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Frank Borman Birthday & Fun Facts

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Frank Borman Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Frank Frederick Borman II
Place Of Birth
Gary, USA
95 years old
Birth Date
March 14 1928

Frank Borman Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
California Institute of Technology
Net Worth
Current Partner
Susan Borman
Edwin Borman, Frederick Borman
Marjorie Ann Borman, Edwin Otto Borman

About Frank Borman

Frank Borman has served as a NASA astronaut and the Chief Operating Officer of Eastern Airlines.
Winner of a Congressional Space Medal of Honor for the Apollo missions as well as a very celebrated businessperson, Frank Borman is wildly famous. He was the commander of the Apollo 8 mission.
This Apollo program was the first mission to circle the moon, and hence, it was a huge achievement for humankind as a whole. It, therefore, is obvious that Frank Borman is famous and was also generously applauded for his contribution to the field. He was also the co-pilot of Gemini 7 along with his dear friend, Jim Lovell. One of the most interesting facts about Frank Borman is that he is the oldest living NASA astronaut - although retired. He is just 11 days older than Jim Lovell, who is his acquaintance and has served as his colleague at NASA. Keep reading to learn more about Frank Borman, his personal life, and his childhood!

Frank Borman's Net Worth, Earnings, And Spending Habits

What is Frank Borman’s net worth?

Frank Borman is a retired NASA astronaut who is known for his great flight crew operations as well as his contributions as a businessperson. After he retired from NASA in 1970, Frank Borman also worked as the Chief Executive Officer or CEO of Eastern Airlines, which adds to his credibility as well as his net worth. Frank Borman has a net worth as an estimated net worth of around $700,000.

How much does Frank Borman earn per year?

Frank Borman has an estimated annual income of around $300,000! It is no surprise that he earns a lot of money annually!

Height, Age, And Physical Attributes

How tall is Frank Borman?

Frank Borman's height is currently unknown!

How old is Frank Borman?

Frank Borman was born on March 14, 1928. He is 94 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Frank Borman was named Frank Frederick Borman at birth after his paternal grandfather. Even though his birth place is Indiana, he was raised in Arkansas and considers it his hometown. His parents were Edwin Otto Borman and Marjorie Ann Borman. Not much is known about their occupation.
The couple moved to Arkansas with their son when he was little since Borman always suffered from sinus-related troubles. As a child, Borman was fairly interested in popular sports such as baseball.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Frank Borman’s partner?

Frank Borman is married to Susan Borman. The couple also has two children together, namely, Edwin Borman and Frederick Borman.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Frank Frederick Borman is best known as the commander of Apollo 8. He has also flown rescue helicopters and served as an assistant professor at the U.S. Military Academy.
Borman had decided on joining the United States Air Force at a very young age and eventually did so after graduating from high school. He studied aeronautical engineering at the California Institute of Technology. In fact, Borman also holds a Master of Science degree from the same institution. His tenure and learning at the United States Air Force was also a very fruitful one, which is evident through the fact that he was able to become a very successful NASA astronaut.

Charity Work

Information about his charity work is unclear.

What awards has Frank Borman won?

Frank Borman was given the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.

Frank Borman’s Hobbies And Interests

Frank Borman was interested in sports as a child.

Other Interesting Frank Borman Facts And Trivia

Frank Borman was a part of the lunar landing program.
He lives in Big Horn County.
He went to space twice.
He turned down Apollo 11 because he was interested in flight testing rather than science.
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