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Hannah Bagshawe Birthday & Fun Facts

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Hannah Bagshawe Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Hannah Bagshawe
Place Of Birth
London, UK
41 years old
Birth Date
November 19 1982

Hannah Bagshawe Facts

Child Star?
Public Relations Executive
Education & Qualifications
University of Edinburgh
Net Worth
Current Partner
Eddie Redmayne
Iris Mary Redmayne, Luke Richard Bagshawe Redmayne
Nicholas Bagshawe, Caryl Bagshawe

About Hannah Bagshawe

Hannah Bagshawe is a public relations executive who is the wife of the Oscar-winning English actor Eddie Redmayne.

She was born in London, United Kingdom, on November 20, 1982. Hannah met Eddie when he was studying at Eton College.

Hannah's parents are Nicholas Bagshawe and Caryl Bagshawe. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master's Degree in English Literature and French.

She worked for a prestigious antique dealer but quit her job to become a businesswoman, which helped her have a better schedule and accompany her husband on his travels.

Though she is seen attending important events in the entertainment industry, she prefers to stay away from the media spotlight and lives a private life.

Hannah Bagshawe Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Hannah Bagshawe’s net worth?

Hannah Bagshawe has amassed a net worth of approximately $1.5 million, which she has generated from her primary source of income as a public relations executive.

How much does Hannah Bagshawe earn per year?

Hannah Bagshawe's annual income is unknown as of now.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Hannah Bagshawe?

Hannah Bagshawe stands at a height of 5 ft 10 in (178 cm).

How old is Hannah Bagshawe?

Hannah Bagshawe was born on November 20, 1982. She is 39 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Hannah Bagshware was born in London, England, United Kingdom, on November 20, 1982. Her father is Nicholas Bagshawe and her mother is Caryl Bagshawe.

During Hannah's teenage years, she was enrolled in a boarding school, after which she joined the University Of Edinburgh. She then graduated with a master's degree in English Literature and French.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Hannah Bagshawe’s partner?

Hannah Bagshawe first met Eddie at a charity fashion show when he was studying at Eton College. They met at an after-party, after which they became friends. This pair remained in touch with each other even though Eddie went to Trinity College in Cambridge and she attended the University Of Edinburgh. They ended up being friends for about 12 years.

The pair eventually began dating during the making of 'Les Misérables'. The great thing about their relationship is that they keep it very understanding and relaxing. Hannah and Eddie eventually got engaged on Memorial Day weekend in 2014 when he proposed to her with a beautiful engagement ring.

At the Babington House in Somerset, England, the couple exchanged vows in a modest, private ceremony under the light of candles in December 2014.

The bride and the pair enjoyed the planning process. He said, 'you only get one shot at organizing a wedding, and we're trying our best' to E! News a few months prior to the marriage.

Even for their wedding, Redmayne previously acknowledged to Ellen DeGeneres that his wife is never punctual. He is definitely making a joke about his wife's tardiness. He claimed she had never been on time for anything, and she was more than 30 minutes late. In order to help her, her grandfather had to go and make a call.

But her fiance looked to be taking everything in fun. He said, while everyone else was under a lot of stress, I could rest a bit because I knew that she had never been on time for anything in her life.

They welcomed their first child, Iris Mary Redmayne, on June 15, 2016. Hannah gave birth to their second child, Luke Richard Bagshawe Redmayne, on March 10, 2018.

At 'The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' London premiere in October, the star male made an entry with his wife. Many years before the original eight-movie series, the first movie in a new series was set in the 'Harry Potter' wizarding world.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Hannah Bagshawe was born in London, England, United Kingdom. She is best known for being the wife of Eddie Redmayne, an English actor. She is also known as a public relations executive.

She came under the media's watch list after being spotted with Eddie Redmayne most of the time, and it was eventually noted that she was his publicist and his best friend. Soon, they announced their engagement and put rest to all rumours.

While she tries to avoid the social media spotlight, the paparazzi always catch her as she follows him to almost every event in the industry. They are noted as one of the favorite couples in the industry.

Charity Work

There is no record of charity work being done by Hannah Bagshawe, however, during her teenage years, she was a part of a charity fashion show in which her husband, Eddie, volunteered to walk on the stage.

What awards has Hannah Bagshawe won?

There is no record of Hannah Bagshawe winning any awards. However, she is a proud wife of the Oscar Winner husband, Eddie Redmayne.

Hannah Bagshawe’s Hobbies And Interests

Hannah Bagshawe had an interest in theater and arts, which was noticed by her husband Eddie during her teenage years.

Other Interesting Hannah Bagshawe Facts And Trivia

  • Eddie Redmayne is currently in London, England, working on a new production of 'Cabaret' along with Jessie Buckley at London's Playhouse Theatre.
  • She is also the publicist of her husband. Eddie Redmayne revealed that Hannah is pretty late when it comes to most things, as she was even late for their wedding, which was pretty funny.
  • Hannah Bagshawe's husband, Eddie Redmayne, is diagnosed with color blindness. His wife helps him pick the right outfit colors.
  • Both Hannah and Eddie are close friends with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Eddie even played football with Prince Williams at Eton College.
  • Hannah Bagshawe has a particular liking for the clothing brands Alexander McQueen and Valentino.
  • Since Hannah Bagshawe isn't a fan of being in the spotlight, she doesn't own any accounts on social media.
  • Hannah and her husband both attended prestigious British colleges.
  • The actor claims that a traditional hymn, not the usual Christmas song, served as the impetus for their nuptials. They wanted a reason to perform the hymn 'In The Bleak Midwinter' at a wedding since we like it, he explained at the occasion.

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