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Georgia Gibbs Birthday & Fun Facts

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Georgia Gibbs Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Frieda Gibbs
Place Of Birth
Worcester, USA
104 years old
Birth Date
August 17 1919

Georgia Gibbs Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Current Partner
Frank Garvesi

About Georgia Gibbs 

Frieda Lipschitz, better known as Georgia Gibbs, was a jazz-influenced American singer, featured vocalist, and vocal performer born on August 17, 1918.

Georgia Gibbs began performing in front of an audience when she was just a teenager and first rose to fame (and popularity) in the middle of the '50s by performing songs from the black rhythm and blues scene. Her incredible variety in musical genres, from depressing ballads to exhilarating swinging jazz and rock & roll, was one of her most notable qualities.

This article presents detailed information about Georgia Gibbs like her net worth, her information about the production of 'million record,' her appearance on television comedy programs, her key attribute of singing, stylistic range, and the production of the melancholy ballad.

Please continue reading to learn more about the vocal entertainer Georgia Gibbs, including her versatility and early career.

Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Georgia Gibbs' net worth?

There is no information available about the net worth of Georgia Gibbs.

How much did Georgia Gibbs earn per year?

The annual earnings of Georgia Gibbs weren't known to the public.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Georgia Gibbs?

We don't have any updates about her physical dimensions.

How old was Georgia Gibbs?

Georgia Gibbs was born on August 17, 1918, and died due to leukemia on December 9, 2006. She was 87 when she died.

Childhood And Education

Georgia Gibbs was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, and grew up with her three other siblings in a local Jewish orphanage. When she was of mere six months of age, her father passed unexpectedly, leaving her mother to raise her and her siblings alone for seven years.

A lot isn't known about the personal life of Georgia Gibbs, but what is known is that Frieda got the lead in the orphanage's yearly variety show with an apparent knack for singing at a young age. When her mother, who visited her every other month, found a job as a midwife, she was often forced to leave her daughter for weeks at a time. Her only companion for these weeks was a Philco radio.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who was Georgia Gibbs' partner?

In 1970, Georgia Gibbs married writer and journalist Frank Garvesi. The union had a child who predeceases Georgia Gibbs. Not a lot of information is available to know about the family life of Georgia Gibbs.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Georgia Gibbs applied for a position at the Plymouth Theatre, one of Boston's main vaudeville venues, at the beginning of her thirteenth year. Georgia Gibbs was employed by Plymouth when the management heard her perform on the Worcester radio station. She later relocated to Boston and eventually worked at the Raymor Ballroom.

When she was 17, Fredda Gibson joined the Hudson-DeLange Orchestra, touring with them for ten months. Georgia Gibbs, who lived on the big-band tour, remarked, "You don't really know loneliness unless you spend a year or two with a one-night band. "Sing until after 2 a.m. Take a bus 400 miles and travel there. For a greasy hamburger, stop at night. Get to a town. Intend to zzz's. Rise and eat.

Even before World War II, she found work as a vocalist, playing in live shows such as Your Hit Parade, Melody Puzzles, and The Tim And Irene Show. She then started working as a freelance singer. She collaborated on songs for her albums with artists, including Tommy Dorsey, Hal Kemp, Artie Shaw, and Frankie Trumbauer. However, liner notes from a 1998 Simitar compilation mention her appearance on some of DeLange's recordings on Brunswick, and there is a recording with Hal Kemp from 1939.

A Billboard article claims her first appearance on record was with Trumbauer's orchestra (The Laziest Gal in Town on Brunswick Records). She first entered the charts with Shaw's band in 1942 with the release of the album Absent Minded Moon (Victor 27779), which had a mixed reception upon its debut.

From 1949-1950, she had various guest appearances on such TV shows as ‘Cavalcade of Stars’ and ‘All-Star Revue’. By 1951, she signed with Mercury Records, which enjoyed a long association with the legendary Georgia Gibbs. Hailing from a versatile voice, she released many successful records in each genre, such as torch songs, rock-and-roll, jazz, and traditional ballads.

The most successful of these was 1952's Kiss of Fire, which she performed on The Milton Berle Show that year. A 1952 rendition of the Argentinian tango El Choclo reached its highest point on the mainstream music charts, with the lyrics, arrangement, and delivery conveying emotional grandeur on a Wagnerian scale.

Spiced with vibrato, Gibbs' voice is showcased best on ballads and torch songs like 'My Melancholy Baby,' 'I'll Be Seeing You,' 'Autumn Leaves,' and 'You Keep Coming Back Like' a Song. But she can also belt out smoky jazz tunes like Red Hot Mama and A-Razz-A-Ma-Tazz. Flow to beats like Ol Man Mose, Shoo Shoo Baby, or get rocking with I Want You to Be My Baby. Georgia Gibbs produced an album Swingin' With Her Nibs (1956), showing her improvisation talent.

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