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Garry Chalk Birthday & Fun Facts

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Garry Chalk Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
, Canada
71 years old
Birth Date
February 17 1952

Garry Chalk Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth

About Garry Chalk

Garry Chalk is a notable Canadian actor and voice artist. He is best known for his performance as a voice actor in the 'Transformers Beast Machines' and Transformers Beast Wars' TV series. He was born on 17th February in the early '50s in Southampton, UK. Garry Chalk delivered the voice of Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal in several installments of the 'Transformers' animated series. Apart from that, he appeared as a voice actor in almost 30 animated series. For example, Garry Chalk appeared in 'Godzilla', 'Freddy vs. Jason', 'Th Fly', 'He Man', and many more. He delivered his voice to iconic essences like Sheriff Grant, Sheriff Dave, and other additional voices.

As a supporting actor, Garry Chalk appeared as Colonel Chekov in 'Stargate' and Inspector Andrew Pawalchuk in 'Cold Squad' TV series. He portrayed the role of Nick Fury in the Agent of Sheild movie in '98. Garry won two consecutive Gemini Awards in his career. He is also famous for portraying a recurring role in several TV series. Garry Chalk resides in British Columbia, Canada, with his family.

Garry Chalk's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Garry Chalk's net worth?

As per several sources, Garry Chalk has a net worth of about $4 million.

How much does Garry Chalk earn per year?

As per several sources, Garry Chalk earns around $1.5 million annually. Meanwhile, monthly, he makes about $200,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Garry Chalk?

Garry Chalk has a height of 6 ft (182 cm).

How old is Garry Chalk?

As of 2022, Garry chalk is 70 years old.

Childhood And Education

Garry Chalk was born in the early '50s in Southampton, Hampshire, England. Later in the mid-50s, he moved to Vancouver with his family at five. Garry made his debut as an actor in the mid-80s. He portrayed the role of a Chicago worker in 'The Journey of Natty Gan' movie. After a few years, Garry Chalk debuted as a television actor with the 'MacGyver' TV series. In that series, he played three characters; Detective Sweeney, Tony Ellis, and Sergeant Harold Gray.

In his early career days, Garry Chalk was a part of a Theater group. He was associated with the 'Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company' also known as VPTC. Besides them, Garry is also involved with the 'Arts Club Theatre Company', known as ACTC. Garry was a part of various low budgets Canadian theaters in the '70s. He started his career as a Theater actor. Before getting his first movie offer, Garry Chalk decided to participate in the 'Vancouver Theatre Sports League'. Garry performed as Miles Gloriosus in the 'Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' stage play. After that, he appeared in the 'As You Like It' theater drama as Henry the fourth for the VPTC group. At the same time, he appeared in the 'Passion' and 'Dracula' dramas at ACTC. Garry Chalk is still associated with both VPTC and ACTC theater groups in British Columbia, Canada.

Later, Garry Chalk pursued his career as a voice artist. Currently, Garry Chalk is one of the prominent voice actors in Hollywood. He also performed in a recurring role for many movies and TV series as a supporting actor. He lives in British Columbia, Canada, with his wife, Colleen Nystedt.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Garry Chalk has a younger sister Sandy Reynolds. The notable voice actor and his sister are Canadian citizens.

Who is Garry Chalk dating? 

Garry Chalk married Colleen Nystedt in 2013. She is a renowned film producer. The couple has two children.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Garry Chalk gained enormous popularity after delivering his voice to Optimus Prime in the 'Transformers Beast Machines' animated series. Later he delivered his voice to Optimus Primal in the 'Transformers Beast Wars' TV series. Apart from Beast Wars, Garry Chalk provided his voice for Optimus Primal in another installment of the Transformers animated series. In the early '00s, Garry Chalk provided his voice to Duncan and Whiplash in the 'He-man' animated series. Garry Chalk is very popular for his voice work. He furnished the voice of Rudolph's father in 'Rudolph and the Red-Nosed Reindeer' movies and TV series. Garry Chalk appeared in almost 425 projects as an actor and voice artist. It includes TV series, movies, and animated series.

