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Gordon Lightfoot  Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Ontaria, Canada
84 years old
Birth Date
November 16 1938

Gordon Lightfoot  Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Westlake College
Net Worth
Current Partner
Kim Hasse
Fred Lightfoot, Ingrid Lightfoot, Eric Lightfoot, Gaylen McGee, Meredith Lightfoot, Miles Lightfoot
Jessie Trill Lightfoot, Gordon Lightfoot Sr.

About Gordon Lightfoot 

When we talk about folk-pop and how it was designed during the '60s and '70s, we need to mention Gordon Lightfoot.
This Canadian singer and songwriter has had one of the most successful careers in folk music. Gordon Lightfoot was inclined towards music from a very early age and was a thriving child performer.
Gordon Lightfoot is widely acknowledged for his songs 'Early Morning Rain', 'For Loving Me', 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald', 'Ribbon of Darkness', and 'Sundown'. His first performance was 'Loo Ra Loo Ral' when he was only in grade four. Initially, he sang in the choir under the direction of Ray Williams and learned to play percussion and drums by himself.
Lightfoot performed a lot when he was in high school and also taught himself folk guitar. Gordon Lightfoot moved to California in 1958 and studied Orchestration and Composition for two years. Bob Gibson, Pete Seeger, Ian, and Sylvia Tyson had a huge influence on his music.
Although Gordon moved to America and did plenty of work there, he returned to Toronto in 1960 and has been living there since then. He has worked with Jonny Cash, Bob Dylan, Warner Bros, Neil Young, Marty Robbins, Eric Clapton, Elvis Presley, and Olivia Newton-John.
Gordon Lightfoot has received some major awards and was nominated five times for a Grammy. He has been married thrice; his first wife was Brita Ingegerd Olaisson, his second wife was Elizabeth Moon, and his third wife is Kim Hasse.

Gordon Lightfoot Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Gordon Lightfoot’s net worth?

Gordon Lightfoot’s net worth is approximately $40 million as of 2020. Although it was during the '60s and '70s that Gordon was at the peak of his career, he is still very popular. His net worth is based on his tours, album, and music production over the years. He is also paid royalties for any of his songs that is covered by another artist. Gordon is involved with a kind of brand endorsement and is still touring.

How much does Gordon Lightfoot earn per year?

The exact annual income of Gordon Lightfoot is not known. However, it is known that his house is worth approximately $7 million.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Gordon Lightfoot?

Gordon Lightfoot is almost 6 ft (183 cm) tall.

How old is Gordon Lightfoot?

Gordon Lightfoot was born in Ontario on November 17, 1938, as Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr. Therefore, he is currently 83 years old and will be turning 84 in November 2022.

Childhood And Education

Gordon Meredith Lightfoot Jr. is from the Orilla city of the Ontario province. He is the youngest child of Gordon Lightfoot Sr. And Jessie Trill Lightfoot and his family owned a dry cleaning business. His older sister, Beverly, passed away in 2017.
Gordon’s interest in music was perceived by his mother who schooled him, at a very early age and he performed for the first time while he was in the fourth grade. Later, Gordon Lightfoot sang in a choir at Orilla's church, under the choirmaster, Ray Williams. Gordon's appearances on the local radio of Orillia, operettas, and music festivals helped him to gain exposure.
As a teenager, Gordon learned how to play piano and is a self-taught drummer and percussionist. Besides music, Gordon was an accomplished sportsperson in his high school setting records for pole vaulting and shot put. In 1958 he relocated to California where he stayed and studied Jazz Composition at Westlake College for almost two years. As he was a prominent athlete he won many competitions besides his achievements in music, which include the McGill University's School of Music Scholarship.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Gordon Lightfoot’s partner?

