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Francis Coppola Birthday & Fun Facts

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Francis Coppola Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Detroit, USA
84 years old
Birth Date
April 7 1939

Francis Coppola Facts

Child Star?
Screenwriter, Producer, Film director
Education & Qualifications
Great Neck North High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Eleanor Jessie Coppola
Gian-Carlo Coppola, Roman Coppola, Sofia Coppola
Carmine Coppola, Italia Coppola
August Coppola, Talia Shire

About Francis Ford Coppola

Francis Ford Coppola has won a lot of Academy Awards for original screenplay, writing, and directing.
Francis Ford Coppola comes from a family of talent. Coppola's father, Carmine Coppola, was a composer and musician.
Did you know that Francis Ford Coppola was born on April 7, 1939? He is an American film director, film and television producer, and screenwriter who has been active in the film industry since the late '60s. Coppola is best known for his work on 'The Godfather Trilogy' and 'Apocalypse Now.' Coppola is considered one of America's greatest filmmakers and has had a long and successful career in Hollywood. In this blog post, we will take a look at Coppola's biography and some interesting facts about him!

Francis Ford Coppola's Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is Francis Ford Coppola's net worth?

The net worth of Francis Ford Coppola is $320 million. This wealth comes from his successful career in the film industry.

How much does Francis Ford Coppola earn per year?

The exact amount of earnings of Francis Ford Coppola is not known.

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Francis Ford Coppola?

Francis Ford Coppola is 5 ft 11 in (182 cm) in height.

How old is Francis Ford Coppola?

Francis Ford Coppola is currently 82, and he will turn 83 on April 7, 2022.

Childhood And Education

Francis Ford Coppola was born in Michigan's Detroit in 1939 to Italia and Carmine Coppola. His father was Detroit Symphony Orchestra's flutist. Carmine Coppola was also the assistant director and arranger of ‘The Ford Sunday Evening Hour.’
During his childhood, Francis Ford Coppola was bedridden due to polio. He was highly curious about technology and science in school. Although he graduated from Great Neck North High School, he attended around 23 different schools, including the New York military academy. When he was getting trained to take up music, he became a skilled tuba player. He joined the New York Military Academy with a music scholarship.
In 1995, Francis Ford Coppola joined Hofstra college to complete his major in theater arts. While at Hofstra college, he also earned a playwriting scholarship. While at the university, he founded the 'Hofstra' cinema workshop and worked for their literary magazine. Francis Ford Coppola graduated in 1959.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Francis Ford Coppola's partner?

Francis Ford Coppola is married to Eleanor Coppola. They got married in 1963 after they met on the sets of 'Dementia 13.' They have three children; the eldest son, Gian-Carlo Coppola, was born in 1963. The second son, Roman Coppola, was born in 1965. Their first daughter and third child, Sofia Coppola, was born in 1971.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 1960, Francis Ford Coppola joined UCLA Film School. At the institute, he directed a light comedy called 'Tonight for Sure' and a short horror called ‘The Two Christophers.’
Roger Corman appointed Francis Ford Coppola to assist with re-editing the 'Nebo Zovyot,' a Russian sci-fi movie in 1962. Coppola turned this into the English-dubbed 'Battle Beyond The Sun,' Roger Corman was impressed by Coppola's work and offered projects between 1962 and 1963. Francis Ford Coppola became the associate producer for the movie 'The Terror,' sound man for 'The Young Racers,' and dialogue director for ‘Tower Of London.’
In 1963, Francis Ford Coppola made 'Dementia 13' under the insistence of Corman. Coppola directed this movie in just nine days, writing the script in one night. This movie was a cult hit. 'Seven Arts' hired Coppola in 1965 for scriptwriting. In 1966, he released the Warner Bros' production movie 'You're A Big Boy Now.' In 1969, Coppola experienced his first mainstream success with 'The Rain People.' He co-produced, directed, and wrote this movie.
It was in 1972 that Coppola became the acclaimed director of 'The Godfather' by Paramount pictures starring Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Richard Conte, John Marley, Sterling Hayden, Robert Duvall, Richard Castellano, James Caan, and Marlon Brando. He also directed the 'Godfather Part II.' In 1974, Coppola worked on 'The Conversation,' 'The Great Gatsby,' and 'The Godfather Part II.' He directed 'Apocalypse Now' in 1979, based on Joseph Conrad's novel 'Heart Of Darkness.' The film stars Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando, and Robert Duvall and tells the story of an American Army captain's journey into the depths of Vietnam to assassinate a renegade colonel.
Many films by Coppola between 1982 and 1983 did not do well at the box office with movies such as 'Rumble Fish,' 'The Outsiders,' 'Hammett,' and 'One From The Heart.' Although his movie 'The Cotton Club' failed at the box office, critics praised it. Coppola made 'The Godfather Part III' in 1990, and his daughter was cast in the movie. This movie was a moderate success.
Francis Ford Coppola is best known as an acclaimed director of 'The Godfather Trilogy' and 'Apocalypse Now.' 'Apocalypse Now' was a critical and commercial success and is often cited as one of the greatest films ever made.
Coppola's 'Tucker: The Man And His Dream' received many nominations. He directed one of the three stories of 'New York Stories' called 'Life Without Zoe.' Coppola's 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' released in 1992, became the ninth-highest grossing movie of that year.

Charity Work

There is no information available about the charity work of Francis Ford Coppola.

What awards has Francis Ford Coppola won?

Francis Ford Coppola has won a British Academy Film Award, two Palme d'Or, six Golden Globes, and five Academy Awards.
For his contributions to the theater arts of Hofstra college, Francis Ford Coppola earned a Beckerman Award, and for direction and theatrical production, he received three D. H. Lawrence Awards. Coppola's 'The Rain People' won the 1969 San Sebastian Film Festival's Golden Shell. He was awarded the 'Best original screenplay by the Academy Award for the movie ‘Patton.’
Coppola's 'The Godfather' won three Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Picture and Golden Globes for Best Screenplay and Best Director. Coppola won the first Palme d'Or' at the Canne Film Festival for 'The Conversation.' 'The Godfather Part II' became the first movie sequel to win the Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The movie also won the Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay at the Academy Awards.
'Bram Stoker's Dracula' was produced and directed by Coppola and won three Academy Awards.

Francis Ford Coppola's Hobbies And Interests

Francis Ford Coppola is a man of many talents and interests. He is an accomplished filmmaker, but he is also a musician and a winemaker. He expanded his business like winemaking with the Coppola family to Napa Valley of California. In fact, Coppola founded the wine company Rubicon Estate in 1978. He is also the owner of the Francis Ford Coppola Winery, which was founded in 1992.

Other Interesting Francis Ford Coppola Facts And Trivia

  • Francis Ford Coppola made a movie with Robin Williams in the lead role known as Jack. However, Coppola was highly criticized for this movie.
  • Coppola worked on 'The Rainmaker' in 1997, which is an adaptation of a novel by John Grisham. Danny DeVito and Matt Damon appeared in this movie, and it did well at the box office. It was also critically acclaimed.
  • Francis Ford Coppola took a break for about 10 years, returning in 2007 with the movie 'Youth Without Youth.' This movie did do well at the box office.
  • His movies 'Twixt' and 'Tetro' also failed to impress the audience and critics.
  • Since 2015, Coppola has been working on 'Distant Vision,' which is an experimental movie project.

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