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IU Birthday & Fun Facts

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IU Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ji-eun Lee
Place Of Birth
Seoul, USA
30 years old
Birth Date
May 16 1993

IU Facts

Child Star?
Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Education & Qualifications
Dongduk Girls High School
Net Worth
Lee Jin-Kook
Lee Jong-hoon

About IU 

Lee Ji-Eun, popular as IU, is a South Korean singer, songwriter and actress.

Born on May 16, 1993, in Gwangjin district, Seoul, South Korea, IU began her career in the music industry at 15 with her first debut single 'Lost Child' from the play 'Lost and Found' to become one of the most successful celebrities in South Korea and earned the informal title of Korea's little sister. IU released several successful albums, including 'Last fantasy' and 'Modern Times'.

IU also performed the theme song for J.Y. Park's 'Dream High' on the SBS networks. A song from her album 'Real', 'Good Day', gave IU national and international fame. This song spent five consecutive weeks at the top of South Korea's Gaon Digital Chart and was then rated No. 1 in Billboard's '100 Greatest K-Pop Songs of the 2010 list, the same year it got released.

Apart from her successful music career, IU has also pursued a career in acting and hosted numerous television and radio shows. IU got cast in a variety show named 'Heroes' in 2010. Shortly after her popularity rose, she got another opportunity to be cast in 'Dream High,' a teen drama.

IU got her debut role as a lead actress in 'You are the Best' in 2013 and gained praise from the industry for her exemplary performance. IU also appeared in various television shows such as 'Bel Ami' (2013), 'The Producers' (2015), 'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Rye' (2016), and 'My Mister' (2018).

IU has recorded five studio albums, nine extended plays, and 30 No.1 singles throughout her successful career, making her a prominent artist in her native land.

IU Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is IU’s net worth?

The approximate net worth of the singer is found to be $40 million. IU earned this significant value by becoming a successful singer, songwriter, and actress. She also performs live concerts, creates some hit songs, and releases them internationally. IU has also landed a few sponsorship deals that have paid off handsomely for her.

How much does IU earn per year?

Lee Ji-Eun earns not only as a solo singer but also as a songwriter, an actor, and a host. It's no surprise that this national icon has such a net worth. IU's source of income is divided into various fields, thus, it's pretty difficult to evaluate her yearly earnings.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is IU?

IU is 5 ft 3 in (162 cm) tall.

How old is IU?

Lee Ji-Eun, aka IU, was born on May 16, 1993, and is 29 years old, as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

IU was born on May 16, 1993, to Lee Jin-Kook. Her actual name is Lee Ji-Eun, and she is a native of Songjeoung-dong, Seoul, South Korea. IU was raised along with her younger brother Lee Jong-hoon. Right from her early childhood, the singer had to face numerous financial crises, which made her spend almost all of her early years with her grandmother with limited communication with her parents. Owing to the deplorable condition of her family, they had to live in a small studio room with limited access to their daily needs.

Right from early childhood, IU always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry, and thus, she started attending acting classes. By the time she was in middle school, IU had realized her passion for singing and that she had a soulful voice. Thus, she gave many performances in school events along with numerous auditions.

This Korean singer attended Dongduk Girls high school for early education and graduated in 2001. She began her training with Good Entertainment and later signed with LOEN Entertainment in 2007 as a trainee. She adopted IU as her stage name, meaning I and You, representing how music can bring people together. Since then, she was known by her stage name.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is IU dating?

There is no reliable information about the relationship status of IU. IU has always been involved in various rumors about her romantic relationship with different fellow male singers and actors.

Although IU has been in a relationship with Chang Kiha, a South Korean singer, songwriter, musician, and radio host. The couple was trendy and adored by their fans. However, they split up in 2017 for personal reasons ending their togetherness of 4 years.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

IU is one of the most famous celebrities in K-pop. Lee Ji-Eun is best known as an excellent performer and singer, but she is also a gifted actress with several K-dramas.

Years after making her debut with the mini-album 'Lost and Found' in 2007, IU rose to mainstream recognition with her lead single 'Good Day' from the album 'Real' in 2010. IU's first performance as a professional singer was in the music show tagged 'M! Countdown'. After this fantastic project, IU got awarded the Rookie Of The Year from Korea's Ministry of Culture. This was IU's first step toward her success in K-pop.

IU has released 47 single songs and five albums, including some famous extended plays such as 'A Flower Bookmark' and 'Chat-Shire' throughout her career, as of 2022.

Lee Ji-Eun ventured to host radio and television shows, adding to her successful career. She also played a supporting role in the K-drama 'Dream High'. IU also has had a few decent appearances in multiple television series. Recently, in 2019, IU starred in the Netflix series 'Persona', which topped the charts of K-drama on Netflix. IU also starred in the K-drama 'Hotel del Luna' as Jang Man Wol.

In 2017, IU was considered to be one of the most influential people and the most popular idol in South Korea.

Charity Work

Apart from being such a successful artist with such vast net worth, IU has been a keen philanthropist and has always stood for the social welfare of society. In 2019, IU was named one of Forbes Asia's Heroes of Philanthropy for her commitment to charity, making her the youngest to achieve so.

IU was incredibly generous in the wake of growing COVID-19 and donated a total of $220,000 to four Korean organizations.

IU also helped by donating $84,000 to Green Umbrella Children's Foundation. She has always been actively assisting underprivileged children and has donated about $5 million to help disadvantaged children. IU also provided monetary help to older adults and donated a sum to a Korean foundation for the support of senior citizens in need.

The most significant known charitable contribution IU made was the one she made in honor of the Sewol ferry tragedy, which was $2 million.

What awards has IU won?

IU is one of the most nominated and awarded South Korean artists. She has won 5 Asia arts awards and 15 Gaon digital chart awards. IU has also won eight Golden Disc awards and 18 Melon music awards, with 46 nominations. IU has been a successful artist, winning over 125 awards in her career, as of 2022.

Other Interesting IU Facts And Trivia

  • IU once bought a refrigerator full of soju bottles to thank G-Dragon for featuring in her song 'Palette'.
  • While working on 'Good Day', IU faintly heard I love you in her sleep and claimed to have felt some supernatural activity.
  • IU is also very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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