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Ingvar Kamprad’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Ingvar Kamprad

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Place Of Birth

Pjätteryd,K ronobergs län, in Småland, Sweden


96 years old

Birth Date

March 30, 1926

Star Sign


Ingvar Kamprad Facts

Child Star?




Net Worth

$4.3 billion

Current Partner

Kerstin Wadling, Margaretha Kamprad- Stennert


Annika Kamprad, Peter Kamprad, Jonas Kamprad, Mathias Kamprad


Feodor Kamprad Berta, Linnea Matilda Nilsson


1.7m (5'6"")



Chinese Year

Year of the Tiger

About Ingvar Kamprad 

Ingvar Kamprad is well-known as a Swedish businessman and founder of IKEA.

IKEA is managed by complex foundations and investment trusts. Interogo Foundation (collects a royalty on all products with IKEA branding) and Stichting INGKA Foundation (owns INGKA Holding, the parent company for all IKEA stores) direct the system.

Kamprad, when he was five, used to sell matches, which concludes his business understanding since he was a young boy. At seven, he started traveling further, peddling to neighbors and bought matches in bulk at a cheap rate from Stockholm and made a good profit selling them individually. Then he started selling fish, seeds, ballpoint pens, pencils and Christmas tree decorations. At the age of 17, he earned a cash reward from his father for succeeding in his studies. The same year he founded IKEA at the kitchen. They primarily used to provide mail orders and later expanded to sell furniture. The name IKEA was an abbreviation of the initials of Kamprad, Elmtaryd, the family farm and Agunnaryd, the nearby village.

Ingvar Kamprad's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What was Ingvar Kamprad’s net worth?

Ingvar Kamprad secured a net worth of $42.5 billion. Forbes magazine calculated his fortune to be $23 billion as of March 2010, which made him the eleventh richest person globally. However, in 2011 he became 162nd after lawyers proved that his Liechtenstein company owns IKEA, but he or his family did not receive any benefits from its funds. As of mid-2015, Bloomberg Billionaires Index put him as the eighth wealthiest person. Even with the money, he never promoted luxury. He used to drive a 1993 Volvo 240 and was known for his frugal behavior.

How much did Ingvar Kamprad earn per year?

The annual salary of Kamprad is not mentioned anywhere on the web.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall was Ingvar Kamprad?

Kamprad seems to be 5 ft 8 in (172 cm) tall, which is quite normal compared to an average American.

How old was Ingvar Kamprad?

Ingvar Kamprad was born on 30 March 1926 and on 27 January 2018, he died of pneumonia at the age of 91.

Childhood And Education

Kamprad belonged from Pjätteryd (now part of Älmhult Municipality), Kronobergs län, in Småland, Sweden. Feodor Kamprad (1893–1984) and Berta Linnea Matilda Nilsson (1903–1956) were his parents.

Berta was a native of Sweden, but Kamprad was originally from Germany and relocated to Sweden when he was one with his parents. Achim Erdmann Kamprad from Altenburger Land in Thuringia and Franzisca (Fanny) Glatz from Radonitz (Radonice) in Bohemia were Kamprad's grandparents. In 1896 they got settled in Sweden from Germany. Kamprad's surname is associated with Kamerade/Comrade from the 14th century. Achim Kamprad's mother and Paul von Hindenburg were somehow related. Achim bought a 1109.5 ac (449 hc) farm, Elmtaryd, on the outskirts of the small village of Agunnaryd, which was the largest in the area. Achim took his own life, leaving the farm to Franzisca and Franz Feodor. From the age of 6, Kamprad started living on that farm in Sweden. He went to Gothenburg's Handelsinstitut (lately Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet) in between 1943-1945.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who was Ingvar Kamprad’s partner?

Ingvar Kamprad were married to Kerstin Wadling and they adopted Annika.

Later in '60s Kamprad got married to Margaretha Kamprad-Stennert. He had known her since she was twenty years old and got three sons together, Peter, Jonas and Mathias Kamprad. Since 1976 they have been living in Épalinges, Switzerland, but in March 2014, they returned to Småland in Sweden. He is the owner of a vineyard in Provence, France, a large country estate in Sweden and also got a villa in Switzerland. Half of his assets went to his four children, his sons became the sole heirs of the Ikano Group with a valuation of $1.5 billion (the parent company had a substantial minority stake in IKEA). It was a generation shift in the company.

He left $300,000 for his adopted daughter Annika. Half of his estate was allotted to projects in Norrland after his death.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

In 1943 Ingvar Kamprad founded IKEA, and in June 2013, he left the board of Inter IKEA Holding. Mathias Kamprad became chairman of the holding company, replacing Per Ludvigsson. Later he mentioned that it seemed a good time for him to leave his sons with the responsibility of the corporation's overall vision and long-term strategy.

INGKA Holding, the parent company for all IKEA stores, had been owned by the Stichting INGKA Foundation. The charitable foundation became the world's wealthiest charity after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in mid-2006.

Kamprad being the chairman, was responsible for corporate tax-minimisation and anti-takeover protection for IKEA. In 2004 Swedish business weekly Veckans Affärer assumed that Kamprad owned the entire company and put him on the world's wealthiest people list in one of their articles. Actually, he owned a small percentage of the company, the ownership was diversified between Stichting INGKA Foundation and INGKA Holding, making it a part of a complex tax sheltering scheme.

In 1994 Swedish fascist Per Engdahl's letters being made public revealed the fact that Kamprad, at age 16, was a part of the pro-fascist New Swedish Movement. He mentioned that he was politically influenced by his father and grandmother in Sudet-Germany. Even after quitting the group, he was friends with Engdah until the '50s. Two chapters in his book covered his time in Nysvenska Rörelsen. Few documents had shown that the Swedish Security Service had entitled Kamprad, 'Nazi', and in response, he stated that Per Engdahl was his good friend and had a great personality, and he would believe that as long as he lived.

Other Interesting Ingvar Kamprad Facts And Trivia

  • At the starting phase of Kamprad's career in Poland, working with furniture manufacturers, he became a drunkard but later, in 2004, he mentioned things were under control. The New York Times mentioned in one of their articles that he did it by drying out three times a year.
  • In a 2006 interview, Kamprad mentioned that he used to drive a 1993 Volvo 240 and flew economy class. He was seen with frugal behaviour, his employees were told to use both sides of a paper while writing or printing, and he used to stop by his own store for a cheap meal and even purchased presents in post-Christmas sales.
  • Kamprad's company was maintaining continuous product development with cost control and operational details. Continuing its global expansion, it still managed to keep its prices 2–3% lower than its competition.
  • In 1976 Kamprad published the Testament of a Furniture Dealer, and he stated that he avoided status symbols such as luxury hotels, flashy cars, impressive titles, and uniforms because money never seemed to be important for him to sustain his strength and will. However, he was seen driving a Porsche for several years.
  • Kamprad co-authored an autobiographical book, 'Leading by Design: The IKEA Story' with a Swedish journalist, Bertil Torekull.
  • Kamprad mentioned that the concept of IKEA is to make furniture from smart resources and never tolerate waste for any people who value products with low prices and high quality.

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