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Hayley Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Minnesota, USA
24 years old
Birth Date
April 3 1998

Hayley Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications

About HailsBee

On the Twitch account of Hailsbee, you can find links to her other social accounts like Twitter and Instagram ID.
Hailsbee's first post on Instagram was on June 11, 2019. She posts photos with her friends and of her travels on Instagram.
Hailsbee is the user name used by Hayley Bee, a streamer, content creator, and model from Minnesota, USA. She also does modeling shoots and posts photos, stories, and selfies on her Instagram account. There is not a lot of detail available about her family and education and current work. She is a popular streamer on Twitch. She has a huge following on all her social media accounts. Her streams are usually interactive ones involving talking to her viewers. Hailsbee has recently not streamed on Twitch. You can also find her on YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. Her net worth has also not been calculated yet. Keep reading to learn more about the age and interests of Hailsbee.

HailsBee Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is HailsBee’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Hailsbee is not available. However, she has a sizable net worth due to followers on her Twitch and Instagram accounts.

How much does HailsBee earn per year?

The exact amount of earnings of Hailsbee is not yet known. Her sources of earnings are through streaming, Instagram posts, and collaborations with brands. However, her current sources of earnings are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is HailsBee?

Hailsbee is 5 ft 2 in (157 cm) in height.

How old is HailsBee?

Hailsbee turned 25 years old in April 2022. As per her Instagram post, Hailsbee spent her 24th birthday with her family and friends, including her sister, Jordyn Bee.

Childhood And Education

Hailsbee was born on April 3, 1997, under the zodiac sign of Cancer with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Hailsbee grew up with her parents and siblings in Minnesota. She has a sister and a brother. Her sister's name is Jordyn Bee. Jordyn has recently posted photos with Hailsbee on Instagram on the birthday of Hayley. Her brother also features on one of her streams. There is no information available about her parents and brother. There is also no further information available about the education and schooling of Hailsbee.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Haim Saban dating?

There is no information online about the current or past dating life of Hailsbee.

Career And Professional Highlights

Hailsbee started to stream on Twitch in December 2017. She created this account in 2015.
Hailsbee interacts with her viewers and followers regularly on her streams. Eventually, she gained popularity for hosting these interactive streams. Hailsbee also garnered a lot of followers on Instagram for her fashion sense and style. Hailsbee's last stream was in 2021. She is quite active on Instagram. She also has a YouTube channel with the same name, however, has not yet posted any videos.
Hailsbee already has over 4,500 followers on YouTube. This YouTube channel was created on April 11, 2017. Currently, Hailsbee is not actively streaming on Twitch. There is also no information available about her current studies or work. Her last post on Instagram was on April 26, 2022. There is information about whether or not she is on TikTok.

Best Known For…

Hailsbee is best known for streaming and her posts on Instagram. She became famous after she regularly started streaming on Twitch. She is also popular for posting photos of her day-to-day outfits on Instagram. After gaining massive followers on Twitch and Instagram, Hailsbee joined Twitter in July 2017.

HailsBee’s Hobbies And Interests

Other than interactive streaming, Hailsbee also went live with game streams. Hailsbee enjoys cooking, traveling, and hiking. She has also cooked on her live streams. You can find the dishes cooked by her on her Instagram stories. She has traveled to places like Las Vegas located in Nevada, Fargo in North Dakota, and Orlando in Florida. Hailsbee is a fashion and fitness enthusiast. She regularly goes to the gym and also posts her gym photos on her Instagram stories.

Other Interesting HailsBee Facts And Trivia

Hailsbee got a pet kitten in 2020 named Peach. She also posted photos of her new puppy on March 9, 2022.
When Hailsbee was actively streaming, she also tweeted regularly about her streams.
As per her Instagram post on August 14, 2020, Hailsbee bought a Kawasaki Ninja 400 bike, which is also her first bike.
Hailsbee has more than 39,000 followers on her Twitch account. You can also find her account on Discord. She has more than 1,000 members on her DIscord server.
The Instagram account on Hailsbee currently has more than 21,000 followers with 68 posts.
Hayley's Twitter account, 'Hailsbee' has more than 9,000 followers and she was last active in February 2022.
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