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Jade Jackson’s Birthday Highlights

Birth Name

Jade Jackson

Place Of Birth

Santa Margarita, USA


30 years old

Birth Date

February 10, 1992

Star Sign


Jade Jackson Facts

Child Star?




Education & Qualifications

California Institute of the Arts

Net Worth

$2.5 million

Current Partner





Lindsay, Jeff


Cheynn, Audrey



Chinese Year

Year of the Monkey

Annual Earnings

$400 thousand+ per year

About Jade Jackson 

Jade Jackson is a renowned singer and songwriter born in Santa Margarita, California.

Jade Jackson is known for her songs, an earthy blend of country blues and folk, and a splash of rock & roll for flavor. Her rustic voice and simple lyrics have created a massive fan following for her.

Her debut record 'Gilded' reflects the heavy influence of classic country music and alternative rock she was influenced by while growing up. Having an ear for good sound, Jade Jackson can compose tunes that are both ragged and tender. Jade's heartfelt tunes cover a range of human emotions and feelings. Apart from being a singer, Jade also helps her parents in running their family restaurant in Santa Margarita, her birthplace. Jade also has to her credit, performed at the world's biggest country music festival, Stagecoach in 2018.

The country singer has made a huge name in the country genre in the past few years. She has been a lifelong fan of country song legend Merle Haggard who became famous for his working-class compositions, which sometimes also included themes aligned to the Vietnam War, which was going on at that time. Though anti-war songs were more popular at that time, Merle swam against the tide. In the 20 years from the '60s to the '80s, Merle achieved the record of having 38 number one hits on the US country charts. Most of his songs also charted their way to the Billboard all-genre singles chart. Merle continued to produce and release albums well into the 2000s until he died in 2016.

Jade's country idol Merle earned many honors for his work throughout his life. He was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006, inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and Country Music Hall of Fame, respectively, honored with the Kennedy Center Honor and was also conferred the BMI Icon Award.

Jade Jackson's Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jade Jackson's net worth?

The 'Wilderness' fame singer, Jade Jackson, also known for songwriting, has an estimated net worth of $1 - 5 million.

How much does Jade Jackson earn per year?

Though not officially revealed, her estimated earnings per year are $400,000.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jade Jackson?

There is no data available about Jade's height.

How old is Jade Jackson?

The California-born singer-songwriter is 30 years old as of 2022.

Childhood And Education

Jade Jackson's birthplace is Santa Margarita, California, and she was born on February 10, 1992. It was a small town 1o mi (160 km) from San Luis Obispo with a tiny population. Jackson's parents run a restaurant in the town, and as a teenager, Jade spent many nights working at the family restaurant. She grew up with two siblings, brother Cheynn and sister Audrey. Interestingly, she shared a room with her siblings until she was 12 years old.

Though her parents worked hard to run the restaurant, they also had a love for music. They had an extensive collection of records which ranged from classic country artists like Townes Van Zandt, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash to alternative rock such as The Cure, The Smiths, and Echo and the Bunnymen. Jade Jackson and her siblings were not allowed to watch television, nor did they have access to the internet. So they often listened to these records as they were their primary source of entertainment. This music left a long-lasting impression on her.

At the age of 13, Jade Jackson was allowed to see a concert without her folks for the first time. She traveled to San Luis Obispo to see the punk band Social Distortion. This experience inspired her to take up songwriting. She continued writing, and by the time she was out of high school, she had completed nearly 300 songs. Meanwhile, she had begun performing once a week at a local cafe. She has attended the California Institute of the Arts.

However, the singer always didn't have a smooth life. She suffered a severe accident when she was 20 years old and broke her back. While recovering, she lost all hope of walking again as it was difficult for her to get up. However, she started to walk again but became heavily dependent on painkillers. However, she focused on her career and took the cold turkey approach to quit the medication one day.

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jade Jackson dating?

According to the information available, Jade Jackson is in no kind of romantic relationship with anyone as of 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

After the accident, when Jackson returned to performing, she was noticed by her mother's friend Christine Ness. On her recommendation, she was seen by Christine's son, Julian. Julian recommended her to his father, Mike Ness, a longtime leader of the band Social Distortion.

Mike Ness was full of appreciation for Jade's songs and offered to produce her debut album, 'Gilded'. It was issued by the artist-friendly independent label Anti in 2017. By the time Jackson presented her second album, a more rock-oriented 'Wilderness' in 2019, she was a guitarist of her road band.

Her first album, 'Gilded', was a skilled musical art form that gave us a glimpse into her soulful solid style. It told the story carefully through the characters while keeping the shades of Jade's own life at a distance.

The record 'Wilderness' is considered a powerhouse by her fans. 'Wilderness' resonated with her own life and the various phases we go through while coming to terms with our senses. It also reflected how melancholy could be a powerful tool, especially in country music.

Just weeks after the release of her critically-acclaimed album' Wilderness', Jade Jackson excitedly announced a new summer tour with Grace VanderWaal.

Among her many famous tracks are 'Motorcycle' which speaks of strength and empowerment, 'Aden', which she wrote while still in college; and the track' Finish Line', which is inspired by her life.

In March 2021, the California singer-songwriter Jade Jackson shared her new song, '6FT Changes', which dealt with the adjustments that have been made in our daily lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Other Interesting Jade Jackson Facts And Trivia

  • In February 2017, Jackson was named on the '10 New Country Artists You Need to Know' list by Rolling Stone.
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