him. Finlay subsequently feuded with Rey Mysterio, attacking him during a heated interview with John 'Bradshaw' Layfield. The rivalry heated up even more when they were on opposing teams at the Survivor Series.

Finlay reconnected with Hornswoggle by rescuing him during a bout against The Great Khali, resulting in both Finlay and Hornswoggle's faces being turned and losing the WWE tag team championship to other WWE superstars John Morrison and Miz. Finlay competed in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber encounter at No Way Out but was eventually pinned by The Undertaker following a chokeslam on the steel floor. Finlay subsequently began appearing on Raw on a more regular basis to defend Hornswoggle from Mr. McMahon's "tough love."

Finlay competed in his third Royal Rumble match on January 25, 2009, at the eponymous pay-per-view, where he was ranked 14th and endured 30 minutes prior to getting eliminated by Kane. He competed in a Championship Scramble for the ECW Championship at The Bash, alongside Christian, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry, but the reigning champion Tommy Dreamer triumphed. After that, Finlay did not return to the ECW championship. On June 29, 2009, he was transferred to the SmackDown brand. Finlay would become a full-time coach and agent in 2010.

Finlay was fired from WWE in March 2011 for allowing The Miz to interrupt the US national anthem during a home event. After being released from WWE, he returned to the independent circuit, making his first match on July 26, 2011, beating Sami Callihan at Evolve 9. On September 20, Finlay returned to WNC, defeating Ray Mendoza, Jr. in the title match at Korakuen Hall. Finlay revealed after the match that he was through with WNC for the moment due to his re-signing with WWE. Finlay was designated the chairman of the WNC Championship Committee despite no longer being scheduled to appear for WNC.

Finlay returned to WWE as a backstage producer on July 11, 2012, following a year on the independent circuits and a year since the house show incident. Finlay was one of several WWE employees furloughed due to the COVID-19 cutbacks on April 16, 2020, but returned to work in November that year.

Charity Work

Fit Finlay has kept his charity work entirely secret from the public. Not much is known about his charity works, but he is known to keep his Northern Irish connection intact.

What awards has Fit Finlay won?

Titles and awards that he won are listed here:

World Wrestling Entertainment United States Championship, World Championship Wrestling World Television Championship, All-Star Promotions British Heavyweight Championship. Under British championships, he won four World Mid-Heavyweight Championships. For the Catch Wrestling Association, he won one CWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship, four CWA World Middleweight Championship, and CWA World Tag Team Championship (with Marty Jones) one CWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. Under Joint Promotions, he grabbed six British Heavy Middleweight Championship and two British Light Heavyweight Championship. Other than these, his other accomplishments include the One Smash Championship. He was the winner of the Invitational tournament of WCW Hardcore Junkyard in 1999, and in 2006, LL Cool J Award Winner of the Fighting Spirit Magazine.

Throughout his career, Fit Finlay has held over 20 titles worldwide and is signed to WWE as a producer.

Fit Finlay's Hobbies And Interests

Fit Finlay acted in a documentary movie, 'The Fit Finlays', where he acted in his role. He also continues to train young aspirants. His personal life has been mostly kept private from the public, and his hobbies and interests are unknown.

Other Interesting Fit Finlay Facts And Trivia

  • Fit Finlay has a British Nationality.
  • The Finlay family has a significant history of performing in the United Kingdom wrestling championships.
  • David Finlay Jr., the eldest son of Fit Finlay, is also a wrestler, and his younger brother Brogan Finlay. At the same time, his daughter is a champion in the Georgia State Championship.
  • Fit Finlay has helped WWE change their WWE Divas presentation from bra and pantyhose matches to more respected traditional wrestling.
  • Fit Finlay lives in Carrickfergus, United Kingdom but has retained his Northern Irish nationality.

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