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Francesca Eastwood Birthday & Fun Facts

Height, Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Francesca Eastwood Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Francesca Ruth Fisher-Eastwood
Place Of Birth
Redding, USA
30 years old
Birth Date
August 7 1993

Francesca Eastwood Facts

Child Star?
Actress, Photographer, Comedian
Education & Qualifications
Stevenson School
Net Worth
Titan Wraith Eastwood
Frances Fisher, Clint Eastwood

About Francesca Eastwood

Francesca Eastwood is among some of the most popular celebrities in the acting industry.

She has worked in many different movies, starring alongside her parents. It has been a journey that has its own share of twists and turns, with Francesca Eastwood originally intending on gaining a degree in business but eventually choosing to work in the movies.

Keep reading to find out about Francesca Eastwood's net worth, career, and personal life.

Francesca Eastwood's Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is Francesca Eastwood's net worth?

The net worth of this actress is put just short of $5 million, somewhere in the region of $4.95 million. This massive net worth is attributed to her acting career that has spun over several years.

How much does Francesca Eastwood earn per year?

The monthly income of Francesca Eastwood is about $68,750. This puts her annual income at $825000 every single year.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Francesca Eastwood?

Francesca Eastwood is 5 ft 5 in (165 cm) tall. Eastwood has eyes that are blue in color.

How old is Francesca Eastwood?

The actress turned 27 in the year 2021. She was born in August, specifically, on August 7, 1993. She turns 28 this year.

Childhood And Education

Francesca Eastwood was born on August 7, 1993, in Redding, California. She was born to celebrity parents, Frances Fisher and Clint Eastwood. While she was born in Redding, California, she moved a tad bit to the south of the state for her school. She would attend the Stevenson School and is an alumnus of the Stevenson School of California. For her college, Francesca Eastwood chose to attend the University of Southern California. At the University of Southern California, she chose a degree in business but did not end up finishing college.

Her childhood also saw her work with her parents, with her mother in 'The Stars Fell on Henrietta' and her father in the movie 'True Crime.'

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Francesca Eastwood dating?

During the year 2013, Francesca Eastwood married Jordan Feldstein. He was the brother of popular actor Jonah Hill. Jordan worked as the manager of the very well-known band Maroon 5.

The couple got married on November 17, 2013. There was a small private ceremony that was held in the city of Las Vegas.

The pair separated shortly after the wedding, and an annulment took place eight days after the wedding took place.

Jordan Feldstein passed away in 2017 due to a blood clot that moved from his leg to his lungs.

Francesca Eastwood also had a relationship with the actor and trainer Alexander Wraith. The pair went on to have a son together named Titan Wraith Eastwood.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

The beginnings of her acting career came as Francesca Eastwood would be cast in the reality series known as 'Mrs. Eastwood And Company'. The premier occurred on October 12 and the main focus of the show saw a dive into the life of the actress, the life of her stepmother Dina Eastwood, as well as her stepsister Morgan Eastwood.

Following this, Francesca Eastwood would go on to make a foray into movies. Her film debut came with the movie 'Jersey Boys.' 'Jersey Boys' was a musical biography, and it was produced and directed by the father of the actress, Clint Eastwood. In the same year, Francesca Eastwood would make an appearance in the TV show known as 'Perception' and played the role of a hallucinating model.

Her career in the world of television really took off, and she starred in a series of made-for-TV movies. She became a television personality after starring in movies such as 'Wuthering High School,' 'Mother of All Lies' and 'Girl Missing.' While she was shooting these movies, the actress from California took up roles in kids' TV shows such as 'Kids Vs. Monsters' and 'Heroes Reborn.'

While she had been a prominent actress in the world of television, the work that would bring her acclaim would soon follow. She played the role of Florence Tildon in the 2016 movie 'Outlaws And Angels', where she would star alongside her mother, Frances Fisher, as well as the famous actor Chad Michael Murray.

Some of her work in the movies include the 2017 film 'M.F.A,' where she played the role of Noelle and would also be a part of 'The Vault.' The actress from Redding in California would play the role Leah Dillon in 'The Vault.'

Francesca Eastwood would star in a show with her mother, as she would be a part of 'Fargo' playing the role of Vivian Lord. The mother of Francesca Eastwood would play the role of an older Vivian Lord.

What awards has Francesca Eastwood won?

Francesca Eastwood has won few awards in her career so far.

At the 70th edition of the Golden Globe Awards, the Redding-born actress became Miss Golden Globe of 2013.

Other Interesting Francesca Eastwood Facts And Trivia

  • Most people think that Francesca Eastwood began her career in the year 2012 when she played a role in a reality television series. However, her real debut came when she was two when she worked in her mother's film 'The Stars Fell On Henrietta.'
  • She would also play a role in the movie 'True Crime.' In 'True Crime,' she would play the role of the daughter of the character Clint Eastwood.

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