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Jaimie Alexander Birthday & Fun Facts

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Jaimie Alexander Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jaimie Lauren Tarbush
Place Of Birth
Greenville, United States of America
39 years old
Birth Date
March 12 1984

Jaimie Alexander Facts

Child Star?
Education & Qualifications
Colleyville Heritage High School
Net Worth
Current Partner
Tom Pelphrey
David Curtis Tarbush, Nita Curtis Tarbush
David Curtis Tarbush Jr., Chance Tarbush, Christopher Brady Tarbush, Matt Tarbush

About Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie Lauren Alexander, born Jaimie Lauren Tarbush, is an actress from South Carolina, United States of America.
Jaimie Alexander is a graduate student who attended the Colleyville Heritage High School. Upon completing her graduation, she decided to move to Los Angeles, California to start her acting career.
In 2003, Jaimie Alexander landed the lead role of Hanna Thompson in the low-budget award-winning film 'The Other Side', which launched her career. It cost around $14,000 to create the movie ‘The Other Side’ which was later released in 2006. As Alexander established her celebrity status by this time, her involvement did help the movie a lot.
Jaimie Alexander attended the audition to help by reading the lines along with male characters but the director was so impressed with her performance that he decided to cast her as the lead character in the movie. Her second role was in the movie 'Squirrel Trap' where she played the love interest of David, portrayed by Keith Staley.
Jaimie Alexander played 'Caitlin Porter', a controversial character in the series 'Watch Over Me'. She portrayed Nicole Carrow in the movie ‘Rest Stop’ in 2006, in which she and her boyfriend, both of whom are youngsters, elope and start a road trip that goes haywire after they encounter a serial killer at a convenience store. Likewise, in another horror film, her second starring part came in 2007.
Jaimie Lauren Alexander was cast as Lady Sif in Kenneth Branagh's live-action superhero blockbuster 'Thor', released in May 2011. For NBCUniversal G4Films 'The Birds of Anger' in 2011, Alexander worked again with her first director, Gregg Bishop. The film was based on Rovio's best-selling mobile game, 'Angry Birds', and dramatized in the style of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 thriller 'The Birds'.
Robert Rodriguez chose the film to be shown on his El Rey Network in 2019. In November 2013, she reprised her role in 'Thor: The Dark World'. On March 11, 2014, Jaimie Alexander had a special crossover guest appearance on the TV series 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.', and on March 10, 2015, she repeated the role. She plays the character of Elizabeth in the movie ‘Hallowed Ground’. Her character is a tough heroine who fights back against her aggressors in both films. Jaimie Alexander starred in the NBC series 'Blindspot' from 2015 to 2020.

Jaimie Alexander Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jaimie Alexander's net worth?

Jaimie Alexander's net worth is estimated to be $4 million.

How much does Jaimie Alexander earn per year?

Jaimie Alexander earns an estimate of $39,200 per month and $470,000 annually.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jaimie Alexander?

Jaimie Alexander is 5 ft 9 in (175 cm) tall.

How old is Jaimie Alexander?

As of 2022, Jaimie Alexander is 38 years old as she was born on March 12, 1984.

Childhood And Education

Jamie Alexander was born to Nita Carol Tarbush and David Curtis Tarbush on March 12, 1984, in Greenville, South Carolina. At the age of four, Jaimie Alexander moved with her parents and siblings to Grapevine, Texas. The names of her brothers are Christopher Brady Tarbush, Matt Tarbush, Chance Tarbush, and David Curtis Tarbush Jr. 
She is the lone female in a family of five brothers and sisters. She was an American citizen who had shown an interest in performing since she was a toddler. She started acting when she was in grade school, but she was forced out since she couldn't sing and only did it for pleasure. So, she started wrestling instead but she had to train with boys as she was the sole female participant in the activity at that time.
When she was 17, she met her manager, Randy James, who sent her several scripts when she stood in for a friend who was unable to attend the meeting with the scouting agency. 

Family, Romance, And Relationships

Who is Jaimie Alexander's partner?

Alexander met actor Peter Facinelli on the set of 'Loosies' in 2012 and began dating him in 2013. Peter Facinelli and Alexander were engaged in March 2015. However, in February 2016, they revealed that they were breaking up because of conflicts in their schedules. Jaimie was engaged to Milo Ventimiglia in 2012 before meeting Peter Facinelli.
She was dating Aaron Armstrong in 2016, and she was dating Tom Pelphrey until 2020. She is reported to be dating David Raymond as of 2022.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jaimie Alexander is an American actress who has appeared in films and television programs like 'Thor', 'Kyle XY', and 'Blindspot.' She is well-known for her amazing figure and acting abilities. Her eye-catching outfits on the red carpet always hit the front pages of newspapers. She also intends to enter into production in the future.
In 2013, she starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film 'The Last Stand'. 

Charity Work

According to reports, Alexander has never been linked with charity work or organization.

What awards has Jaimie Alexander won?

She was nominated for the award Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2008 for 'Kyle KY', Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2011, and Breakout Performance (female) in 2011 for the film 'Thor', but she didn't win any of them. A few years later, in 2017, she won the Action Icon Award for 'Blindspot'.

Jaimie Alexander's Hobbies And Interests

Jaimie Alexander starred in the MSN online series 'Ultradome', which Milo Ventimiglia created. She represented Han Solo in the collection, which is regarded as one of the best Harrison Ford characters.
Jamie Alexander is a talented athlete who executes her stunts.
Jamie Alexander is a popular actress who is famous for her important roles in films and TV series.
She has made guest appearances on the show 'CSI: Miami' in which she played the role of Jenna York, who was a flight attendant involved in a murder case.

Other Interesting Jaimie Alexander's Facts And Trivia

Jaimie Alexander is a popular actress known for her roles in action movies.
Despite being a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she has stated that she favored DC over Marvel as a child.
She is ranked #76 on Maxim magazine's 100 Women of 2014 list.
Her wrestling weight class in high school was 128 lb (58 kg).
She has stated that while she is not afraid of snakes or spiders, she has a huge phobia of mice.
In 2009, she starred in Matthew Perryman Jones's music video for the song, 'Save You'.
Jaimie Alexander also enjoys dancing to stay in shape and lose weight.
It took seven hours to apply all the tattoos on her body for her role as Jane Doe in 'Blindspot'.
Alexander also suffered significant injuries when she slipped down a metal stairwell on the 'Thor: The Dark World' set on a rainy morning in 2012.
Jaimie Alexander dislocated her left shoulder and tore a rhomboid on her right side after slipping a disc in her thoracic spine and chipping 11 vertebrae.
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