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Ireland Baldwin Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ireland Baldwin Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Place Of Birth
Los Angeles, USA
28 years old
Birth Date
October 22 1995

Ireland Baldwin Facts

Child Star?
Actress, Model
Education & Qualifications
New York Film Academy
Net Worth
Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger
Romeo Alejandro, Carmen Gabriela, Rafael Baldwin

About Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Eliesse Baldwin or as she is colloquially recognized, Ireland Baldwin is a Los Angeles, California-born fashion model.

Ireland Eliesse Baldwin is also recognized by the name of Ireland Basinger Baldwin taking after her mother, Kim Basinger. The American fashion model was interviewed by Elle magazine earlier in September 2013.

During the interview with Elle magazine, Ireland Baldwin was styled by the known fashion stylist, Joe Zee and photographed by Thomas Whiteside. She isn't only a model but made her acting debut in 2013 featuring in the film 'Grudge Match'. Ireland Baldwin made her modeling debut in April 2013 when she signed with New York Post for a swimwear editorial. Over the years, Ireland Baldwin has been the cover girl for many fashion magazines and clothing brands, including the likes of Elle Bulgaria, True Religion Jeans, Marie Claire Mexico, L 'Officiel Ukraine, and Guess. The American fashion model is also a recognized advocate for animal rights and came to the limelight for posing for PETA. Scroll down to learn more about this Los Angeles-born model, animal rights activist, and actress.

Ireland Baldwin Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ireland Baldwin’s net worth?

Ireland Baldwin is believed to have a net worth of around $2 million.

How much does Ireland Baldwin earn per year?

The annual income of Ireland Baldwin is largely undisclosed but it is known to mostly depend on her acting, modeling projects, and other business engagements.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ireland Baldwin?

Ireland Baldwin stands tall at 6 ft 1 in (185 cm).

How old is Ireland Baldwin?

Ireland Baldwin was born on October 23, 1995, in the city of Los Angeles, California. She turns 27 this October 2022.

Childhood And Education

Ireland Baldwin is a member of the famous and talented Baldwin family. She is the daughter of the Hollywood stars Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. The model is also recognized as the niece of the actors William Baldwin and Stephen Daniel. At the same time, she is also related to the successful model, Hailey Bieber as her cousin. Following the second marriage of her father, Alec Baldwin, Ireland Baldwin has four half brothers and two half-sisters, which include Romeo, Rafael, Lucia, Eduardo, Carmen, and Leonardo.

During her childhood, Ireland Baldwin was in the spotlight in 2007 for not the best of reasons. The actress was under constant media attention due to the divorce of their parents. The Baldwin family star infamously received a voicemail from her father during the time of their divorce. The voicemail soon got publicized and brought negative attention to the entire Baldwin family, especially Ireland Baldwin.

When it comes to the educational qualification of Ireland Baldwin, she was a student at the New York Film Academy in 2014 and primarily studied acting and cinematography.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ireland Baldwin dating?

In the past, Ireland Baldwin dated the renowned photographer Slater Trout and was later dating the rapper, Angel Haze. The two of them attended the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards together. Ireland Baldwin parted ways with Angel Haze in 2015 and spent some time at Malibu's Soba Recovery Center.

A few years later, Ireland Baldwin was in a relationship with the musician, Corey Harper. Currently, there is a rumor that she is dating Andre Allen Anjos.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ireland Baldwin is best known as the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger who is now established as an actress, and model. In March 2013, Ireland Baldwin began her career as a professional model when she signed with IMG models and was part of a swimwear editorial for the well-known New York Post. In June, Ireland Baldwin was the 'It Girl' for the popular fashion magazine, Vanity Fair and worked with the photographer, Patrick Demarchelier. Ireland Baldwin also starred in one of the issues of DuJour magazine where she was photographed by the American fashion photographer, Bruce Weber.

In 2014, Ireland Baldwin went on from being just a fashion model to a movie actress when she starred in the 2013 movie 'Grudge Match' playing the role of the younger version of Sally, the character played by Kim Basinger in the movie. Ireland Baldwin gained massive fame in 2017 when she was a part of the modeling campaigns of apparel brands like Guess and True Religion Jeans. She also became the cover girl of several international fashion magazines, such as Marie Claire Mexico, Elle Bulgaria, and L 'Officiel Ukraine. The following year in 2018, Ireland Baldwin was a part of the women's magazine, Grazia, starring as their cover girl where she was photographed by Yu Tsai.

Ireland Baldwin hogged the limelight in 2018 due to her involvement with PETA where she received some backlash but at the same time received massive praise as well. The promotional video shot was the same one that her mother had shot 24 years earlier while working for PETA. Ireland Baldwin's posts regarding the same were taken down from Instagram as they were against the community guidelines but she was praised by her fans for being a part of the anti-fur ad campaign and being a vocal advocate for animal rights. This ad campaign for PETA helped Ireland Baldwin gain recognition and at the same time improve her social image in the eyes of her critics.

In recent years, Ireland Baldwin has often been understood as a professional DJ. The American actress and model played as a DJ alongside Caroline D'Amore in 2019 for the third anniversary of the renowned Norah restaurant. Ireland Baldwin also featured as a DJ at the 2019 annual Pool Party Charity Event of Smile Train.

Charity Work

Ireland Baldwin has notably supported a number of charities and organizations including American Foundation for AIDS Research, Food For Orphans, The Humane Society, American Stroke Association, PETA, and American Heart Association.

Ireland Baldwin’s Hobbies And Interests

Ireland Baldwin loves to exercise and takes great interest in yoga, dancing, cardio, and many more such activities.

Other Interesting Ireland Baldwin Facts And Trivia

  • Ireland Baldwin notably attended the 86th Annual Academy Awards as a media correspondent for Entertainment Tonight along with Joe Zee and Nancy O'Dell.
  • In 2015, Ireland Baldwin ended her contract with IMG models and signed with DT Model Management.
  • She was also a part of the movie 'Campus Caller', where she portrayed the role of the main character, Macey Duncan.
  • Ireland Baldwin is believed to have around 24 tattoos on her body including some homemade ones as well. One of her tattoos can be read as 'JAH NO' which can be translated into 'GOD NO'.
  • Ireland Baldwin featured as a DJ on the show Comedy Central Roast of her father, Alec Baldwin where the American model performed an unannounced r0utine.
  • In the past, Ireland Baldwin suffered from anorexia, the condition is believed to be pretty serious and not trifled with. Doctors believed that a person suffering from anorexia must get it addressed at the soonest.
  • Ireland Baldwin is famously recognized as the cousin of Hailey Baldwin and the niece of Daniel Baldwin, William Baldwin, and Stephen Baldwin.

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