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Ivan Sergei Birthday & Fun Facts

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Ivan Sergei Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Ivan Sergei
Place Of Birth
Hawthorne, New Jersey, USA
52 years old
Birth Date
May 7 1971

Ivan Sergei Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Writer, Director, Producer
Education & Qualifications
Hawthorne High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Kristin Sergei

About Ivan Sergei

Ivan Sergei is an actor from The United States of America who was born in the town of Hawthorne in New Jersey.

Ivan Sergei's One of the famous roles was in the television series 'Crossing Jordan'. In this crime drama series, he played Dr. Peter Winslow. He is also renowned for his role in the television series 'Charmed' where he portrayed the character of Henry Mitchell, the love interest of the character Paige Matthews.

Ivan Sergei rose to prominence after starring in John Woo's film 'Once a Thief' in 1996. He played the character of Mac Ramsay. His character was a recurring character that appeared in further sequels of the movie and a TV show based on the movie.

From 1999 to 2001, Ivan Sergei co-starred in 'Jack & Jill' alongside Amanda Peet. His other prominent roles include 'Arachnophobia,' 'Dead Again,' 'The Player,' and 'Bottle Shock.' Sergei starred in many television shows, including 'ER', 'Bones', and 'Castle', and his film work. He is a well-known American screenwriter, actor, and director.

Ivan Sergei Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Ivan Sergei’s net worth?

Ivan Sergei's net worth is estimated at $5 million.

How much does Ivan Sergei earn per year?

The annual earnings of the American actor Ivan Sergei are unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Ivan Sergei?

Ivan Sergei stands 6 ft 4 in (192 cm) tall.

How old is Ivan Sergei?

Ivan Sergei was born on May 7, 1971, in Hawthorne, New Jersey, United States. He is 51-years- old as of 2022. He was born in The United States of America.

Childhood And Education

Ivan Sergei was born in the town of Hawthorne in New Jersey. He was a quarterback for the Hawthorne Cubs soccer team and graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1989. He was a true professional in academics, his faculty, and sports.

Ivan Sergei was a member of the university's baseball and soccer teams. He played for the faculty's Hawthorne Cubs soccer team in the quarterback position. In 1989, he graduated from school.

Interestingly, Ivan Sergei was never a big fan of acting when he was younger. Years later, his enthusiasm for art blossomed when he began working for small theatrical companies, where his abilities were well-received. He is very private about his personal life. He has not revealed anything much about his family and childhood.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Ivan Sergei’s partner?

Ivan Sergei married Tanya Gaudio in 2003. They dated for a while before getting married. However, their marriage did not last long, and they both parted ways in 2009.

After Tanya Sergei, Ivan Sergei married Kristin in October 2020.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Ivan Sergei is one of Hawthorne's most well-known and talented residents. He rose to prominence after starring in John Woo's film 'Once a Thief' in 1996. From 1999 to 2001, he co-starred in 'Jack & Jill' with Amanda Peet. He starred in Crossing Jordan from 2003 to 2004 and was also a member of the Hawaii coast.

Ivan Sergei also starred alongside Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn in the film 'The Break-Up'. He also appeared in 1990s movies, 'If Someone Had Known', 'Dangerous Minds', 'The Opposite of Sex'. In 2008, he played the protagonist character in the TV mini-series 'Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit'. In April 2009, he starred as Duncan in the movie based on Nora Roberts' screenplay, 'High Noon'. In the film 'Santa Baby', he starred alongside Jenny McCarthy. He appeared in episodes of 'Touched by an Angel', 'Cybill', and 'Party of Five'. He was also in 'CSI: Miami' episode 'Raging Cannibal' in October 2008, and 'Warehouse 13' episode 3 alongside his Jack Hunter co-star Joanne Kelly.

What awards has Ivan Sergei won?

At the 2020 Best Actor Film Festival, Ivan Sergei won the Best Actor In A Comedy Award for the movie 'Magic Max' for his role as Max Hart. That same year, he won the Best Ensemble Cast Award at the Culver City Film Festival for the movie 'Magic Max'. He was also nominated for Best Actor at Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival (CIFF) for the same movie.

Ivan Sergei’s Hobbies And Interests

Ivan Serge is an actor popular for his TV show appearances. Apart from being an actor, he has a passion for the art of music creation. He has been playing guitar since he was a child.

Other Interesting Ivan Sergei Facts And Trivia

  • Ivan Sergei started his acting career in 1990. His first project was 'Ghoul School'. In 1994, he had his first television series. He had the role of
  • Ivan Sergei's zodiac sign is Taurus.
  • Ivan Sergei completed his education at Hawthorne High School.
  • Ivan Sergei debuted as Peter Enloe in 'Touched by an Angel' which got a great reception from the audience.
  • Some of Ivan Sergei's notable roles include Christian O'Connell ('Jewtopia'), Huero ('Dangerous Minds'), Hugh Morrison ('Sundays at Tiffany's'), Nick Reese (Unstable), and Peter Winslow ('Crossing Jordan'), Henry Mitchell ('Charmed'), and Danny Edwards ('Hawaii').
  • Ivan Sergei had a guest role in the movie, 'The Break Up'.
  • Ivan Sergei has also trained in martial arts. It was in 1996 when he was working on a TV show, 'Once A Thief'. He portrayed the character, Mac Ramsey. This series was based on the movie 'Once A Thief' made by John Woo which was inspired by the 1991 movie of the same name made in Hongkong.
  • Ivan Sergei was also associated with WWE. In 2002, he worked for WWE as a writer and a director for the pay-per-view event, WWE Rebellion.
  • Ivan Sergei starred in all three movies and TV series of the franchise of Once A Thief.
  • Ivan Sergei is also engaged in two projects which are aiming to be released in 2022. 'The Butterfly Gourd', a drama movie where he is going to play the role of Trevor Bowie and another project is also a drama- thriller movie, 'A Night Train' in which he is portraying the character of Agent Connolly.
  • Ivan Sergei was also the associate producer for the movie, 'Broken Memories' in which he also played the role of the protagonist, Levi. This movie was released in 2017. In this movie, he worked with veteran actor Rance Howard. It was one of the last appearances of Rance Howard.

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