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Howard Morris Birthday & Fun Facts

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Howard Morris Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Howard Morris
Place Of Birth
Bronx, USA
104 years old
Birth Date
September 3 1919

Howard Morris Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Voice Actor, Director
Education & Qualifications
New York University
Net Worth
Devra Morris, Gabrielle Morris, David Morris, Kim Morris
Hugo Morris, Elsie Morris

About Howard Morris

Howard Morris, born Howard Jerome Morris, was an American actor, voice artist, comedian, and film director.

Morris began his career as a performer by doing live sketches. This happened from 1950-1954 before his career took off.

Howard Morris was born in New York a year after the first war. He was a trained Shakespearean actor, which means that he had acted in a lead role for either the Royal National Theatre or the Royal Shakespeare Company. He was very interested in educating himself more and subsequently earned himself a scholarship at New York University. He didn't end up completing his studies at the university, however, due to the breakout of World War II in which he took part. Howard Morris was appointed as First Sergeant along with Carl Reiner, and they would perform army productions of well-known shows, most notably 'Macbeth' and 'Hamlet'.

His partnership with Carl Reiner continued after the war as they performed together in the show 'Your Show Of Shows'. Howard Morris was successful as an actor, but he was more successful as a voice actor. As an actor, Morris appeared on the television series 'The Andy Griffith Show'. His career as a voice actor started in the ’60s in animated cartoons like 'Munro' and 'Beetle Bailey'.

Howard Morris Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Howard Morris’ net worth?

By the time he died, Howard Morris was estimated to have a net worth of $1.5 million which he earned over the years as an actor, a voice actor, and director.

How much did Howard Morris earn per year?

It is not known how much Howard Morris earned per year when he was alive.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Howard Morris?

Howard Morris was 5 ft 10 in (178 cm) tall.

How old was Howard Morris?

At the time that he passed away, the American actor was 85 years old. He was born on September 4, 1919, in New York, and he died on May 21, 2005, in California.

Childhood And Education

Howard Morris was born in New York in the well-known borough of the Bronx. He was always funny and very good at improvising at a young age. He was also known as the kid who could find happiness and jokes in sad moments. When the second world war broke out and his father lost his job and died shortly after, young Howard Morris would jokingly say that his father died of unemployment.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who were Howard Morris' parents?

Howard Morris was born to Hugo and Elsie Morris, maiden name Theobald. Hugo was a company executive in a rubber company, and Elsie was a cinema organist.

Who was Howard Morris’ partner?

Howard Morris, in his lifetime, was married five times! His first marriage was to Mary Helen McGowan in 1945. The marriage lasted until 1962. His second marriage lasted from 1962-1977, and during this time, he was married to Dolores Wylie. In his marriages, he fathered four children.

Who were Howard Morris' children?

Howard Morris had four children and three grandchildren. The actor had three daughters and one son named Devra, Gabrielle, David, and Kim.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Howard Morris is best known for his work as an actor and voice actor. He is known for his various appearances on the television series 'The Andy Griffith Show' as the characters Ernest T. Bass, Leonold Blush, and George the TV repairman. As well as appearing as an actor, he also directed some episodes of the show. He is also known as Uncle Goopy in the comedy sketch on 'Your Show Of Shows'.

Morris is also known for voicing characters on the widely known animations 'The Flinstones', 'Garfield And Friends', 'The Jetsons', 'Winnie The Pooh And The Honey', and 'The Archies'. He has also used his voice in an ad campaign for Mcdonald's.

As a director, Morris is known for directing 'Police Academy', 'Tom And Jerry: The Movie' and a few episodes of 'The Andy Griffith Show'.

What awards did Howard Morris win?

Howard Morris was nominated for various awards throughout his career, but he only won the Legend Award in 2004 at the 'TV Land Awards'.

Howard Morris’ Hobbies And Interests

Howard Morris loved improv and skits. Before he was an actor, he would entertain troops in the army during the First World War.

Other Interesting Howard Morris Facts And Trivia

  • He was married and divorced five times.
  • He died from heart failure.
  • At his funeral 'The Uncle Snoopy' sketch was shown, and Carl Reiner praised his improvisation ability.
  • He is buried at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, Culver City, California.
  • He was the director for the first episode of 'Get Smart'.
  • He was the voice of Mayor McCheese in the McDonald's ad.

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