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Gurdas Mann Birthday & Fun Facts

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Gurdas Mann Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Gurdas Maan
Place Of Birth
Gidderbaha, India
66 years old
Birth Date
January 3 1957

Gurdas Mann Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
DAV college, Malout
Net Worth
Current Partner
Manjeet Maan
Gurikk Maan
S. Gurdev Singh, Tej Kaur
Paramjit Bahia, Jasvir Kaur

About Gurdas Mann

Gurdas Maan is regarded as one of the most influential artists in Punjabi music, having published over 300 songs over his excellent career.

Although he is best remembered for his 1980 song 'Dil Da Mamla Hai', he is a singer and sometimes an actor. Soon after, Maan performed 'Chhalla' and 'Mamla Gadbad Hai'. 'Chhalla' was the blockbuster film track of the Punjabi film 'Laung Da Lishkara' in 1986, composed by renowned Jagjit Singh.

'Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar' and 'Shaheed Udham Singh' are two feature films Gurdas Maan has featured. For more than 30 years, Maan has been at the forefront of Punjabi entertainment.

Gurdas Mann Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Gurdas Mann's net worth?

According to Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider, Gurdas Maan's net worth is over $50 million. Gurdas Maan's primary source of income is as a famous singer and actor.

How much does Gurdas Mann earn per year?

Gurdas Maan's annual salary is roughly $400,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Gurdas Mann?

Gurdas Maan is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Gurdas Mann?

As of 2022, Gurdas Maan is 65 years old.

Childhood And Education

Gurdas Maan was birthed in Giddarbaha, Punjab's district Muktsar, on January 4, 1957. Gurdas Maan is a member of a Sikh family. Late Bibi Tej Kaur and Late Sardar Gurdev Singh Mann are his parents, and Paramjit Bahia is his brother. He attended Yadavindra Public School of Patiala and earned a master's degree in physical education from a university in Punjab. In addition, he completed a diploma in sports coaching from Patiala's Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports.

Gurdas Maan was always drawn to music, even as a child. Gurdas Maan has received multiple honors for participating in singing and impersonation contests at his college's youth events. During one of his stage appearances, Gurdas performed 'Dil Da Mamla Hai', which caught the eye of a producer of Jalandhar TV, who contacted Maan for the TV recording of the track. The song was broadcast on December 31, 1980, and became an immediate smash.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Gurdas Mann's partner?

He is wedded to Manjeet Maan, an Indian Punjabi film director and producer for his personal life. Gurickk G. Maan, the couple's son, is a video producer and director. In Mumbai, his partner Manjeet Maan has founded Sai Productions, a film production firm.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Gurdas Maan is among the most well-known figures in the Punjabi music world. Gurdas Maan began his singing career with the Punjabi hit song 'Dil Da Mamla Hai' in 1980. The songs' Chhalla' and 'Mamla Gadbad Hai' followed. On Coke Studio MTV season four, he and Diljit Dosanjh performed 'Ki Banu Duniya Da'. Gurdas Maan also wrote and directed the Doordarshan Delhi television program 'POP Time'.

Gurdas Maan has made his debut in acting in addition to singing. He has appeared in several well-known Bollywood movies and has garnered several honors, including the president of India's Jury Award. He's also acted in films in Hindi, Tamil, and Punjabi. Mann is most recognized for his role in the movie 'Waris Shah: Ishq Da Waaris', which depicts Punjabi writer Waris Shah as he works on his epic poetry Heer Ranjha. In Shah Rukh Khan's 'Veer Zaara', he also plays a cameo role. He announced the opening of his YouTube page in 2012 to keep in touch with his followers through video diaries and old and new music videos.

Gurdas has turned down several duet opportunities throughout his singing career since he aspires to be a famous solo artist. Maan is fluent in Punjabi, Bengali, Hindi, Haryanvi, Tamil, and Rajasthani, among other languages.

Gurdas Maan is an Indian singer, songwriter, choreographer, and actor, best known for his work in Punjabi cinema and music.

Charity Work

Gurdas Maan is a legendary icon in Punjabi entertainment and is known for appearing in charity performances to raise donations.

What awards has Gurdas Mann won?

Gurdas Maan is the only Punjabi singer to receive the national award for Best Male Playback Singer in the 54th National Film Awards for his performance of 'Heer' in 'Waris Shah: Ishq Daa Waaris', which helped to establish the entire plot.

In the Media Awards and Asian Pop, his Punjabi song 'Apna Punjab Hove' won several accolades in categories such as Best Album, Best Song, and Best International Artist. In addition, his album Boot Polishan' received the UK Asian Music Awards' Best International Album Award in 2007.

So far, Gurdas Maan has won a few honors. In 2008, Gurdas won the National Film Award for The Best Male Playback Singer. In 2005 and 2012, he earned the National Film Award and the Punjabi Music Kohinoor Punjab Awards. Gurdas received his doctorate in composition from the University of Wolverhampton. On September 7, 2010, he was awarded an honorary degree.

Gurdas Mann's Hobbies And Interests

Gymming, poetry, and yoga are among Gurdas Maan's hobbies.

Other Interesting Gurdas Mann Facts And Trivia

  • Gurdas Maan, a singer and actor, was a great wrestler who won a bronze in the National Wrestling Championship. In addition, Mann has a black belt in Judo.
  • Gurdas delivered a live performance on the track 'Sajna Ve Sajna' at a Punjab State Electricity Board official function when he was in university. His work pleased the board's official employees so much that they gave him a post in their department.
  • Gurdas Maan is a devout devotee of Sai Laddi Shah Ji and Baba Murad Shah Ji, and he sings in the Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji in Nakodar Punjab annually in May as a homage to them.
  • Manchester United Football Club is a favorite of Gurdas Maan. He got sports coaching diploma from Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports.
  • 'Aye Meri Zohra Jabeen' from the film 'Waqt' is Maan's favorite song.
  • He has produced over 34 music albums and authored approximately 305 songs as of 2019.
  • He has a Twitter account, gurdasmaan, and an Instagram account, gurdasmaanjeeyo, having a significant following.

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