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Ilir Shaqiri Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ilir Shaqiri Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ilir Shaqiri
Place Of Birth
Buroje, Albania
63 years old
Birth Date
December 11 1960

Ilir Shaqiri Facts

Child Star?
Dancer, Singer
Education & Qualifications
Current Partner
Emanuela Morini
Emily Shaqiri

About Ilir Shaqiri

In 1978, Ilir Shaqiri made his first public appearance at Prizren's House of Culture at the age of 18.

Ilir Shaqiri won first place from the professional jury at the Drenica Festival Rhapsodies Sing in 1983. He was praised for his performance with Mitrovica's Cultural Society, Akumulatori, during the Kaçanik Festival in 1984.

Ilir Shaqiri is the winner of the reality television show 'Big Brother VIP', available only on Top Channel. Being a Kosovo Liberation Army veteran, Ilir Shaqiri has also received many awards from the organization. Ilir Shaqiri has thousands of followers on his YouTube channel.

Ilir Shaqiri Net Worth, Earnings, & Spending Habits

What is Ilir Shaqiri's net worth?

The exact net worth of Ilir Shaqiri is not yet known.

How much does Ilir Shaqiri earn per year?

The annual income of Ilir Shaqiri is also unknown.

Height, Age, & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ilir Shaqiri?

Ilir Shaqiri's height is unknown.

How old is Ilir Shaqiri?

In December 2022, Ilir Shaqiri will be 62 years old.

Childhood And Education

Ilir Shaqiri finished his basic schooling in Turiçec, his secondary schooling in pharmacy in Prizren, and his university education in Albanian language and literature in Prizren and Prishtina. He is an Albanian literature Master's degree holder in aesthetics and semiotics. No details of his family life or childhood are publicly known.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ilir Shaqiri's partner?

Ilir Shaqiri is married to Emanuela Morini, an artist. They have a child named Emily Shaqiri who will be 18 years of age in October 2022. Emily, born in 2004, has inherited the artist gene from her parents, and is a good dancer. Emanuela is an actress on 'Viviere', a television show in Albania. Emily sings with Miracle Tunes, a band in Albania.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

His appearances on the Italian shows 'Amici Di Maria De Filippi', and 'Buona Domenica' helped Ilir Shaqiri attain recognition and fame.

In 1985, Ilir Shaqiri created the folk group Drenica with Hamz Jashari, a national hero of Albania, and they led the ensemble until 1990. It has been praised for its interpretation at the Theranda 85 Festival. From 1988-1989, he completed two solo singing courses in Tirana, and he won his first award from the people at the Festarb 1992 festival in Skopje, the first festival where he brought together all Albanian creators.

Charity Work

Ilir Shaqiri contributed fifty percent of his 'Big Brother' win money to the Dritan Hoxha Foundation.

What awards has Ilir Shaqiri won?

Ilir Shaqiri received the Fest-Arb in Skopje 1992, the Albanian Song in Pristina 1995, the International Festival Special award folkmoot USA in North Carolina 1994, and the Lily of Prizren in Prizren 1996.

Other Interesting Ilir Shaqiri Facts And Trivia

  • Ilir Shaqiri currently lives with his family in Rome.
  • Winning the 'Big Brother VIP' show gave Ilir Shaqiri plenty of attention in the Italian media.
  • Ilir Shaqiri is of Albanian-Italian origin.


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