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Graham Russell Birthday & Fun Facts

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Graham Russell Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Graham Cyril Russell
Place Of Birth
Nottingham, England
73 years old
Birth Date
June 11 1950

Graham Russell Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist
Education & Qualifications
Carlton-Le-Willows Academy
Net Worth
Current Partner
Jodi Russell
Simon Russell, Samantha Russell

About Graham Russell

Graham Russell is an English singer, guitarist, and musician who has a huge net worth.

Graham Russell is best known for being one-half of the duo Air Supply. In 1976, the group issued their self-titled first studio album.

In 1977, the duo released 'The Whole Thing's Started' and 'Love & Other Bruises'. In 1979, they released 'Life Support'. The 1980 record 'Lost In Love' by Air Supply received a double platinum certification in the United States.

Their 1981 hit was titled 'The One That You Love'. It peaked at number one in both the US and Australia. The albums 'The Book Of Love', 'The Vanishing Race', 'Yours Truly', 'News From Nowhere', and 'Mumbo Jumbo' were later released by Air Supply.

'All Out Of Love', 'Every Woman in the World', 'Goodbye', and 'Making Love Out Of Nothing at All' are some of their well-known songs. In 2007, Russell released his first solo album titled 'The Future'. He released the album 'Feel With Of Eden' in 2013.

Graham Russell Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Graham Russell’s net worth?

Graham Russell is a singer, musician, songwriter, and guitarist from England. Russell has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

How much does Graham Russell earn per year?

Graham Russell earns most of his net worth as a singer and guitarist. It is estimated that he earns around $400,000 per year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Graham Russell?

Graham Russell is 6 ft 5 in (195.5 cm) tall.

How old is Graham Russell?

Graham Russell is 72 years old. He was born on June 11, 1950.

Childhood And Education

Graham Cyril Russell was born in Arnold, Nottingham, England. Since he was young, Russell was passionate about poetry, music, and literature. Graham Russell began composing poetry when he was 11 years old. In the same year, in 1961, he also wrote his first song. It was titled 'That Rockin' Feeling'.

Graham Russell was self-taught and studied the guitar and percussion on his own. Russell lost his mother when he was young. He turned to poetry and music to express his feelings and sorrow.

Russell's love of literature and the great English poets only grew with time. He studied at the Carlton-Le-Willows technical school in Gedling, Nottingham. His studies sparked this growth and a developing interest in the paranormal and occult sciences. The interests were highlighted by the writings of Shelley, Keats, and Lord Byron.

The music of the Beatles had a significant impact on Graham Russell in 1963. After seeing a live performance of the band in 1964, Russell made the decision to pursue music professionally.

In 1965, Russell joined the Union Blues band. He played the drums, but his true desire was to perform his own songs on stage.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who are Graham Russell's parents?

Graham Russell was born in Nottingham, England, to his parents. Not much information is available about his family.

Who is Graham Russell’s partner?

Graham Russell is married to his high school love, Linda. The couple married in 1967. A year after, they had a son named Simon.

Simon Russell presently assists his father in organizing concerts and the fan club. The couple also had a daughter together. Samantha Russell was born in March 1972. In 1978, Graham Russell and Linda divorced.

Russell first met Jodi Varble at a concert in 1981. After two years of communication, the two fell in love. The couple got married in 1986.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Graham Russell relocated to Australia in 1968. He started a second band in Melbourne.

Graham Russell started performing songs solo in cafés and dance clubs. This helped the guitarist establish himself on the Australian music scene.

Russell Hitchcock joined the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar in 1975. He joined after reading spiritual and mystical literature in 1973 in pursuit of knowledge and solutions to a number of existential concerns.

Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock hit it off right away and became fast friends. Together, they would perform Beatles tunes before and after concerts. This ultimately inspired them to become the soft rock band 'Air Supply'.

The group's first song was titled 'Love And Other Bruises'. Air Supply went on tour in 1976. They released the smash singles 'Lost In Love' and 'All Out Of Love' after opening for Rod Stewart in 1977.

After hearing the song 'Lost In Love', Clive Davis signed the band to the record company Arista Records. 'Lost In Love' peaked at number three in May 1980. On the other hand, Graham Russell's 'The One That You Love' took the top spot in July 1981.

Other Interesting Graham Russell Facts And Trivia

  • Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock started the band Air Supply. They named the group after a huge brilliant lighting plate Graham Russell had seen in a dream.
  • Jimmy Haun is the guitarist of Air Supply.
  • In 2007, he released a solo album named 'The Future'.
  • Graham Russell is a co-host of a TimeLife 'Classic Soft Rock' music compilation infomercial. He appeared with Angela Lambert and Russell Hitchcock in the advertisement.

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