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GlokkNine Birthday & Fun Facts

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GlokkNine Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jacquavius Dennard Smith
Place Of Birth
Orlando, USA
23 years old
Birth Date
May 1 2000

GlokkNine Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Ja'Layah Til

About GlokkNine 

In 2018, his song '10 Percent' blew up with over 30 million views, making him famous overnight.

GlokkNine is the stage name of the rapper. He was born and raised as Jacquavius Dennard Smith in Orlando, Florida.

From a young age, he was attracted to rap music. He began rapping from the tender age of nine. The rapper found his first beats with the help of tracks he found on YouTube. His inspirations include T-Pain, Kodak Black, Lil Wayne, and Plies.

He uploaded his debut song 'Ugly' on July 10, 2017. It has over 20,000 views on YouTube. After putting out several of his music videos on World Star Hip Hop, he became more famous. His music video 'JailHizeeBluez' was put out as an exclusive of World Star Hip Hop on March 1, 2018. It only took a month for this video to amass a million views on the platform.

'Kold Face, Kold Case' was his debut mixtape that was released on January 2, 2018. This mixtape had a total of nine tracks. Then his second mixtape was released on April 17, 2018. It had 18 songs on it. He further released two mixtapes. One on July 23, 2018, and another one on December 19, 2018.

Furthermore, in August 2018, he landed a $2 million contract with Cash Money Records and Republic Records. 'Smash Single Party Pooper' was released in April 2019 followed by a 16-track mixtape that was his debut under the deal. He then released 'Moods' in February 2020. It is one of his most recent singles.

The famous Miami rapper also performed at the Rolling Loud Festival in May 2018. The artist has performed on stage with famous artists like J. Cole, Lil Pump, Travis Scott, Future, and many more well-known names.

GlokkNine is a member of the band Nelly. This rock band is known worldwide, especially in Europe and Japan. He is considered to be an underground rapper in many countries.

His most famous songs are '10 Percent', 'I Don't Need No Help', 'Crayola', 'Great Vine', 'Talm Bout', 'Knick Knack' and many more. Ten of his music videos on YouTube have over two million views each.

His car collection includes a McLaren GT, Kia Rio LX, Nissan Verna S, and a Chevrolet Spark.

GlokkNine Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is GlokkNine’s net worth?

GlokkNine's net worth is around $3 million as of now.

How much does GlokkNine earn per year?

His yearly earnings are somewhere around $500,000. His money comes from concert proceeds, record sales, and multiple endorsements. The rapper's earnings from YouTube alone are estimated to be near $170,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is GlokkNine?

GlokkNine is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm) tall.

How old is GlokkNine?

GlokkNine was born on May 1, 2000, in Orlando, Florida, USA. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Childhood And Education

When the rapper was 16 years old, he attended a local high school. After completing high school, he pursued higher education and gained a bachelor's degree from a US public state university.

The rapper was raised by a single mother. He has two brothers too. The hip-hop artist uses his rough upbringing as a motivation for his songs.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is GlokkNine dating?

As of now, GlokkNine is not married to anyone. However, he does have a girlfriend who is named Rodriyana.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

GlokkNine is best known for making it to the 34th position on the Billboard Top 100. It was his song '223s', where he featured alongside YNW Melly, which reached number 34 on the Billboard Top 100.

Other Interesting GlokkNine Facts And Trivia

  • Other stage names of the rapper are 9lokknin, Lil G9, and YJB Quay.
  • GlokkNine loved playing basketball in school.
  • He has a daughter by the name of Ja'Layah Til.
  • His favorite baseball player is Juan Soto.
  • His favorite actor is Mark Wahlberg.
  • His favorite actress is Halle Berry.
  • His favorite male singer is Morgan Wallen.
  • His favorite female singer is Ariana Grande.
  • His all-time favorite personality is Barack Obama.
  • His favorite YouTuber is Kevin Samuels.
  • His favorite Tiktoker is Dixie D' Amelio.
  • His favorite food is hot dogs.
  • His favorite place for a vacation is Italy.

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