Gordon has been married three times and his third wife is Kim Hasse, whom he married on December 19, 2014.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

He is best known for his songs, such as 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald', 'Ribbon of Darkness', 'Sundown', and 'Morning Rain'.
'The Canadian Railroad Trilogy' was written by Gordon Lightfoot for the CBC.
Some of his well-known albums include 'Sunday Concert', 'Back Here On Earth', and 'The Way I feel'.
In 1958, Gordon Lightfoot moved to California, where he studied at the Westlake College of Music.
At one point in his life, it was hard for him to make his end meet, so he wrote jingles in California. In 1960 he returned to Canada and performed with groups, Gino Silvi Singers and Sing’ Swingin’ Eight.
Gordon Lightfoot collaborated with Terry Whelan in late 1962 and produced two albums.
Gordon Lightfoot was signed by the manager of Bob Dylan in 1965, followed by United Artists. He signed a contract with United Artists in 1965.
In 1966, Gordon Lightfoot released his debut album which was self-titled.
Between 1966-1969, Gordon recorded four other albums with United Artists such as 'Did She Mention My Name', 'The Way I Feel', 'Back Here on Earth', and 'Sunday Concert'. 
In 1970, Warner Bros played a Gordon Lightfoot song in a feature, after which he got his first commercial breakthrough with 'If You Could Read My Mind'.
Gordon released a series of albums over the following seven years, that solidified his image as a singer more than a songwriter. 
1972 was an unfortunate year for Gordon, as he contracted a rare condition of Bel's Palsy. 
Gordon Lightfoot released his 14th album in 1980, which was called 'Dream Street Rose'.
In the '80s and '90s, Gordon Lightfoot recorded six additional original albums for Warner Bros. 
Over the years, Gordon encountered several health issues but he made a comeback every time. In 2017-2018 he released his tour date for Canada and the United States and in 2020 his other tour was interrupted by the pandemic. 
Gordon Lightfoot released 'Solo' on March 20, 2020, marking his return to the Warner Music Group. 

Charity Work

Gordon Lightfoot has taken part in plenty of charity work; some of them are reported, while some went unreported as he prefers to work low key. 
In 1970, Gordon Lightfoot performed at the YMCA Breezy Point Camp and raised $3000, that went into the construction of a camp for boys near Orilla.
In 1972 Gordon Lightfoot raised $9200 that went into improvising the old arena of the Opera House. When he saw the area it struck him that the arena required renovation. 
In 1976, Gordon performed for the Canadian Olympic Athlete Benefit at the Maple Leaf Garden in Toronto, which was broadcasted on CBC. This program involved guests such as Murray McLauchlan, Liona Boyd, and Sylvia Tyson.
In 1977, he performed for the Harry Chapin World Hunger Project, followed by various other events, including Orpheum Restoration, Rendezvous For Peace, Windsor Symphony Benefit, World Wildlife Fund Benefit, and Earth Day Benefit. 
He has performed for the Sick Kids Foundation in 2006 and the Soldiers' Memorial Foundation in 2012 and 2018. 

What awards has Gordon Lightfoot won?

Gordon Lightfoot has received massive recognition and numerous awards for his works.
He has won the Juno Awards 16 times for Best Folk Singer from 1965 to 1976.
He also won the ASCAP awards as a songwriter four times.
He has been nominated for five Grammys.
His song 'Sundown' was acknowledged as the Pop Record of the Year in 1974.
In 1986, he was included in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. 

Gordon Lightfoot’s Hobbies And Interests

The hobbies and interests of Gordon Lightfoot are not available online. However, as a teenager, he liked to play different instruments and taught himself to play drums. 

Other Interesting Gordon Lightfoot Facts And Trivia

  • Gordon Lightfoot has six children, including children with his first wife Brita and second wife Elizabeth Moon. Fred Lightfoot and Ingrid Lightfoot are his two children with Brita. Then he had two children, Eric Lightfoot and Gaylen McGee, from another relationship and another two children, Meredith Lightfoot and Miles Lightfoot, with Elizabeth Moon.
  • After he was signed by Warner Bros, his album, 'If You Could Read My Mind', sold over 1 million copies in the early '7os.
  • In 2007, Gordon Lightfoot was honored by the Canada Post Service, as he appeared on a stamp. 
  • Gordon Lightfoot was diagnosed with a condition of abdominal aortic aneurysm, for which he had to be put into a coma for six weeks. 

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