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Jake Steinfeld Birthday & Fun Facts

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Jake Steinfeld Birthday Highlights

Birth Name
Jeffrey Steinfeld
Place Of Birth
Brooklyn, USA
65 years old
Birth Date
February 21 1958

Jake Steinfeld Facts

Child Star?
Fitness Trainer, Actor
Education & Qualifications
State University of New York College at Cortland
Net Worth
Current Partner
Tracey L Morrison
Morgan Steinfeld, Zachary Steinfeld, Nicholas Steinfeld, Luke Steinfeld
Peter Steinfeld

About Jake Steinfeld 

Jake Steinfeld is the founder of the personal fitness training industry in Hollywood.

The uncle of the popular American actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld, Jake Steinfeld built a fitness empire through his career both as an actor and a trainer for celebrity clients. He has made cameos in many iconic films such as ‘From Up On Poppy Hill’ as the fish seller, ‘Coming To America’ as the cab driver and ‘Ratatouille’ as the lab rat.

Jake lives in Los Angeles with his wife Tracey L Morrison, as of 2022, while continuing to work as an entrepreneur for his brand, Don’t Quit.

Jake Steinfeld Net Worth, Earnings & Spending Habits

What is Jake Steinfeld’s net worth?

Jake Steinfeld's net worth is around $15 million. His primary sources of income are his fitness enterprises and workout products.

How much does Jake Steinfeld earn per year?

Jake Steinfeld’s annual salary is unknown.

Height, Age & Physical Attributes

How tall is Jake Steinfeld?

Jake Steinfeld stands 5 ft 10 in (180 cm) tall.

How old is Jake Steinfeld?

Jake Steinfeld celebrated his 64th birthday in 2022. He was born on February 21, 1958, and his birth sign is Pisces.

Childhood And Education

Jake Steinfeld was born in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised alongside his brother Peter Steinfeld. Since their high school years, both the brothers had a keen interest in bodybuilding and lacrosse.  

Jake Steinfeld was enrolled at the State University of New York College at Cortland. But he never finished his college education because he dropped out and moved to Los Angeles.

Family, Romance And Relationships

Who is Jake Steinfeld’s partner?

Jake Steinfeld is married to his long-time partner Tracey L Morrison. Together both of them had four children namely Morgan Steinfeld, Zachary Steinfeld, Nicholas Steinfeld, and Luke Steinfeld.

The couple lives together in Los Angeles, as of 2022.

Who is Jake Steinfeld’s niece?

Jake Steinfeld is the uncle of American singer and actress, Hailee Steinfeld. The Academy winner actress has appeared in leading roles in many popular films such as ‘Romeo & Juliet’, ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’ and ‘Arcane’.

As a musician, Hailee Steinfeld has various hits to her name such as ‘Starving’, ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘Love Myself’.

Career And Professional Highlights

Best Known For…

Jake Steinfeld is best known as Jake Rozzner in the TV series ‘Big Brother Jake’ and for his fitness brand, Body By Jake. Over his decades-spanning career, both as an entrepreneur and actor, Jake Steinfeld has built many successful enterprises and acted in leading roles.

Before his career as an actor and fitness trainer, Jake Steinfeld left Brooklyn to become a professional bodybuilder. He competed in many pageants and finished second in the 1977 Mr. Southern California contest.

Later on, Jake Steinfeld started his first business by working as a personal fitness trainer for various models and actors. Many credit Jake Steinfeld as the founder of the personal training industry in Los Angeles.

Over the years, Jake Steinfeld would count renowned director Steven Spielberg and actor Harrison Ford as his clients. Through his fame as a trainer and his growing network in the entertainment industry, Steinfeld landed many roles in films and television series.

Jake Steinfeld made his film debut with ‘Americathon’ in 1979. From then on, Steinfeld would continue to play roles such as the cab driver in ‘Coming To America’, lab rat in ‘Ratatouille’, and the fish seller in ‘From Up On Poppy Hill’. His most famous role is the sitcom series ‘Big Brother Jake’ in which he played the role of Jake Rozzner.

In 1993, Jake Steinfeld found the perfect opportunity to combine his fame as an actor with his work as a fitness professional through FitTV. Through this, he produced many TV series focused on fitness, the most popular one being ‘Body by Jake’.

By the late ’00s, Jake Steinfeld became a fitness icon in Hollywood. In 2006, under Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steinfeld became chairman of the California Governor's Council on physical fitness and sports. In 2012, he was nominated for the position of chairman of the National Foundation for Governors' Fitness Councils.

As the Chairman of NFGFC, Jake Steinfeld rewarded schools across the United States, which promoted fitness and nutrition, with Don’t Quit fitness centers.

Jake Steinfeld is also an avid lacrosse enthusiast and to promote this sport he co-founded Major League Lacrosse in 2001. The league’s championship trophy was named the Steinfeld Cup in his honor.

Through his experiences as both a fitness trainer and celebrity, Jake Steinfeld has written books that have become bestsellers. In 2002, he wrote ‘Don't Quit; Get Strong! Body By Jake's Guide To Building Confidence, Muscles And A Great Future For Teenage Guys’ and his latest book ‘Take A Shot!, A Remarkable Story Of Perseverance, Friendship, And A Really Crazy Adventure’ hit the shelves in 2012.

Jake Steinfeld’s Hobbies And Interests

Jake Steinfeld is an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys watching baseball and lacrosse in his free time.

Other Interesting Jake Steinfeld Facts And Trivia

  • In the 2012 summer Olympics, Jake Steinfeld was an official Olympic torch bearer.
  • From 2013-2016, Jake Steinfeld served as an honorary mayor of Pacific Palisades.
  • Jake Steinfeld once collaborated with Universal Music Group to launch the music label Body By Jake Music.
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