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Jack Wagner Birthday & Fun Facts

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Jack Wagner Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Peter John Wagner II
Place Of Birth
Washington, USA
64 years old
Birth Date
October 3 1959

Jack Wagner Facts

Child Star?
Actor, Singer, Golfer
Education & Qualifications
University of Arizona
Net Worth
Harrison Wagner, Peter Wagner, Kerry Wagner
Peter Wagner, Scotty Wagner
Dennis Wagner

About Jack Wagner 

Jack Wagner has emerged as a multi-talented actor with an acting career covering hit daytime soap operas, theater, and movies and a singer with his song 'All I Need' becoming a top 40 song in 1985, topping the Billboard 100 Chart.

Frisco Jones from 'General Hospital', Nick Marone from 'Bold And The Beautiful', and Warren Lockridge from 'Santa Barbara' are notable roles from his television days. He has worked on several movies like 'Play Murder For Me', and 'Artificial Lies', and left an impact with his acting in broadway classics such as 'Jekyll and Hyde', and 'A Role of a Lifetime'.

Jack Wagner Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jack Wagner’s net worth?

His career saw him start as an actor in 'General Hospital' but it blossomed in various ways. Being a singer, director, and producer, alongside his frequent appearance on reality shows, has earned him an estimated net worth of $9.8 million.

How much does Jack Wagner earn per year?

The 'Santa Barbara' actor earns approximately $400,000 per year and with upcoming projects like 'Christmas Waltz', it is more likely to increase with his consistent popularity.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jack Wagner?

Jack Wagner is approximately 5 ft 11 in (182 cm) tall.

How old is Jack Wagner?

Jack Wagner is 62 years old. He was born on October 3, 1959, in Washington, Missouri, in the United States of America.

Childhood And Education

Jack Wagner was born on October 3, 1959, in Washington, Missouri to Peter Wagner and Scotty Wagner. His father later passed away in 1990. He belonged to a Catholic family, and his early education was completed in a conservative environment. He finished his early studies at Gertrude School, and later attended St. Francis Borgia Regional High.

He attended the University of Missouri, then junior college. He applied for a golf scholarship, however, he did not get one and so went for an initial audition for a drama scholarship at the University of Arizona.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jack Wagner dating?

Jack Wagner was in a marriage with his 'General Hospital' soap opera co-star, Kristina Wagner. The couple was married for 13 years before they got divorced in 2006. The couple has two sons, Harrison Wagner and Peter Wagner.

After his divorce from his 'General Hospital' co-star, he acted in the 'Melrose Place' soap opera. He met Heather Locklear on this show as she played the role of Amanda Woodward in 'Melrose Place'. The pair started dating in 2007 but called it off in 2011.

Jack Wagner started shooting for 'Bold And The Beautiful', playing the character Nick Marone. Wagner fell in love with Ashley Jones, his co-star in the same soap opera 'Bold And The Beautiful'. The couple was in a relationship with each other for several years before separating in 2015.

As of 2022, there is no information available on his current dating life.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jack Wagner got his big break as an actor in the soap opera 'General Hospital' which made Jack Wagner a household name. It was whilst appearing on this show that he also met his former wife, Kristina Wagner.

His role in 'Santa Barbara'(1991-1993) as Warren Lockridge is memorable. 'Melrose Place' is another soap opera that gained him popularity as an actor.

'Titans' with Yasmine Bleeth and 'Sunset Beach' are among his famed works with the director, Aaron Spelling. Yet another appearance that made Jack Wagner well known apart from 'General Hospital' is his role as Nick Marone in the TV drama 'Bold and the Beautiful'. ' Knots Landing', 'Solid Gold', 'Extra', and 'Touched By An Angel' are among his many works on television.

Apart from daily television operas, he acted in movies such as 'Trapped In Place', 'Lady Killer', 'Frequent Flyer', 'Echo', 'Dirty Little Secret' and 'My Gal Sunday'. He was also known for guest-starring in shows like 'Castle', 'Hot In Cleveland, and 'Monk'.

His talent was not limited to acting only, as his passion as a musician started when he was only 11. His single from the album 'All I Need' was among the era's most memorable songs. It reached number two on the Billboard Top 100, and number one on the adult contemporary list. 'Lady Of My Heart' (1984), 'After The Fact' (1984), 'Wherever Hearts Collide' (1984), 'I'll Be There' (1999), and 'Love Can Take Us All The Way' (1999) are some of his notable songs. Jack Wagner performed concerts too between 1985 and 1988. He continues to produce music regularly both for television and albums.

Charity Work

Jack Wagner has played in various charity golf tournaments to raise needed funds.

What awards has Jack Wagner won?

He won Best Soap Actor for 'Bold And The Beautiful' in 2006.

Jack Wagner’s Hobbies And Interests

He was ranked one of the top players in celebrity golf tournaments.

Other Interesting Jack Wagner Facts And Trivia

  • Jack Wagner worked as a tour guide at Universal Studios before landing his role in 'General Hospital'.
  • Even though they share their surname, Jack Wagner and Robert Wagner are not related.
  • Jack's former wife, Kristina Wagner, acted alongside him in 'General Hospital'.

Main image credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

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