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Gavin Butler Birthday & Fun Facts

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Gavin Butler Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Idaho, USA
20 years old
Birth Date
December 3 2003

Gavin Butler Facts

Child Star?
Youtuber star, Content Creator
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Colette Butler, Shay Carl
Avia, Emmi, Brock, Daxton

About Gavin Butler 

Do you know that Gavin Butler celebrates his birthday on December 3 every year?

Nicknamed Sontard, Gavin Butler is the oldest child of Colette Butler and Shay Carl, the owners of the 'Shaytards' family YouTube channel. He likes to dance and is often seen showing off his moves on camera.

Gavin Butler started to appear on the family vlog within a few months of starting the YouTube channel. Since then, he has continued to gain fame and support from the audience for showcasing his skills in different ways. Gavin Butler has been an active part of the channel for a long time and even handles his own Instagram account, which has around 72k followers.

In 2010, Gavin Butler recorded his first-ever YouTube video, and he was only seven years old when his father, Shay Carl, handed him the camera. Gavin recorded an hour-long video of him performing various activities. Later, Shay uploaded Sontard's video on the family YouTube channel, and this video can be marked as the onset of Gavin's successful YouTube and social media career.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Gavin Butler's net worth?

Gavin Butler is one of the wealthiest and most popular YouTube stars, with a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. He is an ever-growing famous personality who continues his family's legacy while also establishing himself as an individual in the social world.

How much does Gavin Butler earn per year?

While it is difficult to calculate the amount of money Gavin Butler earns every year, his earnings are primarily acquired from the YouTube channel.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Gavin Butler?

The famous teenager Gavin Butler is 5 ft 8 in (177.8 cm).

How old is Gavin Butler?

Born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius, the YouTube star was born on December 3, 2003. As of 2022, Gavin Butler is 18 years old.

Childhood And Education

Since Gavin Butler was born into a family that runs a YouTube account, he had a pretty exciting childhood that revolved around trying new activities and fun games for the channel. His mother, Colette Butler, describes him as a sensitive boy and a good older brother. Gavin Butler is an older brother to his siblings, who go by Emmi, Avia, Brock, and Daxton. She also mentions that he always had an intuition for others' feelings which made him very mature. Gavin Butler lived briefly in Los Angles, California, with his family until his younger brother Brock was born. After the birth of his brother, the family shifted to Idaho.

Although it is not known where he went for schooling, it's known that Gavin Butler was part of the Boy Scouts, just like his father, Shay Carl. He also performed martial arts and played soccer.

It is essential to mention that neither Colette Butler nor Shay Carl has revealed much about Gavin's childhood education. However, it can be seen from his Instagram account that he goes to a high school in Idaho and is often seen traveling and singing with his boys' group.

Being born to the world's 'first YouTube family,' Gavin Butler had an early exposure to being in front of the camera. But his educational history is still unknown at the moment, and it has also never come up in any family vlog.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Gavin Butler dating?

Gavin Butler may be single right now, and from the channel and his Instagram account, he appears to be more concerned with his career and education. Gavin Butler prefers to keep his personal and dating life private and confidential, so there is no information on who he is dating at the moment.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Gavin Butler was born to one of America's first and most sensational families who have a YouTube channel. The first time he properly appeared in a video was in 2010, which he also recorded on his own.

His fans know him as 'Sontard,' a nickname his parents, Colette Butler and Shay Carl, gave him to hide his real name.

However, Gavin Butler is best known for joining his father in a weight-loss challenge that went on for 30-days to lead a healthier lifestyle. The father-son duo made YouTube videos every day throughout the entire challenge doing numerous exercises and recording them on camera. Gavin also engages himself in martial arts, soccer, and dancing.

In 2015, Gavin Butler acquired more fame after featuring in a book written by his father called 'Fat Dad, Fat Kid: One Father And Son's Journey To Take Power Away From The 'F-Word.' In the book, he elucidates the word 'fat.' He goes on to mention that although people should not call other people fat, every time someone calls him fat, it just pushes him even further to work on his health and diet.

Gavin Butler's Hobbies And Interests

It is no doubt that the oldest of all the four siblings of the 'Shaytard' family is an active boy who engages in several hobbies and interests. Fans have seen Gavin display his dancing moves on camera many times. The first time he recorded himself without anyone else's help was at the very young age of six. His father later uploaded his one-hour-long video on the family channel.

His lifestyle is majorly influenced by his father, who motivated Gavin to join the Boy Scouts at a young age and participate in activities including soccer and martial arts.

As is evident from his Instagram account, the YouTube star is currently also trying his hands at singing, particularly in his high school events. However, this is not the first time Gavin has been seen singing. In 2015, his father uploaded a YouTube video of him singing a cover version of Ed Sheeran's 'Thinking Out Loud,' which got over three million views and a lot of appreciation from viewers.

Other Interesting Gavin Butler Facts And Trivia

  • Gavin is appreciated by his fans for his genuine kindness and friendliness. He has often been seen helping people in need and being a loving brother to his younger siblings.
  • In an attempt to hide the name of their children from getting out in public, Gavin's father nicknamed all the children 'tards'. This is also how Gavin got his famous nickname, Sontard. However, in most videos, the children's real names have slipped out. But now that all the children are grown up, the parents are okay with it.
  • His Instagram handle is 'gavinbutler_31,' and he has a massive following of 72k people. Moreover, the family vlogging channel has always been a success, with approximately four million subscribers and over two trillion views.
  • He has a pet dog named Louis Gus Butler.

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