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Giriboy’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name


Place Of Birth

Seoul, South Korea


31 years old

Birth Date

January 23, 1991

Star Sign


Giriboy Facts

Child Star?



Pop Singer, Rapper, Producer

Net Worth

$3 million


South Korean

Chinese Year

Year of the Sheep

About Giriboy

Giriboy was born on January 24, 1991, in Seoul, South Korea.

The real name of the pop singer is not Giriboy. Giriboy came to be used when Hong Si-young started performing on stage.

Giriboy is a musical star; once a pop singer, a lead artist in many joint collaborations himself, and also a music producer with Just Music. Hong Si-young aka Giriboy started off his career on stage at almost the turn of the 2010s. He stepped into the field of music in 2011 with the single 'You Look So Good To Me'. Giriboy's first foray into the world of commercial music with the single production 'You Look So Good to Me' was well received. His song 'You Look So Good to Me' was released under Just Music, one that signed Giriboy for a long haul. Founded around two years earlier, Just Music was another commercial venture by one of the most famous South Korean artists and rapper Swings. This pop singer is known for his talents in the hip-hop genre.

Giriboy's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Giriboy’s net worth?

With the world opening up to the tunes of K-pop bands and Korean music industry's steady growth, it is not surprising to see that these artists from the Korean pop scene possess considerable wealth. Hong Si-young or Giriboy is reported to have a net worth of about $3 million. When counted in Won, which is the currency of South Korea, the net worth of Hong Si-young can be rounded off to an approximate value of a staggering 2 million Won.

How much does Giriboy earn per year?

Although we have specific information about the net worth of Giriboy, there is almost no data regarding his annual salary in the public database. Giriboy makes most of his money from his song releases and production. Giriboy also has a considerable income from his gig as the vice president of Just Music.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Giriboy?

The pop singer from South Korea, Giriboy stands at a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).

How old is Giriboy?

Born on January 24, 1991, the pop singer Giriboy is 31 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

On January 24, 1991, Hong Si-young was born. The Hong family hails from South Korean capital of Seoul. Due to his parents' jobs, Si-young's family moved to Hong Kong from South Korea before he was born. Si-young is the youngest of three children and was pampered as the youngest child. They were a wealthy family from South Korea.

School was always a priority for the Hongs, but Si-young never took it seriously from the start. Despite the fact that Giriboy was chastised for it, his brother was always there to protect him. Si-young never had a close relationship with his sister because she moved to South Korea to attend university when he was still a toddler, but his bond with his brother is strong.

Despite the fact that we don't know much about his early years, it is evident that he has always had a passion for anything musical and creative. He was always interested in drawing and painting, and he even dreamed of becoming a cartoonist one day. At the same time, this young school kid admired the k-pop band Shinhwa and wished to be an idol.

Hong Si-young began to prepare to venture into the music industry at some point but quickly discovered that the restrictions that come with the life of an idol were not for him, and over time recognized that he was most interested in creating something from nothing. As a result, when he was in high school, specifically his freshman year, he discovered videos of people rapping and decided to give it a shot.

Giriboy met other rappers online and together they formed the Do'main crew. They began to meet in person and perform as amateurs within a short period of time. Artists who had been hanging out with them gradually became members of the crew. As a result, the group included artists like members of the hip-hop duo Louie, Geeks, Lil Boi, and Giriboy, as well as, Hanhae, TakeOne, Ugly Duck, Andup, Gganmo, and Zico. Even more artists including JV, Kkalchang, Checkany, J Sin, Jei.O, Gehrith Isle, Fana, Olltii, Hwaro, Duplex G, Chekanny, DJ Dopsh, Wonhyuk, DJ Eager, Ddolbae, and Psycoban united with Jtong's Buckwilds group in 2013.

And then Giriboy began rapping, making remix versions of various songs, during his senior year of high school, first over songs from other producers and eventually on his own songs. However, the purpose of the artists of these two crews was never to collaborate on albums or other projects together. Yes, there were collaborations amongst the teams' artists, but the overarching theme was to have fun.

Regardless, they had a tremendous impact on Giriboy's career. Hearing Block B, the k-pop band Zico was a member of, or Geek's songs on the radio gave him a new rush of motivation while he was still struggling with his musical career and had no other option than to juggle part-time jobs.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Giriboy dating?

Giriboy is reportedly single at the moment and is not dating anyone. As it is with many Korean artists, not much is known about Giriboy's dating life or dating history.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Giriboy is best known for his hip-hop songs and rap songs.

More than anything, Do'main was pivotal in his career because it was none other than the singer Ugly Duck who told Swings, the CEO of Just Music at the time, about Giriboy. As a result, Giriboy was able to make contact with Swings and set up an appointment with him. Swings invited Giriboy to join his label on the same day they met. Giriboy, on the other hand, did not accept right away.

Verbal Jint and Swings are two South Korean artists whom Giriboy has always liked. Swings is also the first rapper to ever sign him an autograph. Despite the fact that he might have said yes right away, Giriboy opted to ask for some time to think. After a while, he realized that Swings might back out of his offer. He opted not to go to work that day in order to attend Swings' concert, and he communicated to one of his favorite artists, his intention to join Just Music.

As a result, in November 2011, Hong Si-young's career ventured in a new direction with the single 'You Look So Good To Me', which was also made into a music video and published with Just Music a little less than a month later. It was with this song, which he composed in his third year of high school, that the real name Hong Si-young became history, and South Korea met Giriboy.

Giriboy released the music video for 'Let's Have A Drink' in January 2012, with Lil Boi from the Hip Hop duo Geeks. Giriboy had hoped to collaborate with him on a five-six song album, but the project fell through, and it was finally Grandline CEO who pushed the two musicians to release this song in particular.

