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Glykeria Birthday & Fun Facts

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Glykeria Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Glykeria Kotsoula
Place Of Birth
Serres, Greece
70 years old
Birth Date
November 15 1953

Glykeria Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Net Worth
Current Partner
Stelios Fotiadis
Konstantinos Fotiadis

About Glykeria 

Glykeria's real name is Glykeria Kotsoula.

Glykeria Kotsoula was born in Agio Pnevma, Greece, on November 16, 1953. She is a Greek singer who has gained popularity in England, Israel, France, Spain, and Turkey.

Glykeria is a singer and songwriter as well. Glykeria's career has extended nearly 30 years, with multiple multi-platinum albums to her credit. Glykeria was named the top third certified female artist in the country's phonographic era by Alpha TV on March 14, 2010. (since 1960).

Glykeria Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Glykeria's net worth?

The net worth of Glykeria is $3 million.

How much does Glykeria earn per year?

Glykeria earns approximately $7000 per year, and she earns more from her career as a vocalist.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Glykeria?

Glykeria is 5 ft 5 in (165cm) tall.

How old is Glykeria?

Glykeria is 68 years old as of 2022, as she was born on November 16, 1953.

Childhood And Education

There is not much information about Glykeria's childhood, family or education. Glykeria has siblings, but their names are unknown.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Glykeria's partner?

Stelios Fotiadis is the husband of Glykeria. They got married in 1978.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Glykeria's career started in the year 1974, performing with well-known musicians in Athens. She joined M. Loizos, M. Theodorakis, M. Hadjidakis, and others by singing songs.

In 1978, Gerolymatos released 'Min Kaneis Oneira'. This release made waves in the music industry, displaying Glykeria's distinct voice to the rest of the country. Glykeria's second album was published in France in 1998. She appeared on two albums for the Putumayo label in the United States and European anthologies.

In the ’90s, Glykeria became Israel's most popular Greek singer and a prominent component of the country's cultural scene.

Glykeria has 32 albums available. 'Den Eho Pia Dikaioma', her most recent album, was released nine months ago. 'Sto Lykavito - Nychtes Magikes kai Oneiremenes' was her first album, released 36 years ago when she was 32 years old. Glykeria is an active singer well-known in other parts of the world like England and France.

Glykeria published her debut single album, 'Ta Smyrneika', in the early ’80s, a compilation of traditional Smyrna songs. Glykeria gained popularity and admirers by performing in popular clubs and bouzouki and collaborating with other well-known singers like George Dalaras.

Glykeria gained a following through performing at well-known clubs and bouzouki and collaborating with other best-known singers, notably George Dalaras. Her album, 'Sta Matia Koita Me' was fully composed by Stelios Fotiadis and made the start of their fruitful cooperation. 

Sotiria Bellow, Margarita Zorbala, George Dalaras, and Glykeria were chosen to represent Greece at the Europalia '82 event in Brussels. Glykeria's official first live show, 'Omorfi Nyhta', was released the next year. Because of its tremendous success, Lyra issued her first live CD, 'Glykeria Stin Omorfi Nyhta', which smashed all musical sales records in Greece.

Glykeria became a household name in Israel, receiving the title of honorary citizen, selling platinum and gold albums, and being a favorite of Israel's top officials and celebrities. In 1998, Glykeria was the only foreign artist asked to sing at a special memorial gathering for Yitzhak Rabin, Israel's revered leader, slain three years before.

The release of the disc album 'Tragoudi Aisthimatiko' in April 1985 became the most popular of Glykeria's biggest songs, including 'Ta Dahtilidia', 'Magisses,' 'Pentohiliara', and 'Fantaraki', propelling the new artist to first position in national and international record sales in April 1985.

Glykeria made her stage debut in 1986, singing 'Earini Symfonia' (Music by Yiannis Markopoulos and poem by Yiannis Ritsos) at the opening ceremony held for the first time at the Athens Olympic Stadium of the World Championships, which were broadcasted in 120 countries around the world.

She has performed in Greek and international concerts (Europe, Canada, the United States, Cyprus, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, and Turkey). Because of her great concerts in Israel, Glykeria was named the most famous foreign singer, and the Mayor of Jerusalem presented her with the city's golden key (1994). Glykeria's golden hits, her 14 classics, and her debut album Golden hits – The voice of Greece in France were all released at the same time in Israel and went gold in a very short time. She performed with the team Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra in 2002. Her performances were loved by many people.

What awards has Glykeria won?

Glykeria has won MAD Video Music Award for Best Éntekhno Video.

Glykeria's Hobbies And Interests

Glykeria is fond of pets.

Other Interesting Glykeria Facts And Trivia

  • During the 2006 Israel–Lebanon conflict, Glykeria traveled with her son to Israel, where she encountered Ehud Olmert and also sang for the soldiers at the border.
  • Glykeria is a notable and trendy celebrity known for being a vocalist.
  • Glykeria has performed in both Greek and international concerts.
  • Glykeria has her own YouTube channel.
  • Lyra Music was where she started her recording career.
  • Glykeria was accused of working with Zionists.
  • Glykeria is an active person on social media.
  • She was invited to perform with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra in 1999.
  • Glykeria became the most favorite, loved, and famous Greek singer in the early ’90s, especially after the concerts with the Mikis Theodorakis Orchestra.

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