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Grayson Boucher’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Grayson Boucher

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Place Of Birth

Keizer, USA


38 years old

Birth Date

June 09, 1984

Star Sign


Grayson Boucher Facts

Child Star?



Streetball Player, Actor

Education & Qualifications

Chemeketa Community College

Net Worth

$2 million


Steve Boucher, Molly Boucher


1.7m (5'7"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Rat

Annual Earnings

$70 thousand+ per year

About Grayson Boucher

Grayson Boucher is a professional basketball player, actor, and streetball player from the United States.

Grayson Boucher is fondly called "The Professor" by his fans. Boucher is most recognized for his performance on the prestigious international AND1 Mixtape Tour (now known as AND1 Live Tour), but he has also acted in other films, most notably 'Ball Don't Lie'.

Grayson Boucher Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Grayson Boucher’s net worth?

Grayson Boucher has a net worth of $2 million.

How much does Grayson Boucher earn per year?

Grayson Boucher earns roughly $70,000 every year.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Grayson Boucher?

Grayson Boucher is 5 ft 8 in (173 cm ) tall.

How old is Grayson Boucher?

Grayson Boucher was born to Molly Boucher on June 10, 1984. So he is 37 years old as of December 2021.

Childhood And Education

Grayson Scott Boucher is his real name. His parents are Molly Boucher and Steve Boucher. He has an elder sibling as well.

Grayson Boucher grew up in Keizer, Oregon. Boucher's father introduced him to basketball when he was two years old, and he rapidly developed a love for the game in fourth grade.

Boucher attended McNary High School before transferring to Salem Academy. In Salem Academy, he received all-state accolades. At Salem Academy, he received no college offers. Boucher later went to Chemeketa Community College after high school, where he played basketball.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Grayson Boucher dating?

Nothing is known about the personal life of Grayson Boucher.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

At a very young age, Grayson Boucher practiced basketball for an incredible number of hours every day. This gained local people's attention for his game and dribbling abilities. He developed his technique to the point that he was able to become a pro-basketball player at the age of 18 in his college days. He managed to gain fame and a slot on the world-famous AND1 Mixtape Tour in 2003. 'Streetball: The AND 1 Mix Tape Tour' was an ESPN reality television series that ran for seven seasons and documented the team's travels all year.

Boucher signed with the Salem Stampede of the International Basketball League on February 9, 2006. During the 2007–08 season, Boucher was a member of the Atlanta Krunk of the Continental Basketball Association. He played professional basketball games. This was a turning point in Boucher's career as a basketball player.

He's played in over 30 nations and has appeared in seven seasons of ESPN's Streetball in his career now.

Grayson Boucher played streetball for Ball Up after leaving AND1 in January 2011. In late 2008, he met Demetrius Spencer, the CEO of Ball Up. The Ball Up Tour contains the majority of the players from the AND1 Mixtape Tour and focuses more on on-court action, in contrast to the AND1 tour, which offered more behind-the-scenes video. The international tour visited 10 countries and included preparations for a winter trip to the United States.

Grayson Boucher uploaded highlight-driven footage to his YouTube channel, Professor Live, which he began in 2009.

Boucher has exploited his celebrity status to play basketball players in various films. He appears as a point guard on the opposition team in the last game of the film 'Semi-Pro', starring Will Ferrell, and was also featured in the special features section of the DVD edition. Boucher portrayed Sticky in the film 'Ball Don't Lie', which was based on the novel of the same name. The film was finished and screened at various film festivals around the country, but it was never formally distributed.

Boucher also played Spiderman in a YouTube web series he developed. In the series, he dressed up as a superhero and traveled to numerous basketball courts in the Los Angeles region to compete against unsuspecting opponents. Within a week after its release, the first episode had 14 million views on YouTube. It was posted on ESPN's website and received further exposure from Shaquille O'Neal, who shared the video over Twitter with his fans. The third episode featured NBA standout Jamal Crawford, and there are plans to include additional well-known basketball players in the future.

Another street basketball player, Larry "Bone Collector" Williams, dressed as the popular Marvel Comics character Captain America in the fourth episode of the series. In the sixth installment, a basketball player dressed as Deadpool appeared. The eighth installment of the series pitted a disguised Boucher against another basketball player, costumed as Carnage.

Boucher also released Super Human Dribbling, a web-based instructional that can be downloaded online and includes Boucher's exercises and workouts.

Grayson Boucher’s Hobbies And Interests

Grayson Boucher continues to tour the world and grow his social media following. He has over 11 million followers across all social media platforms, and his Spiderman basketball video series has become the most viewed web series on YouTube overall.

Other Interesting Grayson Boucher Facts And Trivia

  • In 2013, his channel had over 100 million views when his viral video 'Spiderman Basketball Episode 1' went viral. Grayson Boucher played Spiderman in a YouTube series, this was his big lead role.

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