The song 'It Shows On Your Face', featuring Ugly Duck, was released in March, followed by the one-of-a-kind 'Fatal Album', a six-song EP released in June. It is unique because of the diversity of influences it contains. Pop, rock, electronic, and experimental elements are all present. The artist's music, like Giriboy's, has stood out for its distinctiveness since the outset.

Swings released a cover of 'Blaze Up Or My Body Is Burning', renamed 'My Body Is Burning', a few months later in November. In his HipHop Playa interview, Giriboy admitted that he didn't enjoy this version since the ambiance was too sensual. As a result, this remix isn't in line with Giriboy's original vision for this song.

Giriboy published a second EP, 'Fatal Album II', near the end of 2012, with 12 tracks, six of which were already released on the first EP. This artist had no intention of making a successor to 'Fatal Album' when he created it. But one day, while playing video games, he noticed that many games, such as 'Diablo' or 'Starcraft', had sequels, and he felt it would be amusing to use the same model for his album. That's how 'Fatal Album II' became a reality. 'Written On Your Face/Written It's All Over Your Face Tree Version' and 'Tik Tok/Time Waits For Me Fallen Leaves Version' are two remix renditions among the album's six new tracks.

Giriboy took part in season three of 'Show Me The Money'. 'Show Me The Money' wasn't anything less than a reality show in which rappers demonstrate their abilities through various tasks. Giriboy elected to join the YDG-led team and made it to round seven, or the first round of the finals. He was defeated by C JAMM, a Just Music label mate.

Giriboy began 2015 by taking part in the show 'No Mercy', this time as a team commander rather than a contestant. The k-pop band Monsta X debuted at the conclusion of this survival reality show. Giriboy's k-pop band, which included Jooheon, Kihyun, Wonho, Seowon, and I.M, defeated Genius Nochang's team, earning them the opportunity to release an MV: 0 (Young). The five already mentioned, and Giriboy, Mad Clown, and the vocalist Jooyoung, appear in the music video for the same.

Giriboy gives free license to this fresh creative energy with 'Mechanical Album', which was released on May 31, 2016. The project is made of seven tracks, two of which are collaborations. One of them is with Samuel Seo for LO:OP and another is with Loco for 'I'm In Trouble', which was also made into a video and was released on the same day. As he mentioned in a June 2016 interview with Dazed, he focused on the production aspect of this project, therefore the overall sound is more electronic. This endeavor was created to show his versatility as a producer. He has been a fan of the electronic genre since he was a kid, and he has always sought to include it in his projects, but with 'Mechanical Album' he pushed his boundaries.

The influence of the WYBH crew could possibly explain such a musical shift. WYBH is a Giriboy-founded artist group that has been active since 2016. Giriboy is the lead artist in WYBH. Although the crew now consists of both producers and rappers, the original goal of the group was to be able to collaborate with other producers and, second, to assist the establishment of a suitable partying culture in South Korea by throwing parties hosted by WYBH artists.

Giriboy also worked as a producer on 'Show Me The Money 777' from September to November 2018. They accompanied artists like ODEE, YunB, OLNL, and Nafla, who all won this season, with Swings. Giriboy dished out instrumentals ahead of time for the show, but he had to make certain tracks as the episodes went by. He admitted that the process was strenuous in an interview with Korea JoonAng Daily.

In 2019, Giriboy had been extremely active musically, as he was in 2018. In May, he released 'Traffic Control', a single co-written with vocalist HEIZE that served as a teaser for his upcoming album '100 Years College Course', which was released one month later on June 10, 2019. The album includes a music video for 'I'm Sick', which was released four days later and features Kid Milli, CJAMM, Lil Tachi whose real name was Kim Seungmin, Kang Hyun Joon, and NO:EL on a Code Kunst beat. Youra and Jclef were also invited by Giriboy.

Giriboy was a part of Gray's '119 Remix' in December 2018. Giriboy began 2020 with an original soundtrack for 'Hyena'. The single 'Baby', and 'Just Kidding', a song produced by Zion.T with a music video adaptation, was released later.

Parallel to this, Giriboy is becoming more involved in the pop scene, making beats for artists such as Pentagon and, more recently, accompanying Jhnovr, a member of Wedaplugg Records, the label he is the CEO of.

Charity Work

Not much is known of charity work when it comes to Giriboy, but we do know that he had once donated money to an organization for the education of poor children which was later found to be a scam.

What awards has Giriboy won?

Giriboy had won the Korean Hip Hop awards for two years in a row, in 2019 and 2020, in multiple categories.

Giriboy's Hobbies And Interests

In his free time, Giriboy loves to assemble Lego, watch YouTube, and go shopping. He also likes to play basketball in his spare time.

Other Interesting Giriboy Facts And Trivia

  • Hong in the real name of Giriboy, Hong Si-young stands for his family name.
  • Giriboy, in Korean, means 'to see the way' and for him, this means that the things he does are always bright and promising.
  • Giriboy's personality is of an INFP.
  • Giriboy's zodiac sign is Aquarius as he was born on January 24.
  • Giriboy's teacher initially refused to teach him how to sing as the teacher thought that was his charm. Giriboy wanted to venture into rock music at first.
  • Giriboy founded a clothing and accessories business line named I4P in 2018.
  • Giriboy was given the nickname of Zero languages due to his often mispronounced words or stutters during interviews.
  • Giriboy has a cream poodle dog named Doldol.
  • Giriboy is a fan od.
  • Giriboy loves the character of Leonardo Di Caprio in 'Django Unchained' and he portrayed the role.
  • Giriboy wishes to collaborate with DPR Live at least once.
  • Giriboy took part in season three of 'Show Me The Money'.
  • Giriboy worked as a producer on 'Show Me The Money 777' from September to November 2018.

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