Garry Chalk is also famous as a supporting actor. He portrayed the role of Sheriff Grant in 'Suddenly' and Sheriff Dave in 'Deck the Halls' movie. Apart from that, he played the iconic characters of Sheriff Kane in 'Home Invasion' and Sheriff Evans in 'Abduction of Innocence' films. In the 'Eight Below' movie, Garry Chalk played the role of a Boat Captain. He portrayed the character of Coach Brandon in the '21 Jump St.' TV series. Garry played a recurring role in the 'IT' horror Tv series in the '90s. He also played a role of a coach in that psychological horror thriller TV series. Garry Chalk also performed a recurring role in the 'Psych' TV series in 2006. In that thrilling series, he portrayed the character of Houston Ray.

Meanwhile, he played the role of a vice principal in the 'Scooby-Doo' movie in 2009. Garry played the role of Inspector Andrew in the 'Cold Squad' TV series. It helps him in winning the Gemini Awards two consecutive times. He played the role of a security chief in the reboot of 'The Omen' franchise in the mid-90s. Garry performed the role of a police chief in 'The Guilty' movie in 2000. Garry Chalk delivered his voice to seven characters like Guts Man, Needle Man, Stone Man, and others in the 'Mega Man' animated TV series. Garry Chalk is famous for providing his voice to Captain Pounder in the 'Roll Bots' Canadian animated series.

Charity Work

Garry chalk and his sister Sandy Reynolds are active in charity work. Garry's wife, Colleen Nystedt, a film producer, also operates in charity work.

What awards has Garry Chalk won?

Garry Chalk won the Gemini awards twice consecutive times in 2001 and 2002. He received two Gemini awards for his performance as Inspector Andrew in the 'Cold Squad' TV series. Garry won that award in the 'Best Performance as a Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series - Male' category.

Garry Chalk's Hobbies And Interests

Garry chalk loves music and singing. In an interview, he expressed his feelings about becoming a part-time musician.

Other Interesting Garry Chalk Facts And Trivia

  • Garry Chalk holds citizenship in two countries; Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • Everyone knows that Garry Chalk is famous as a voice actor for Optimus Prime in the 'Transformers Beast Machines' series. Besides, he also delivered his voice to Optimus Primal in the 'Transformers Beast Wars' series. Aside from that, he provided his voice to the iconic essence of Optimus Primal in other Transformers series like 'Transformers Armanda', 'Transformers Cyberton', and 'Transformers Energon'.
  • In his career, Garry Chalk appeared in almost 420 projects, including movies, TV series, and animated series. Garry Chalk's wife, Colleen Nystedt, is a famous producer in the Hollywood industry. She is the producer of many popular films like 'The Last Stop', 'Mr. Rice's Secret', 'Big and Hairy', and 'The Inspectors'. Colleen also gave many hit movies as a producer, such as 'The Hunted', 'The Perfect Mother', and 'Christmas on Division St.'. Colleen Nystedt also works as a Location and Production manager for many movies. She is the co-producer of late '90s psychological thriller and blockbuster 'Abducted: A Father's Love' film.
  • Garry Chalk delivered his voice to three characters in the 'Spiderman Unlimited' animated series. The three characters include Meugniot and Durwood. They are based on the Marvel comics. In the 'Mega Man' animated series, Garry simultaneously delivered his voice to multiple characters. The characters are Needle Man, Stone Man, Bright Man, Dark Man, Guts Man, and Heat Man. He also gave his voice to Dr. Light in the second installment of the 'Mega Man' animated series.
  • Garry also provided his voice to Optimus Primal in the 'Transformers Beast Wars' video game. Besides, he delivered his voice to the Devil King in the 'Devil Kings' game.
  • In 2015, Garry appeared in an episode of the 'Unreal' American TV series. He played the recurring role of Beth Ann's father.
  • Garry played three characters in three different episodes of the '21 Jump Streets' TV series. He portrayed the supporting role of Coach Gilbert in the 'Deceived by the Trust and A moment of Truth' movie.
  • Garry Chalk portrayed the role of a coach in many movies. He performed the role of a coach in 'The Games of Love', 'Personal Effects', 'A Champion's Fight', and 'Stand Against Fear' movies. He also played a Coach role in 'Kidz in the Wood' movie; and 'IT' and '21 Jump St.' TV series.
  • Garry Chalk is filming his two projects that will be released in 2023. He will deliver his voice to Louie Watterson in the upcoming 'The Amazing World Of Gumball' movie. Garry completed his work in two upcoming films. He will portray the essence of Walton in 'Colorblind' and Chief Sanders in 'Exile' projects. Garry is filming for the 'In Search of Santa' movie, where he will give his voice to the Derridommis character. 

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