Flora Cheong-Leen

Birthday, Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & Facts

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Flora Cheong-Leen’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Flora Cheong-Leen

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Place Of Birth

Hong Kong, China


62 years old

Birth Date

November 19, 1959

Star Sign


Flora Cheong-Leen Facts

Child Star?



Fashion Designer, Former Actress

Education & Qualifications

Royal Ballet School

Net Worth

$3 million


Claudine Ying


Hilton Cheong-Leen, Pauline Chow


1.8m (5'9"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Boar

Annual Earnings

$219 thousand+ per year

About Flora Cheong-Leen

Flora Cheong-Leen is Asia's one of the most famous artists, entrepreneurs, and fashion celebrities.

Flora is a former ballerina and actress. She got selected at the Royal Ballet Company, London as a professional dancer, but her mother's health was down, and she had to move to Hong Kong.

After her mother's death, she decided to stay back in Hong Kong and joined the Hong Kong Ballet. After Flora graduated, she starred in a few movies and then started designing clothes for stage and runway. Flora was born on November 20, 1959, in Hong Kong, China.

She has married four times; her ex-spouses are Alan Hoo, Anthony, Michael Ying, and Russel Wong.

Flora Cheong-Leen Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Flora Cheong-Leen’s net worth?

Flora Cheong-Leen's estimated net worth is approximately $3 million.

How much does Flora Cheong-Leen earn per year?

Flora Cheong-Leen's annual earnings are around $219,030.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Flora Cheong-Leen?

Flora Cheong-Leen is known to be a 5 ft 11 in (180.3 cm tall) woman.

How old is Flora Cheong-Leen?

As of 2022, Flora Cheong-Leen is 63 years old. She was born on November 20, 1959.

Childhood And Education

She was born on November 20, 1959, in Hong Kong, China, to Pauline Chow and Hilton Cheong-Leen. Flora Cheong-Leen graduated from the Royal Ballet, United Kingdom. She then studied at the Paris Opera, France. She studied dance, costume design, stage direction, and theatrical production during her Royal Ballet and Paris Opera course.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Flora Cheong-Leen’s partner?

Flora Cheong-Leen was married four times. She married Anthony in 1979, and they got divorced in 1981. Her marriage to Micheal Ying went on from 1987 until 1990. They had a daughter together, Claudine Ying. She was married to Alan Hoo in 1992.

And in 2003, Flora married Rusell Wong, and they parted ways in 2012.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The November-born fashion designer is known for her unique blend of patterns, colors, intricate embroidery, graphics, and defined tailoring are the basis of her fashion and art ventures. Flora Cheong-Leen is also known to have produced and even hosted more than 50 television productions and acclaimed model competitions. Flora has tried her luck in movies as well. She worked in the lead roles of 'Life After Life', 'Duel Of The Death', 'Chasing Girl', and 'Return Of The Deadly Blade'. She also worked in 'The Head Hunter' and Hua Jie movies in 1982.

Charity Work

Flora Cheong-Leen is an active contributor to over 50 charitable organizations with the help of her Tian Art Charitable Foundation.

What awards does Flora Cheong-Leen win?

As a result of her talents and creative flair, Flora Cheong-Leen won the Ten Most Outstanding Young Persons Award in 1990. Flora Cheong-Leen also achieved the World Outstanding Chinese Honorary Doctorate in 2007. Along with that, she also won the World Outstanding Chinese Award in 2007. Since Flora Cheong-Leen has a big international name in the fashion design industry, she has acquired many awards.

Other Interesting Flora Cheong-Leen Facts And Trivia

  • Some of Flora Cheong-Leen's remarkable design style has been collected by museums like the Art of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter in Norway, Hong Kong Museum, and China Museum.
  • Flora Cheong-Leen is fluent in Chinese, English, and Portuguese.

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